Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rachel's Going to Africa...

This weekend we spent pretty much the whole weekend partaking in "Farewell Festivities" for Ordy's sister. She's going to Africa for three weeks to help serve Watoto. Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease. I'm so so so proud of her for making such a huge commitment to go and serve others. It's such an honor to support her. I love traveling but I can't imagine going to the places my friends have gone to and are going to. (Like my bff Lauren Bartell) I'm encouraging Rachel to start a blog, I'd love to follow her!

Anyhow, we spent all weekend sending her off basically. Friday night, we had a going away party for her and it was fun to be around everyone that loves and will miss her. Amy's dad had a touching story that really made all of us tear up!

Saturday night we were headed to the Watoto Baby Shower they were throwing. Basically, it was a generic baby shower for the orphanage the team was going to be visiting. They registered for stuff at Babysrus and Target and everyone came with gifts and donations for the team. It was such a cute concept and really nice to be able to help since we weren't actually going. The team did such a great job setting up and being really informative. I LOVED all the decorations!

Ordy and I

The baby shower was near my sisters house so Ordy and I decided to stop by for a bit. We walked into a quiet house and were bummed out we missed my nephew Kian and begged to wake him up. I hadn't seen him in a while since school started back in full force and I missed the snot out of him! I walked in to his room against his parents wishes, and spent the best evening playing and taking pictures of him until we left a few hours later. Sorry to have messed up his sleeping schedule Sher, but it was so worth it! He is such a stud, the camera loves him!
Playing with Ki-Ki

I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so adorable!!! We spent Sunday night out there and at one point at dinner, he decided to shower me with kisses (I WAS LOVING IT!!) and he just poured them on and on and on! I was in heaven! He's such a cute boy, I pray he keeps his personality and sweetness forever. This weekend was a fun, eventful weekend, and it's sad to think I have to go back to another week of school. I'm sad my sister and her family leave Tuesday for Puerto Rico, but happy for their time away together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Fashioned Love (Cheesy Post- Consider Yourself Warned!)

Ordy Boy has the weirdest travel schedule now... I never know if he goes Mon-Fri, Mon-Thurs, Sun-Thurs, etc... and I realized, if I DON'T ask him, he WON'T tell me!!! He said he feels bad when he has to break the news of a weekend departure... Sure, it's sad. Yeah, I might give him a hard time about it for a few minutes... but I know he has to leave. And what's worse- not knowing he leaves on the weekend and having plans in mind, or knowing and planning around it? Anyway, he failed to tell me he had to leave Saturday and I was so so so sad. I was pretty mopey and bratty about it because I had been planning on taking a long drive to Pizza Farm . I guess I made him feel horrible about it because before I knew it he threw me in the Scout and took me (exaggeration haha). While out there we noticed awful clouds forming and scary weather and we pulled into a (sketchy) gas station to check his flight status. We all know how awful the storm was last night!!! Needless to say, I got one extra day to hang out with Ordy and it was great. We got so lucky because staying meant he got to go to his great uncle Clyne's 90th birthday celebration in Buford. I was so happy to go with him, I always have fun at his family events.

Ordy's "Uncle Clyne" (pictured here with wife Lorene) Looking Amazing at 90!
Here's where I'll get a little cheesy, so feel free to stop reading haha...

Ordy's Uncle Clyne survived World War II, and more impressive than that (to me) is being married for 61 years to his lovely bride, Lorene. I am so envious of love that lasts like that, I can only pray for that kind of love! I was watching a slide show of some pictures and I was tearing up a little after seeing pictures from the 40's of them courting, and still together now. A video of him handing her a rose was the real tear jerker and I had to look away before I caused a scene. That image stuck with me and I'm still in awe of how amazing their love is. In a world of divorce rates nearing 60%, a love like that is so rare! I come from a divorced family, I'm not torn or "damaged" because of it. I understand my parents were young and made choices to move on with life apart, and I respect their decision. (Plus, who wouldn't want two birthdays, two Christmas mornings, and other great stuff)... I have never ever been one to wallow in my self pity for having divorced parents. I think it's because at a young age I knew that I would marry for love, marry for life. Because of this, I have always been one to look way too much into marriage and finding "the one" and making sure I made the right choice, because I had to live with it for the rest of my life. Divorce is not an option for me. I used to want my wedding ring tattooed on my ring finger in case I ever left it at home, I wanted to show the world that I was "permanently marked" and "permanently taken"... but I know I don't have to have a tattoo to convey that. It's a choice you wake up and make every day. A choice to love the one you're with. To serve the one you're with.

