Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I had an EXCUSE to dress up this weekend. With the wedding and all this weekend it wasn't exactly a "normal" weekend.

So here is my week for linking up to the Pleated Poppy...

Friday: ummm no. I was running around in sweat pants running errands. If you saw me- you would have said, "YOU WORE THAT IN PUBLIC?!?!" haha or, "you have a boyfriend??" ha! it was THAT bad.

Saturday: Wedding outfit. This is worth a short story- I had an outfit for the wedding, but then I checked the weather and oh-em-gee outfit change needed!!! I originally was gonna wear the classic tube dress to the knees with a dainty scarf to cover up- butttttt the 34 degree night temperature had me thinking no way... so the new outfit was purchased the night before, 20 minutes before the mall closed! SO HAPPY i went with tights and booties instead of bare legs and open toed shoes!

Awkward! sorry 
shot of the hair 
I told you, this curler is tha jam!

Ok, for the outfit:

Dress: Forever 21 (lucky find)
Tights: Gap
Booties: Loehmann's, Kelsi Dagger
Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Christmas present from my mom

Just a close up of the booties since it was black in the outfit and you couldn't see how cute they really are :)

SIDE NOTE: These are $160 all over the web, I bought them for $90 at Loehmann's... and saw them for $50 at Marshall's (for the teeny, tiny feet- only size 5 and 6!!) so I sucked it up and paid the difference because i obviously needed my size... but amazon has them for around 70. lucky y'all!)


Cardigan: Target (thanks to my lovely sister...)
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Loehmann's, David Buffalo
Shoes: Burberry (thanks, to my lovely sister for buying them!)


Outfit 1:
Same Target Cardigan from Sunday (I was late to get ready, so what?!)
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: forever 21
shoes: high school loafer special

Outfit 2: (really, like people care about what i went jogging in)...
Shirt: Guy Harvey
Yoga Capris: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike Shox


lookin' all studious before i head out the door- PAH!

Denim Shirt: American Eagle
Black Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoe #1: Burberry ones from Sunday
Shoe #2 (after it got too hot!!!): Flower Sandals a friend bought (brand name worn off)


Shirt: Target Boyfriend tee
Jeans: Rich Skinny from Nordstrom
Shoes: Dillard's

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  2. Looking good honey and those boots are fabulous! Being a tiny size 5 I may try and find some on the cheap. Thanks for the tip. axx

  3. Cute outfits. I like the cuffed skinnies with the sandals. I may try it.

  4. Amber, SO jealous you don't even know! being a size 9.5 life has consisted of staring at size 5's wondering who in the world had tiny feet small enough for them! JEALOUS!! (shoes always look cuter when they're smaller!)

    Alaina, hahaaaa! thanks, but yeah right! it's nothing! i literally throw this stuff on.

    Paige: i love the skinnies/sandals combo... always

  5. oh! I have teeny tiny size 5 feet!! I guess I need to take a trip to Marshalls! :D Love your outfits! So cute! My favorite is... hm... well a tie. Sunday and Monday's outfits :)

  6. Omg you size 5ers are just popping up everywhere! So you DO exist! Jk. Haha Sunday and Mondays are so similar I was embarrassed to even put Mondays up!

  7. girl you should see the outfits i "just throw on" robby and i were at the grocery store the other day when i caught a glimpse of myself in the freezer door and asked him if he was embarrased to be seen with his wife wearing boy, tight at the ankle sweats a t shirt and zip up hoodie.... i need to throw stuff on like you do :)

  8. cute outfits! i wear a 9.5 so no cute and tiny feet here!

  9. Hi! I am your newest follower!! I found you on the Fence! Love all these shopping ideas. Thanks! also love your blog design:)

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