Monday, November 1, 2010

Dream Projects

I want to turn this:
into this:

fear not boyfrannn and loved ones: I am NOT buying the couch and I am NOT doing this project. there is only 3 weeks of school left (right about the time i wonder why i'm in law school and not a baker or an interior decorator... haha- also around the time of minor major panic attacks. So, rest assured {emily brady} I am not going to be staying up until 4 am doing this... but just know that it's tucked away in the "future house projects" compartment in my brain/computer... and future house meaning the one I one day get. not this lil ole one. my "someday"...

Other things in that compartment:

beadboard walls

wooden beam ceilings

rustic dining table (i want a bench not all chairs tho)

this HAS to go in a room somewhere

only mine would be from homegoods for $40

love this

I WISH!!!!
Do the throw pillows on this white one look familiar?... oh no big deal, just my curtain fabric material!! YES, does that mean I have good taste?... hahaha only i doubt mine were as expensive as theirs! I'd seriously love to wake up in this bed... ordy? not so much... this might be one of those "single splurges"... as in, something to get and enjoy before marriage hahaa but i would never let it get tossed aside!
maybe in white?
would love mirrored furniture for a room, i'd even settle for just a jewelry cabinet. i wanted the Pier One Imports Hayworth collection but the P1 next to my house closed... never saw them since

 if i had a space as open and huge as this i would DEFINITELY experiment with paint! they pulled it off so well!

 you know me and my dramatic mirrors... hahaha i LOVE THEM! (I bought TWO from an antique store up in the mountains this past weekend... I will post pics later)

This is random, but i saw my end table in this random website picture- this particular picture had me smiling because it's what i imagine my house might look like one day when mine and ordy's decoration combine... the girly shabby chic stuff and then his masculine coffee table and cow hide... lucky him I love cow hide rugs and luckier him i never had a pink/purple couch or weird wall paper! {but he does get the end table} haha

there's more but i won't bore you! I love the all white look and I've told ordy that and he doesn't like the idea, so i might have to get it out of my system haha. i'm dying for these:

sorry for the last minute screen shot- just had to have a picture instead of an annoying link!

back to my reality and a venetian chandelier i'm dying to display just sitting on my floor, and a cabinet that ORDY WAS RIGHT- doesn't fit in my dining room taking up space... ugh my house is ridic right now... off to bathe the mutt and give him some lovin' after being gone these past few days...
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  1. I want that bed... don't care which color! So beautiful! And those stripes?! LOVE! I love doing things like that with paint though. I hope that one day you do all of those things!

  2. me too! i want to sell half my house just to get it :) even though i'd probably have to owe them my firstborn just to pay for it... is it wrong i think it's worth it??!?! haha jk

  3. I love those pics, i say you buy the couch and recover it and if you can't use it sell it! Can't wait to see the chandelier!!