I'm so happy "forever" actually means something to me. I'm so happy I don't have the personality to just go with what works at the time. I'm so relieved I saw the big picture and I stuck it out to find love. I love the example that Ordy Boy's family sets for all those around them. I smile every time I'm in the same room as his parents. They are the cutest couple I have ever met. They're still in love after years of marriage, and it gives me and everyone else looking for true love in this generation, hope. I'm so happy that Ordy's dad has set such an example for him and raised the standards so high-I could never imagine settling!

I love Ordy Boy and I don't think I say it enough. I know he knows, but I hope it shows... I get a weekly reminder of why he loves me- here is my chance to tell him why I love him... (I warned you it was getting cheesy!)

1.) I love how he isn't afraid to show his love for me in public. It isn't over the top, it's just right- but it's enough to let me know, "hey, i like you..." and I love it. He's not gushy or obvious about it, but I know he wouldn't be ashamed to hold my hand in a crowd
    My fav candid shot my sis caught at a Braves game! Love it!

    2.) I love how much he loves my family and how well they all get along. I never have to worry about anything. I love that my nephew will choose him over me, yes I get jealous, but ultimately, I know that it means a lot. I love that my family lovingly calls him, "Uncle D", and he doesn't freak out over the newly inherited family haha. I love that he's not teaching Kian to pick his nose or say cuss words as a joke, but actually teaches Kian stuff like keeping his word, and how to fish...
    rocking Kian to sleep- i couldn't even do that!

    3.) I love how my dad has nothing but nice things to say about him. My dad's opinion means more to me than anyone's opinion. I love that my dad knows he's a hard working, respectable, guy and even trusted Ordy to take me to Paris.
    this could turn out two ways... luckily, they both returned
    3.) (B) I love how the rest of my family also embraces Ordy into our family. There was no awkwardness getting him acclimated into my family, and because of Ordy, we have Family Night Sundays. I love how he gets along so well with my brother in law and my sister, and I love when I go alone, the first question is where is Ordy??? (And when I stay there I'm constantly harassed to text/call/bribe Ordy over because everyone wants him there)... BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!

    "Fam Photo" haha
    Partners in crime
    Classic pic. the dodos
    Kian wants to be a cowboy like ordy

     4.) I love how straight up, no way around it- GOOFY he is!!!! I do NOT stop laughing with him. Life is so much more fun with him in my life. I don't know what I did without him and his constant cheerful spirit in my life! He brings so much joy to my life. From making up songs about me to sing to me, to just the goofy faces he makes- he makes my life so pleasant! The second part of this is that he knows there's a time to joke and a time to be serious, and I love that he's balanced! He knows when it's appropriate to crack a joke or stay silent- and I'm so lucky I don't have to be the one telling him when that time is!
    Scuba Steve hahaha
    Never a dull moment...
    Funny Face, I need you...
    X-mas '09 Gag Gift hahaha
    5.) I love that my friends love him. I love never being embarrassed to bring him around- actually, I am PROUD to have him around. I love introducing him to people. I love never worrying if I leave the conversation even if he just met someone. I love knowing that he can converse with my grandfather just as easily as he could my best friend. I love knowing that I have a love that I can tell my friends about and they get so happy for me. I don't have a single friend who has one bad thing to say about him, and this is such a relief.

