Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick Post

I can't really concentrate at the moment so today's post will be a bulleted one:

  1. I'm too excited for my Christmas cards... like more excited than a {single} girl {without cute kids to dress up} should be... is that weird? 
hmmm...which will it be? you won't know until you get it!

2.) I am watching a John Wayne movie with Ordy Boy and just browsing the internet for cuter cards and always second guessing my original decision... and am absolutely LOVING my night in. Movie, bf, dinner in, yes please. 

3.) Finals are around the corner and stressing me out, so forgive me if I am M.I.A. for a while (2 weeks)... I promise as of Dec. 9 I will have nothing but posts of CUTE Holiday stuff/projects!! I just really have to FOCUS, and as much as I like to THINK that you guys can't survive without my posts... i know this is a big fat lie and no one will even notice... so i'd rather not fail my exams :)

4.) I have a gift card to Home Depot and need ideas on how to spend it... I was hoping they sold gift cards to outside vendors like grocery stores do... hahaha no such luck. I'm not in the market for a new drill... wah wah wahhh. and no. no more paint. I just cleaned out my coat closet and found a gallon of tiffany blue paint all over the marble floor. so, i moved the "few"cans I had outside... and why didn't i do this sooner??? it really made me realize how much i have- it's a sickness.

don't judge me.

5.) Vote for me daily and i'll love you forever.  I keep losing my spot :) would a giveaway help you vote for me?... too bad. i can't bring myself to bribe y'all. do it outta the kindness of your heart- just one click! 

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  1. Girl you got more paint than a Sherwin Williams store!