Saturday, December 31, 2011


I know I haven't been blogging enough for y'all to notice a change in my waistline- but if you know me in real life (or follow me on twitter)... you'll know that I have lost a little weight. I was motivated to shed 30-50 for the wedding (trust me, I desperately needed it- I wasn't trying to be unhealthy- I put on 60 lbs in 4 years and it wasn't my body!)

I have been fighting a cold for what seems like forever- as soon as I think it's gone, I get slammed with a fever and chills again a few days later. It's kept me in and out of the gym, (more out than in) and I sit at home and sulk. Nights like these I need some "thinspiration"... Things that make me go, "keep doing what you're doing... One sick day in bed is nothing... just stick with your program- you've come a longggg way!"

I struggle the most when I get on a scale and I FEEL skinny and see the number says otherwise. Then I remind myself...muscle weighs more than fat etc... so I guess as long as I LOOK good in my dress... no one is bring a scale to the wedding... (right?!?! I mean, I can see my sister doing that.. jk)

I'm not trying to compete, be a model, or look anorexic. I'm just trying to get back to the healthy me. I am almost there. I'm not a bridezilla freak trying to look like a stick in my dress, but I wouldn't mind a nice pair of toned arms holding that bouquet when all eyes are on me :)

Every one keeps commenting on how great I look or how skinny I am and whether I'll keep it up after the wedding... Um, YEAH!!! I seriously have gone through a major lifestyle change. The thought of an egg and cheese biscuit from Martin's and a large sweet tea are repulsive to me now. I wouldn't even cheat if no one was watching and I had a freebie! I can't even imagine putting on the weight again... It's just not worth it. Trust me, I intend on getting rid of all my "bigger" clothes, expensive/designer or not- because I have NO intentions of EVER wearing them again. 

The other thing that people forget is: I am motivated. I have a white dress in my closet that just screams,  "sausage arms". It was hard to motivate myself to lose the weight when I didn't have a goal like my wedding. Without a ring on my finger I kept postponing it, but now I see a deadline that just keeps ticking closer and closer and gone are those days where I'd see my tennis shoes and ignore them by the door- I actually lace them up and get out there. 

The moral of the story: buy a wedding dress and hang it in your closet. It'll make you work out like whoa. Just kidding. The moral of the story is, if I can do it... anyone can!!!!

Ready for 2012!!!!

I've been a sporadic blogger lately- and for that I am so so sorry! BUT, I assure you it's not because I'm twiddling my thumbs over here! It's been a busy Christmas break and I almost can't wait until school starts so I can resume regular blogging (jk...kinda).

I am SO READY for 2012!!!! It's going to be the biggest year for me.... I think! I have the following to look forward to:

1.) Becoming a MRS. in March!!!!!! That's 77 days away... oh em geeee!

2.) Graduating from law school in May...

3.) Taking the bar (and hopefully passing) in July...

4.) Getting a job... (God willing)...

Those are all pretty HUGE things. I can't even believe that they're around the corner!! I feel like it was just yesterday I got a "congrats on surviving your first day of law school" card... and now it's almost over? and now he's almost my husband? whaaaaa? somebody pinch me!

As with all resolutions... I like to see what I did or didn't accomplish last year and what I'm hoping to achieve this year. Here's last year's list for a refresher...

My goals:

Did I achieve these goals? 

1.) I lost 35 lbs in 2011! From June- December I focused on my weight, right about the time I got that pretty little ring on my finger :) 
2.) I did start running with Bandit... then I lost my baby in June :( 
3.) Yep... but I need to do better. 
4.) NOPE. 
5.)Yep... Nothing that some B12 couldn't fix!
6.) KIND of... does getting the clarisonic MIA for Christmas 2011 count?! 
7.) Hmmm... Yeah... I think I did this....
8.) NO
9.) YES! I chopped all my hair off!!!! 
10.) Nope. Sad. Another year....
11.) Nope... no tutorials on the blog lately! 
12.) Nope...
13.) No...
14.) Yes!!! But not 12... about 3
15.) Um... Kind of? 

This year's goals are short and sweet! I obviously would love to cook more, but seeing as I will HAVE TO come March 17, 2012 when the hubby moves in... I think that's more mandatory than a "want"...

What are some of your goals? Did you achieve any from last year? I can't believe this year I met my weight loss goal, something that has been carried over for the past 5 years... So glad 2012 is my big year!  (and I don't mean pant size :) hahaha so cheesy...) 

Happy New Year!!!!!