Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Burlap Madness + Friday's (late) Post

I have a burlap obsession. I can't wait to get my hands on these things...I am going to learn how to sew if it kills me, because I MUST make the following:

I have to ignore the fact that Ordy hates the material and thinks it's scratchy and pointless, it's just SO cute! I love when they have holiday appropriate stampings on them... like how cute would a christmas one be??

So cute, I think I might do linen pillows... i'm most excited to try out my sewing machine with a burlap runner. I really want a natural Christmas! This post is old, but because I was away for the wedding but it was a saved post:


No- it's not a typo. I made a new word up- Friday + ideas = frideas. You see, I didn't really go "shopping" because I left for the sole purpose of getting ideas! Kind of like window shopping... Only snapping pics with my iphone to store away for ideas. Lots of cute stores in the area had Christmas decorations already out and I'm pretty sure I'll be decorating early because of finals and other busy weekends... I really wanted to decorate with neutrals this year. A burlap/linen/crystal/rhinestone/pearl Christmas. I didn't want any red anywhere but I wanted lots of greens. Green in the wreath, topiary, moss, etc. I have 3 huge bins full of Xmas decorations from last year that I'm debating reusing and just keeping my "burlap Xmas" in mind for NEXT year (as in buy everything 50% off dec 26)... I honestly might do that since last year I did the same and these bins have just been sitting around for a year waiting to be used!!

I started the day yard sale-ing with my bff's mom. Nothing looked too great so after the first two we gave up and were ok with it. We hit up some antique stores and cute home decor stores. I took pictures of the things I loved... But first look at how cute Mrs. B is. Her taste is amazing!! When I go to her house I feel like a creeper bc I take a picture of everything!

She has the stack of books with no cover stacked with a dainty ribbon on her mantle... Adorable.

She had the white pumpkins for decoration instead of tacky decor that clashed. So cute. And I am loving this burlap runner she sewed!!! I want her to teach me bc I almost ordered one from etsy!

love this!

Ok here are the shop cute finds:

Loved this bird plaque. And it was only $5. I am mad about not getting it...

loved the yellow pop!

Took pics of the burlap pillows because this is my next sewing project. Debating between burlap and linen though... Ordy thinks pillows that aren't practical are silly.

LOVED THIS! it's an old screen door hanging from a ceiling with lights and branches. So rustic and simple yet stunning.

Boxwood wreaths are so hot right now! Haha unfortunately this guy will probably never be in my possession unless I learn how to preserve boxwood myself bc this sucker was $200. I love the square!

 I got a frame earlier at a yard sale and I'm going to turn it into this:

Looks a lot like the mirror from my Thursday Things last post! Only this was an antique with lots of distressing as opposed to the polished white high gloss lacquer and I loved it. Only $500... No big deal.. Ha!

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  1. I am completely with you on the burlap thing! i have a ton of burlap in my craft room waiting to be turned into curtains and pillows! I also am doing burlap stockings this year, you should do i think they are super easy, we will see!

  2. Me three on the burlap! I love it. Thanks for the inspiring Christmas ideas, too. I am beyond ready to decorate!

  3. let's all have a burlap x-mas decorating blog swap and link up to each others! hahahaha but honestly, i'm looking at allllll my tubs of last year's decorations and i think the SMARTEST thing to do would be to save my money and just use what i have! WAH i hate being practical!!!! i think i'm just gonna go the day after x-mas to buy the burlap christmas stuff for 2011- since 2010 x-mas came fast enough... haha