Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sharing is Caring

And because I care, I share! Ok, enough being cheesy BUT i really do have something so exciting to share with y'all today!!! {I am interrupting my studies to share this amazing deal with y'all, so i hope you appreciate it!}

As you guys know, from this post, i briefly discussed the tons and tons of christmas cards i was looking at. it's so hard to pick! I have by far seen the CUTEST ones at shutterfly! I have ordered the most amazing photo books of my trips with Ordy from Shutterfly and have never been disappointed! They look so good and I love showing the pictures off in a book!

I had two of my blogger friends {Cute Momma, Cute Bride-to-Be} blogging about Shutterfly and their amazing deal (blog about their christmas cards and get 50 free!) <--i type like that when i'm uber excited. don't question it, just go with it.

Here are my top 10. It was like an American Idol process as it went from 24 to 12 to 10... so hard to choose!!!

 Classy. Holiday-ish. Sold.

 I LOOOOVE Baby blue + white + red. I love it on cards, on blog designs, and even outfits! love some red + turquoise. Just such a great color combo... and SO into the chevron pattern. like whoa.

this just makes me want hot cocoa... love it

 Love the middle

This is soooo me!

 This is so cute to sum up a year and keep family involved in a nutshell! I love this idea and it makes me excited to one day be able to have a card that didn't say : "Bandit outgrew his winter puffy vest. Bandit is currently 93 lbs. Bandit is now no longer terrified of his own farts poofters. Merry Christmas Y'all!"

love the simplicity. maybe it's the cute little girl but it's all too cute

okkkkk here goes that adorable color combo in a different hue. i really think this is the winner... but we'll see!

L.O.V.E. this!

This reminds me of an Old Navy ad. so cute and so magazine-ish!!!!

It's so hard to choose! but i definitely know whatever I pick is going to be fun/festive/fresh because I don't have a cute family photo going out like all these families! {but that's not stopping me from sending christmas cards!!!!}

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