    Two of my BFFs

    6.) I love his work ethic. He is the hardest working guy I know, and I have YET to hear a complaint come from his mouth. Not when he works weekends, not when he's up til 4 am fixing stuff for work, not when he's working on holidays, and not even when he's technically "on call" all the time when work has a project launch.

    working hard
    working on new years
    7.) I love how he plays just as hard as he works. I love how balanced he is. I love knowing that he still has a little boy inside of him dying to enjoy life to the fullest. I know life will always be fun with him.

    This is after doing donuts in a mud lot
    8.) I love how disciplined he is. He doesn't just spend money on a whim, even if it's for a Scout he's dying to get. I love that it took him 9 long months before he even got the Scout because he had faith and didn't rush anything.

    Finally riding in the Scout after months of waiting
    9.) I love how he spoils me. Yes, who can deny that my booboo takes care of me? I feel bad every time it happens, and I have learned how to suppress my thoughts when I want something because I know he might just surprise me with it. My sister used to make fun of me because she thought I did it intentionally, but honestly, I didn't and it got to the point where I had to make a conscious effort not to vocalize my "wants". (This is actually really hard for us girls to do- I "want" 30 things by 2 p.m. on any given day...) It's not even the big things that tug on my heart strings, but more so the thoughtful things. The souvenirs from traveling with work... the hand picked flowers from the side of the highway... the trinkets he picks up when I'm away- everything. Duh, I love my KitchenAid, but I especially love the cute stuff that doesn't break the bank. The main thing is, I love how we have the same love language. We are both gift givers and gift receivers hah. This makes showing our love extremely easy! ***Side note, Ordy and I have both of the same dominant love language, gifts and personal touch... It makes it effortless to work to show our love.
    My anchor ring from Tybee
    please look how perfect his wrapping paper even was!
    10.) I love how manly he is. I love knowing any time I have a problem, he fixes it. I love knowing that he is my "hero". I have called him more times than I'd like to admit in emergency situations. Car about to blow up... tires falling off...wrecked my car...scary walmart runs...awful navigation skills....doorbell ringing at weird times and I'm terrified...locked out of house...locked out of car...need to move furniture...need to build furniture... NOT ONCE has he been annoyed or upset. I have called him bawling, panicked, etc, and he always has time to listen to me and bail me out. I love that. He is so gentle and has never yelled at me or blamed me for being an idiot or making him leave work to pick me up off the side of the road... He just looks at me and as I bite my lip fighting tears, he pulls me in for the biggest bear hug and I know that everything will be ok. He pulls up maps for me at work and tells me how to get places step by step- because I am THAT awful with directions... I love how safe I feel when I'm with him and how he takes the role of protector.

    cutie in wrangler

    11.) I love how he allows me to be a girl. I love how he allows me to maintain my girly-ness without making fun of me. He doesn't make me hunt, or bait my own hook, and he doesn't get annoyed when I make him cut the path for us when we walk outside so I don't break any spiderwebs on my face. I love how I have never opened my car door since we have been together, and when I subconsciously go to grab my own handle he screams, "Woman, what are you doing??" and is genuinely distraught. He appreciates the little things like when I get my nails done, and ALWAYS notices and compliments.

     12.) I love how romantic he is. I love how he only acts like that with me. I love how I know he had a tough shell to crack, and I got in :) I love that this 'lone ranger' has turned into the sweetest boy. I love how he compliments me everyday. I could never take a compliment and now I live for his compliments! I love how he compliments me the most when I have no make up on and am lounging around in sweats. I love knowing even on my worst day he adores me. I love how genuine he is with his compliments- and how I'll just catch him staring at me... I love how he isn't embarrassed to be sweet. I love the date nights he plans, the picnics he surprises me with, and the sweet notes he leaves me. He's so thoughtful it brings tears to my eyes (seriously). Like when I'm sick in bed in a foreign country, and he wakes up earlier than he has to before a long commute to work and goes to a pharmacy to ask the pharmacist through broken french and mostly sign language for medicine and brings it back to me so I can wake up and not have to deal with doing it myself....I love how he does all this for zero recognition. He doesn't do it for anything in return or keep count or tally up what he's done for me. I love how I can ask him to buckle a shoe and before I can say, "just kidding, I'll do it!" he's bending down to help me. I love how he's full of surprises and romance. He still finds ways to keep me guessing and plans date nights that don't consist of dinner and movies.
    Buckling my sandal
    Most Perfect Date Night
    He even thought to bring a mason jar + water for the hand picked flowers
    Ordy planned my 24th Bday party as a surprise party with all my family and close friends (and I had NO idea!)
    I love our old fashioned love. I love that we jam out to George Jones and Conway Twitty and that we rock on the rocking chairs on the porch listening to Billie Holiday. I love how we respect each other and our values. We don't tear each other down at the expense of a laugh or jab, we edify each other and accept each others flaws. I love knowing neither one of us really fits in with this generation, and because of that we belong together and get along so well. I love knowing Ordy knows what I'm thinking because he's thinking the same thoughts 90% of the time- we're just that in tune with each other. I love how innocent and simple our love is. I love Ordy Boy.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    CB2 Giveaway

