Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Chandy

Ok, so the pictures look grainy because it was dark and I wanted the only light to be from the chandelier- so here the pics are!

i am in lovvvve with it!!! I still can't believe that Ordy got this for me. I love the lighting it gives off. so cozy. it's gonna be awesome around the holidays to have this and the fireplace with some old christmas classics playing...

the pillow bugs me... sorry

This is random, but HOW EXCITED AM I to have found this mirror in an antique store in Blue Ridge... when we went to the cabin I got TWO mirrors, this is one of them. The other looks different but i just love this one and how awesome it can be with a coat of paint!!!! (just use your imagination) I can't paint it until my friend uses it for a photo shoot. It's gonna be so cute :)

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