Monday, November 8, 2010

A New Day

I've been talking a lot about how unhappy I am with my weight, and after the wedding weekend recently, I decided to finally do something about it. I am writing about it to keep myself accountable. I know this is cheesy but I kept encouraging myself by thinking, 'one day, i'll swap out the word fat to fit when describing/thinking about myself..." ONE day...
Who knows when that day will come, but for now- i'm not beating myself up about the poor decisions i've made... i'm excited about a new day. I kept postponing and I almost pushed it back even more (because of the holidays and knowing i will fail) but i reminded myself the negative mindset WASN'T helping me. 

No matter how embarrassed I am to tell Ordy, Emily, my sister, etc that I’m finally ready to do something (since they have only heard me say that a little under 4 million times…) but I was over it. Over caring and ready to do something.
I went to Kroger and bought some healthier snacks to keep stocked at my house. I got some soups and nothing processed. My plan is to:

-Ditch the processed foods
-No more fast food
-No more sweet tea (I don’t drink soda, but this is my weakness)
-MORE water
-30 minutes of cardio 3-4x a week.

I’m not even trying to get to highschool skinny (size 2, 118 lbs), I just want to go back to sophomore/junior year of college (shoot, I’d take senior year!)… any change would be welcome now…I have let myself go!

I was going to start p90x or c25k (couch to 5K) but wasn’t ready to turn my living room back into the gym that it turns into when I go on that kick (awful excuse for staying fat, I know) but it’s almost the holidays and I won’t even be home that much. I also have finals looming around the corner so I was sure that I would just disappoint myself after a good 1-2 weeks. I think the negative thoughts set me up for failure BUT I wanted to be realistic. SO, I’m starting slow. Better foods, better choices, and more activity. I am also trying to get into taking more vitamins.

With the temperature at a gorgeous 65 degrees, I had no excuse. Every time I complain about my weight to Emily and how I can’t afford a gym membership when I know I’ll never go, her response is always, “the sidewalk is always free.” Ok, fair enough miss practicality. I get it. I get it. And today, I did it. I took the lazy mutt out and the first 25 minutes he was loving it, the last 25 minutes on the jog back, I was dragging him. It was 95 lbs of dead weight haha. I like knowing that we’re both on our way to better health… hahaha
I was hesitant to go home and put on my Nike’s to start the jog because it was weird to be in the middle of the day and have to plan to go back to shower before class, but I brushed it off and did it- and I am so happy I did. I’m hoping that I cram this hour of cardio in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for now… I’m only writing it so you guys can haggle me and make me do it! Haha
Just wanted to let everyone know, no matter how discouraged you are about working out, your weight, your health, etc, just DO something. Walk, jog, take the stairs, park farther, etc. I know it’s a drag to start, but the feeling of accomplishment you get afterwards is so rewarding. I chose better foods after the jog because of how hard I knew I was working to burn the apple fritter from starbucks off…

here we go...

worn out mutt

Let’s hope this lasts because I really want some change. I am sad to be 24 and overweight. I’m also tired of complaining. So, go! FAT to FIT! 

Since half the people reading this don't know why I get so upset with my weight- we'll take a trip down memory lane. this is me from 20-30lbs ago:

i want these arms back...
i couldn't even put this jean jacket on if i tried...
ignore hte "snookie" effect
i can't even fit in this shirt. and i split those pants. hahaha
hi skinny arms in brazil
this is my ideal weight 
skinny face
yeah right- like i could ever wear this dress again
face looks skinnier 

gave that dress away. too tight

opening a pair of 7 jeans that I wore ONCE before i gained weight...
with my skinny sister when we could share clothes
sister, mom, me
sharing clothes with my sister
skinnier face... 
hi flat stomach... where have u gone
flat stomach, skinny thighs, come back. 

i kid u not, i split these jeans.
See? I have a reason for the whining, moaning, groaning and all. I definitely have put on some weight. Ready for change...

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  1. Congrats girl! you've inspired me! keep up the good work and keep us posted :)

  2. thank you! don't congratulate me YET! lol i will definitely use the blog to keep myself accountable, i feel like i'm letting people down if not haha, stupid i know! but i just wanted to show people who might not know what I used to look like, why i'm so annoyed with myself now!

  3. you are beautiful inside and out....
    xo, cathy
    your yard sale bud.

  4. You ARE beautiful already... but I know what that feels like... But if I doooo recall you complained about your weight "back in the day" haha ;) seems to me that most people are never happy about their looks so my word of encouragement is eat good food and exercise for yourself to feel better, not to just lose weight, because you my dear are one absolutely GORGEOUS person no matter what size you are :)