Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogs Can Be Beautified Too

I spent all day with my sister and her kiddies just to get a fix after my month away from them. I ran errands with them and 'helped', only I'm not sure how much help I really was... Sher asked me to watch the kids for 2 seconds while she started the car (LITERALLY, 2 SECONDS), and in those two seconds Kayden managed to pull the table cloth off the dining room table and pull a heavy plate full of food on her head, spilling rice all over her and her brand new adorable outfit. I felt like it happened so fast, by the time I saw her reach for the table cloth and me having to jump over Kian's toys to stop it- the plate was already crashing down. I felt horrible :( Sher couldn't even go for two secs without one of her kids getting a concussion... After the plate of rice and food fell on her some rice pieces got lodged in her throat and I was frozen with fear hooking my finger in her throat to get the rice out! It was so terrifying! All I could do was yell at Kian to get mommy! He was frozen as well watching the train wreck, but mommy finally walked in and grabbed Kayden to comfort the poor girl. Auntie FAIL. I stuck with Kian the rest of the day, due to his durability and resistance... I figured if a plate fell on his head under my care he might just laugh it off and I wouldn't look completely negligent...

Maybe I'll deserve this after her 5th kid? Practice makes perfect...right?
I headed home after traffic and met my friend Emily at my house. She was helping Sher and I write invitations for Kayden's birthday party and I BEGGED her to help design her blog while she was over. I knew she didn't like her layout and stuff so I made her log in and let me format it to something she MIGHT like and MIGHT motivate her to actually start blogging! (Her family and friends are all from Ohio, so I know they would LOVE to read about her newlywed life in Atlanta!) But she always comes up with an excuse! I told her it's not about having an interesting life, people choose to read and they can choose NOT to read...just blog! I figured if she had a cute enough blog she'd have a reason to start! **Fingers crossed** Here is her adorable blog

Oh, and these are my Wednesday Dozen! The cutest California Sunflowers. I love how old fashioned they look in Ordy Boy's kitchen... 

Speaking of flowers, thanks to Emily, I found my new favorite one: Rananculus. They're awesome. 
Off to bed! Can't wait until this weekend! Ordy and I are going to hit up some estate sales and yard sales. We finally have a weekend to enjoy. 


  1. HAHA! I LOVE MY BLOG! Now... just need to write some stuff (minor detail) and get some followers w/ a different name than Parast ;) Love your new fave flowers - and love that that pic looks like my wedding colors!

    And ps HOW THE HECK did you not mention the Kayden catastrophe to me last night?! Poor baby! At least she has cute bday invites :)

  2. hahaha because I knew such a put together nanny such as yourself, juggling THREE kids, would judge me! I felt SO bad, my immediate reaction was to text you and say, "how do you do it??!?!" it was no joke, 2 seconds. the second sher stepped outside she yanked it down on her and i was too far to do anything. FAIL!

    p.s. I was about to use your wedding pic and didn't want you to get creeped out haha but your wedding flowers are by far the PRETTIEST flowers I have ever seen.. which makes me want to propose this idea: blog idea #1, talk about your 1 year anniversary and REWIND by posting wedding pics that you love!! IT'LL be AWESOME!