Friday, August 13, 2010

Smokey... and the Bandit

Part 1 "Smokey"

So... I couldn't come up with a title because I have so much going on in my head that not one thing sticks out more than the rest... except for the two major parts of my day today... We'll start with "Smokey". So... I know I discussed last Saturday the potential of this new "thing" for my room... Well, I got a call today saying the seller accepted my offer, and I'm the proud owner of these "things"!!! SO excited!!! Well, actually, to be 100% honest, I was nervous at first thinking could I afford/justify it? But I kept thinking about it and talked to Ordy and we decided I would regret passing the offer up more than I would purchasing them. Ok, no more suspense, I will reveal what I am picking up this Saturday now that they are (unofficially) mine! We went to the Antique Mall and I passed this aisle when something caught my eye. Something VERY ME. I had to have them. They're 4 partition panels. Yellow and black piping on one side, and YELLOW DAMASK on the other!! HOW ME?! My vision for them was to use them side by side in a row as a headboard, and whenever I tired of one side I could flip. I absolutely LOVED them. I was hung up by the price, especially since it was a want not a need, and right now I'm focusing on needs... being a poor student and all. Plus, I change/rearrange my room more than most people and I was worried I'd get tired of them (but couldn't stop thinking about them, so I know I won't!)

****PLEASE excuse the bad quality pictures, all of them were taken on my phone!****

Ordy Boy putting 2 side by side for me to "visualize"

the backs!
Blah, blah, blah, enough about them. So, today after I got the call that I "won" them (sounds cooler than saying I "have to pay for them"), I realized my room now has yellow walls- which will clash with the pale yellow headboard. So, I did what any smart person would do- went and got paint at 9 am and finished painting by midnight tonight. I chose a cool cement "smokey" color to match my monochromatic room and bring out the yellow! I just finished painting and I love how it turned out. I ran out of paint so I'll have to get more for the TV wall, so as of now I have a grey wall, 2 side white walls, and 1 yellow wall hahaha, it doesn't look too bad...

Bad Pic of my room Pre-Smokey paint
YIKES! no turning back now...
Starting to question the darkness
Being a pro without painters tape... jk more like I forgot it

So the grey scared me because when it went on wet it was obviously darker, but I had no idea how dark. It's been on the wall for an hour now and is the exact chalky/cement color I wanted!!! YAY for not being disappointed!!! I think the panels will look phenomenal against the wall now.

PART 2 "The Bandit"

I left the house today to lay out with Ordy's sister at her pool and left Bandit behind (normal). I came home to find he made a chew toy out of my new shoes and some cords (NOT normal). I was so upset and disappointed in him. I was on the verge of tears but knew there are other things worth crying over- but I won't lie, I definitely choked up. Looking at my pathetic shoes missing the straps and imagining the big old mutt chewing on them just made me want to whimper. I was torn whether or not to 'discipline' him, because when we were in obedience school they told us if we didn't CATCH them in the act, there was no point. That dogs didn't have the mental capacity to know what they were being punished for. I didn't care, the human in me wanted vengeance, so I grabbed his nose and put it in the shoe and spanked him with a paper towel roll on the snout. I know I don't need to hurt him, because any time I use my firm voice, he gets so embarrassed and humiliated he hides in the office under the desk until he thinks it's been long enough and I have forgotten. It's been 7 hours- I haven't forgotten...

What they SHOULD look like
What they NOW look like...
Poor Guys

If anyone has a pair they want to donate to me, I'd be more than happy to accept this charitable contribution :) just kidding. I'm sure I'll live... just stinks!

Bandit has been incredibly quiet and mopey all night. He hasn't wagged his tail once, and when I came home from buying paint he didn't bother greeting me at the door. I found him in a ball on the bed staring at me without even raising his head. Pathetic. I wanted to hug him so bad but at the same time wanted to smack him for being so bad earlier. He hasn't been bad like this in so long. It seems any time I compliment him or "brag" about how good he is or has been, he does something like this and makes me never want to say it again!

Mopey Bandit

By the way, after I took this picture of him, I kid you not, he sighed SO loud and shifted his head to the other side to face the wall and not me, like he was ignoring me. He's listening at anything I say, which has made me realize how smart he is and how dumb he acts!!!!! All night I've been speaking commands (like, "move." when I was painting, or "sit." when I was eating in front of him, and "get off- go to YOUR bed.") and he has!!! Without me even repeating a single command! I hate being mad at him, I really do. Tonight when he crawls to the foot of my bed when he thinks I've passed out, I'm going to act asleep so he THINKS he got away with it, when really I'm fully aware and more than happy to be cuddling with him without him thinking he has my acceptance again. Oh the games we play...


  1. I love those panels and the GREY!! i tried painting our bedroom walls grey but it has a tint of lavender, and i HATE it!! i have been wanting to paint over it, what color grey did you use??

  2. I totally know how hard it is to pick a grey!! I had no clue there could be so many hues/shades! I put 5 greys that I thought would work and then took a blue paint sample paper and a red, and held them in the background so I could see which grey had undertones of red or blue. Once you do that it's easier to see the difference. I went with Kilz "Sugared Bronze" and am very happy with it. It's truly a cement color. I was torn between this and "Kangaroo Paws" which was lighter and might make a room look bigger and brighter than the darker shade. Good luck painting! I am very pleased with the results! I'll update as soon as I get the panels up against them!

  3. P.S. Ordy's room is light grey with dark grey "stripes" (thick 10 inch alternating stripes) and I LOVE his light grey. I will get the name for you, I know it's Ralph Lauren... but know that Kilz is wayyyyy cheaper and just as good!

  4. thanks! you know i'm all for the cheap! i will definatly try out the Kilz, thanks girl!