Friday, August 20, 2010

Room Makeover!

Ok, before I show ANY pictures- please keep in mind- it isn't 100% FINISHED!!! I'd say maybe about 85% but there are at least 4 things I'd like to have done before I can say it's finished! (They're small things, don't worry, just haven't found the right stuff yet)

I redecorate my room about twice a year, it doesn't seem like a lot- but the type of renovation is so extensive that even twice a year becomes exhausting. Once I get a room idea though, I can't shake it and I must do it. The decorating bug hits hard. And fast. I'll get the itch to redecorate on a Thursday, and it'll be completely done by Sunday- latest. We're talking MAJOR room changes from paint to furniture to bedding... I can't believe the styles I've gone through. I've only been in my house for 2 years and this is the 4th time I have repainted my bedroom walls- I start worrying about the thickness and gunk on them! Luckily, I don't have anyone to frown down upon my redecorating habits because I am so efficient I do everything alone- painting at 3 a.m., moving, hauling furniture upstairs, rearranging desks- all by myself. Ordy Boy has one strong gf- it's kind of embarrassing.

**Before Ordy flew out to Denver, he helped take down my old canopy bed and place the panels securely on the walls, that I could not do alone!**

This room redo was inspired by the panels I got from the antique store (remember, the yellow reversible ones?) and although my room was already black white and yellow, I decided I could lighten up the monochromatic scale with some grey on the walls and a face lift on my walls... Enough yapping, here are some pictures...
In case you forgot- the BEFORE

Already overwhelming! (only 1 wall painted grey)
Panels on damask side
Decided to paint other walls
Right about the time i got overwhelmed...
Thank God for a huge window...less painting
SUCH a mess!!!!
 I was sooooo over it last night. My room was a mess, the halls were cluttered, and the living room was in shambles- not to mention my temporary storage room- the office! It was so overwhelming! SO typical of me to start a project right when school starts (or around finals...)

Here are some "around the room" shots in order so you can see what the room looks like from one side to another (if you even care)!

I love how "fresh" and clean it is. It was such a joy to take a shower (forget what it looked like) and step into a hotel-like sleeping area. I am looking for some shabby chic sconces to complete that hotel feel... something like these:

No rush though, for now I love the simplicity of my room.

My favorite part is my new little vanity/desk area with adorable silver porcelain stool!

The original idea was to have a wall full of white assorted mirrors on the grey- but that's all I have for now, I kind of like how simple and uncluttered it is... who knows if i add any more... recognize the one on the left? it's the gold one i got from the estate sale!

Here's a a final pic of Bandit this morning at 8 a.m. (he's NOT a morning person- thank goodness... I don't think I could handle a playful pup early in the morning)...


  1. Love it! it looks SOOOO good! totally worth all the hard work!

  2. i love the yellow, black and're talented

  3. Sheila, it looks amazing...just like watching a room makeover on HGTV!!

  4. And i love the new title art :) please show me how!! so cute :)

  5. thanks guys! I love it! and i totally think HGTV should hire me just because I could def make a 3 day deadline!!! Alaina, what title art do you mean? Just let me know so I can show you haha

  6. Well your Adventures of Ordy and Joon is all different and cute

  7. oh! i thought you meant like in the picture! haha!

  8. oh my goodness. I just LOVE your room. How did you make your headboard? I would love to give it a try.
    You are so very talented and have such a gift for decorating.

  9. I just have to know- where did you get the duvet cover and the lamp shades?? I would love to see the diy directions if you made them! Awesome room!

  10. Robin!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I'm glad you found it :)

    The duvet has its own post here:

    and the lamps here:

    They were a Homegoods find! I think 59.99 each... I wanted to make them, but they were just TOO PERFECT and life was so busy to even bother with another craft!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Hope this helps!