    Soooooo, we all know how much i LOVE to decorate my place... well, imagine what I could do with $10,000 at CB2!!! I would give anything to win (and I'm trying to fight the negative urges saying how silly it is and the chances of winning are slim...) and decided why not? i'll enter. i'm not saying i have the best place, but that's not what the contest is about! plus with $10g i can make it pretty stinking amazing! I'd LOVE for you to vote for me and my room!!!

    Go Vote!

    Room Makeover!

    Ok, before I show ANY pictures- please keep in mind- it isn't 100% FINISHED!!! I'd say maybe about 85% but there are at least 4 things I'd like to have done before I can say it's finished! (They're small things, don't worry, just haven't found the right stuff yet)

    I redecorate my room about twice a year, it doesn't seem like a lot- but the type of renovation is so extensive that even twice a year becomes exhausting. Once I get a room idea though, I can't shake it and I must do it. The decorating bug hits hard. And fast. I'll get the itch to redecorate on a Thursday, and it'll be completely done by Sunday- latest. We're talking MAJOR room changes from paint to furniture to bedding... I can't believe the styles I've gone through. I've only been in my house for 2 years and this is the 4th time I have repainted my bedroom walls- I start worrying about the thickness and gunk on them! Luckily, I don't have anyone to frown down upon my redecorating habits because I am so efficient I do everything alone- painting at 3 a.m., moving, hauling furniture upstairs, rearranging desks- all by myself. Ordy Boy has one strong gf- it's kind of embarrassing.

    **Before Ordy flew out to Denver, he helped take down my old canopy bed and place the panels securely on the walls, that I could not do alone!**

    This room redo was inspired by the panels I got from the antique store (remember, the yellow reversible ones?) and although my room was already black white and yellow, I decided I could lighten up the monochromatic scale with some grey on the walls and a face lift on my walls... Enough yapping, here are some pictures...
    In case you forgot- the BEFORE

    Already overwhelming! (only 1 wall painted grey)
    Panels on damask side
    Decided to paint other walls
    Right about the time i got overwhelmed...
    Thank God for a huge window...less painting
    SUCH a mess!!!!
     I was sooooo over it last night. My room was a mess, the halls were cluttered, and the living room was in shambles- not to mention my temporary storage room- the office! It was so overwhelming! SO typical of me to start a project right when school starts (or around finals...)

    Here are some "around the room" shots in order so you can see what the room looks like from one side to another (if you even care)!

    I love how "fresh" and clean it is. It was such a joy to take a shower (forget what it looked like) and step into a hotel-like sleeping area. I am looking for some shabby chic sconces to complete that hotel feel... something like these:

    No rush though, for now I love the simplicity of my room.

    My favorite part is my new little vanity/desk area with adorable silver porcelain stool!

    The original idea was to have a wall full of white assorted mirrors on the grey- but that's all I have for now, I kind of like how simple and uncluttered it is... who knows if i add any more... recognize the one on the left? it's the gold one i got from the estate sale!

    Here's a a final pic of Bandit this morning at 8 a.m. (he's NOT a morning person- thank goodness... I don't think I could handle a playful pup early in the morning)...