Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Makes You Happy?

The other day I was trying to think of when I was happiest- and I realized it was when I put my health as my top priority. Not work, not school, nothing but my health. I was working out regularly and I was on top of my "diet" (I mean that as in what I ate, not calories counted etc). I was just all around HAPPY! It was such a joy to be on top of my health and finally crush all the naysayers and the food "addiction" (sweet tea, chickfila breakfast biscuits, yogli mogli... no dramatic addiction but in all honesty- the addiction that would make me get out of bed at 1 am and grab some ice cream and hostess rolls....) I was happy and a mere by product of me being on top of my health was the weight loss. The most important part was how I felt- how I looked in my skinny jeans was just a plus.

and naturally, in the months I give up my health and let it take a backseat- oh, surprise- there aren't many pictures of me anywhere ha. But lots of pictures of my BAD food. As though it's something to be proud of...

SOOOOO. All that being said... On October 28 my gym is hosting a paleo challenge... and it's actually the SAME challenge I did two years ago and lost all the weight for the wedding (I took the one month and did it for longer of course... but you know what I mean).

I'm excited to do this because my migraines have returned (the ones that vanished with Whole30), and after working out almost every day...(i'll explain later) I realized that abs are truly made in the kitchen... and I'm not seeing results as great as I was when I was paleo + gym. PLUS... I miss all the energy! I can't wait. I am only blogging because I want to be held accountable. From here on out, I don't want to post instagram food cheats or anything... It's all about accountability. Also, there's nothing for me to worry about since it ends on Thanksgiving. The 30 day challenge begins in 8 days and I wanted to post in case anyone else wanted to join in- I am giving myself a week to meal plan and prepare loads of my tried and trued recipes since the biggest set back is "fail to plan, plan to fail"... I want NO excuses for the challenge. If y'all have any good recipes that you love let me know! I have a paleo pinterest board I'll be going back through as well.

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. I love hitting the restart button on my body every now and then. But it is a LOT easier than Whole30 haha.

True story. I have been known to eat an entire bag of Entenmann's powdered donuts in one sitting.

If you want to start this challenge with me I would love it! If you do, I highly suggest starting with MEASUREMENTS and PICTURES! and yes, weigh yourself on day 1 and day 30 and THAT IS IT! (DON'T FORGET THE ANTI-SCALE MOVEMENT!)

Anthro had a sale Saturday and I bought some AMAZING Mother jeans that are one size too small... I tried them and they didn't button and I said, "I'm one paleo challenge away... I think I'll get them." So, that's my motivation. The jeans and this awesome dress that I can't even zip. Yet. :)

So, what are you waiting for?! Let's do this!!!!!!! If you have any questions I bet you I have googled it/read a blog post about it and can help shine some light- I'm no expert but I can probably help a little. Also, for reference: our gym is using this link as guidance. Ignore the point system and just go down to the explanation of what is or isn't paleo. I also hope to utilize the "tag" feature of the blog and just have y'all click on paleo or paleo recipes for quick references. Hope I can help in any way, I know I will do better if I just have some accountability!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Workout Flow

There are two things that motivate me to hit the pavement and get some cardio in....

1.) New workout attire
2.) Good tunes

Music is soooo important for me. I actually make playlists for my runs depending on my mood. Sometimes, when I run to clear my head- I won't even listen to upbeat stuff to make me run faster... I listen to Ray Lamontagne/Jon Foreman/The xx/Bright Eyes and just enjoy  my time out of the house. I look around and make the exercise more leisure than anything else. It's the "clear your head" type of run/walk. 

When I really want to feel motivated though, which I imagine most people running and listening to music are looking for- I have a specific playlist- AND a list of order in listening to. I dunno, it makes me look forward to the end of some and beginning of others- the routine helps me prepare when to run harder/faster and when to cool down. Now, I am no expert runner, in fact- I am TERRIBLE. This is just what I like and it helps ME jog easier on the polluted streets haha. 

Ok, here goes! You can listen to them on youtube before you decide to drop any change on them in the itunes store- I know not many people like the same music as me- but this is a pretty general workout playlist! 

When I first start jogging... and am not really feeling it because I'm lazy/tired/creaky knees and all... I cruise to: 
The XX - "Intro"

I have a huge HUGE hill to walk up before I even start my jog (think 8 incline) so, this is just enough to get me going/excited to start. 

Side note: everyone has a soundtrack to their lives (break up songs, happy songs, favorite songs, etc... in my movie of life, the opening credits have me in an X6 cruising on some curvy mountainside roads  to this jam- I could totally see this song in a car commercial!)

This song makes me take longer strides but still jog at a normal pace- almost gazelle like haha. It's my warm up song and as soon as it is over, I'm usually ready to go! 

