Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ordy Boy Made Me Get Called On

2nd Day Update:

I started my morning at 7:30 a.m. wait, no I didn't, Emily forgot to wake me up with a text... haha jk but I managed to get up at 8 a.m., take the worlds fastest shower, feed Bandit and take him potty, and get dressed to head to class. I was pretty much dreading my first class, Constitutional Law, because the name alone puts me to sleep. I couldn't imagine 90 minutes of Con Law- oh the horror. I walked in and noticed the professor looked familiar (from subbing a few classes last year in my Civil Procedures class when our professor was busy being pregnant), so I was kind of comforted by being familiar with his teaching style... I really like the class and the fact that the professor is so stinking smart but doesn't make you feel like a complete idiot helps... Speaking of IDIOT...

Yours truly, decided to wear this huge starfish ring* that Ordy got me. When I say huge, I mean massive. 

*Starfish Ring, Exhibit A

I was sitting in class twirling it around my ring finger because it was starting to annoy me rubbing against my pinky finger... just as the professor asked a question for someone to answer...

P: "Yes, Ms..... *fumbling to pronounce my last name*"
Me: "It's _________" (helping him with the correct way to say it)
P: "Ok, so what do you think Marshall meant about that interpretation of the clause in section 2 of Article III?"
Me thinking WHAT?? WHAT is going on? Can you repeat the question? Can I buy a vowel? Can I use a lifeline???"
Me: "oh no, no, no, no, no, ummmmm. I'm sorry sir, I wasn't raising my hand, I was adjusting my ring..." (Idiot. I know.)
P: "Well, it's ok, go for it anyway..."

And then the most awkward 5 minutes of my life followed that... not only was I the idiot twirling my ring, but I was the idiot that admit to twirling my ring in hopes to be left alone and not answer... The worst part was I answered, but every answer was responded by, "ok...why?" or "elaborate..." UGHH, so frustrating! no more just giving answers, I had to know why I knew the answer and explain to him. 

Harvard... Yale... Princeton
(I removed the picture of the professors and their respective schools...just know they're smart. haha)

The torture session concluded and we had our next class, Criminal Law, in the same classroom. We waited and in bounces our professor who was just as outgoing and friendly as can be- and it put my mind at ease. If you know me, you know that I don't want to pursue anything Crim Law related. Not. At. All. I couldn't do what they do. I won't lie, at times I would judge certain people in the profession, but in just 90 minutes I felt like I learned a lot about judging... I respect public defenders, more so than I did before... I still don't think it's what I was meant to do- I'm too boring for all that drama, but now I can respect others doing it... Who knows what I'll learn the rest of the semester... we'll see...

Crim Law wrapped up and I headed to the library to finish reading for our third class of the day- Evidence. (Amazon must've heard me complaining because I had my Evidence and Domestic Relations text book waiting for me at the door...) Since I hadn't read it earlier, I used my break to read it and do the 10 problems assigned for class. I was most terrified (out of all classes) about my Evidence professor... it's like the nightmare class to take because she makes you actually memorize the Federal Rules of Evidence (no text for the final or anything) because she firmly believes in preparing us for the bar and the real world... and says no one would give you two seconds to look up a rule in the middle of court. True? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Like I need more stuff crammed in my head to memorize haha. I guess I can appreciate it in the long run, like how I can appreciate my parents not getting me stuff I begged for when I was a kid... some day when I'm a grown up and have my own kids I guess. haha

I got home SO EXHAUSTED at 5:30 and passed out until 9p.m. So much for sleeping tonight... I was about to sleep through the night with my sweet puppy who is so cute and will sleep whenever I do- but I was starving and had hunger pains that wouldn't let me sleep through them. I made a bowl of cereal and convinced myself to start organizing/cleaning my room so I can just have the office to tidy up tomorrow. Well, so much for that plan... didn't exactly work out as I expected. There's always tomorrow. 

Side Note:

HOW MANY PEOPLE check the trashcans in their spare bedroom/office when they don't regularly go in there (and when they do, only throw away paper or packaging etc...)????
-- not a lot, right?? like, if  a BANANA PEEL was negligently left behind by your sister, you wouldn't notice it for days/weeks/etc??? Yeah... well, my thoughtful sister was sweet enough to leave behind a banana peel from weeks ago, and I moved the trash to empty it and a brick wall of gnats hit me in my face. I thought I was in a horror film with a black cloud of gnats going every which way. no lie, 100s of the buggers everywhere. I was just wondering yesterday why I even had the occasional gnat in my bedroom, and 5-8 in the bathroom. Ugh. What a joy to deal with.