Thursday, November 25, 2010

Portrait Season

Happy Thanksgiving! As you gather around your family and decide to take family portraits, please learn from these mistakes... I obviously have my dog in MY portrait, so MOST of these are pet related :)

As I prepare to create and send out my christmas cards, i struggle with the fine line of "cheesy" and "creepy" with Bandit. The thing is... I WANT to be cheesy, who SERIOUSLY wants to send out a pic of themselves with their pooch?? I'll end up looking like the loonies above! BUT, WHAT IF theyyyy MEANT to be cheesy and funny {doubt it}... is it really funny? haha who knows, i know that bandit and i will be funny because that's just who we are, but I can only imagine the people getting our cards and will be thinking "whatttttt?"

Ok, now that i'm thoroughly reconsidering my pooch portraits, i'm off to stuff my face with a thanksgiving feast!!! I'm so thankful for my friends and family!

I'll leave you with this last HILARIOUS picture. 10 points for whoever guess WHO it is of...


  1. You definitely should send pup Christmas cards! I tihnk they will be adorable. Just no shirtless ones showing your tattoos, please.