As soon as the xx stops playing, I'm excited to listen to this: 

Lissy Trullie - Ready For The Floor (Cover)

something about the repetitive, "do it now" makes me take the whole jogging seriously :) and glad that I DID "do it". (think "NIKE"... haha)

Once I am really starting to go, my next track is: 

Andrew Bird- Fake Palindromes

This song has the best beat that just makes you jog in tune with it. I love that there are some slow parts and I can catch my breath when I am on a "low" with him, and then when he turns it up, so do I! I used to use the treadmill at college with this on repeat and I would kill it. However, don't ask me about the lyrics-when you're busy trying to figure it out, you forget you're miserable jogging....!!!! That's my lyric disclosure haha. 

Once Mr. Bird has worn me out a bit, the minute I hear the steady drumbeat of these two twins, I know I am ready to do a cool down/steady walk. What I wouldn't give to be the triplet! Teagan & Sara & Sheila I think it goes, don't you?! 

Teagan & Sara - "Walking With a Ghost"
I think the name is so appropriate for the mere fact that it is my walking song
Another funny no pun intended title is the next song: 

Matt & Kim- "Block After Block"

This is when I'm like, ok, break's over- pick it back up but slowly, like the xx "intro", a steady jog/gazelle like jog haha block after block... trust me... it works. and the video just makes you happy. so if you just imagine the video happening in front of you- you totally forget you're jogging (not really.. haha) 

This is another song I catch my breath on and just enjoy a steady pace. It's still got a beat that my feet follow along with... ignore the video... in fact. don't watch it. You won't be watching it on your run :) - the actual MGMT one is worse. ha. 

MGMT - Kids

I wind down and head back home to this: 
Passion Pit - Take a Walk
It's a faster walk, another uphill incline one- so it's definitely with purpose haha. 

Sometimes, the only thing that gets me going (usually treadmills at the gym) is my dance cardio station... aka Ellie Goulding and all that jazzy stuff. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweet like Cinnamon...Pick me up and take me like a vitamin

I can't say "vitamin" without thinking of Lana Del Ray. I just can't.

I had some people (2, ha). Ask what I take and why. So I emailed one of the girls and decided to blog my list just for the heck of it :)

Disclosure: This is just MY list that I came up with for MY body. I'm not saying YOU need it or you should just trust me/take my word for it. I spent hours doing the research or relying on my chiropractor/sister/friends etc.

If you are narrowing down between vitamins, don't just get the cheapest. If I had to stress anything, make sure you know where the vitamins are coming from. Making sure your vitamin is actually plant based, not plant made (factory/man made) is important. If money is an issue it is worth it to look online between amazon and vitacost - buying from different suppliers might be cheaper than just splurging at once at Whole Foods (which, I did...when I said enough was enough and I wanted to change). So whatever suits you :)

My morning routine: As soon as I wake up, I head downstairs and pour some (about 2 tablespoons...) Bragg's ACV in 6-8oz if water. I do this for a few reasons: mostly bc I would like to preserve my stomach lining and my teeth enamel, but also because they say it's good for weight loss to have 8 oz of water as SOON as you wake up. Informative link: but i'm sure you can find more.

Good for: a million things. I do it mostly for digestive/weight loss/immune system wellness. Says it reduces belly bloat on some websites... I wouldn't know 

I take my two pill vitamins with the ACV water: 

My chiropractor shared these with me and I've just taken his word for it. He's super smart and super healthy so who am I to ignore his suggestions :) Plus, he does all his research so I don't have to.

Good for: Cataplex D- the calcium I don't get from my everyday diet (spinach leaves... not milk) and the Catalyn is a good multivitamin. 

To get the taste of the ACV out, I take my spoonful of Elderberry. SOOOO yummy and if you have kids, they will LOVE it. Informative link.

Good for: preventative health maintenance. A spoonful a day keeps the sniffles away :) 

Back to me not getting my calcium (in the form of greens) like I should... here's my cheat:

I mix it in Trader Joe's Green Plant Juice (you'll need a bottle blender)- and it is a delicious "breakfast" before my real breakfast. You can mix it in any juice, but I feel super green and good when I use this one (it's actually ridiculously yummy).

pic from informative link

Good for: Getting your 5-9 servings of greens in. Filling you up before a workout. 

Now for a little self-serving/vain but still helpful supplement: Informative link (pt. 4)

Good for: hair/skin/nails/metabolism/joints/inflammation.(think prenatal vitamins but not growing a baby. and think a biotin that actually works). 

Uses for Gamma-Linolenic Acid

Gamma-linolenic acid is used to treat or prevent a variety of health conditions, including:
  • allergies
  • eczema
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • depression
  • high cholesterol
  • menopause
  • metabolic syndrome
  • psoriasis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
In addition, gamma-linolenic acid is purported to prevent cancer and heart disease. (I mean... why wouldn't I take it?...) 

And lastly,

Good for: a million things. But for me, muscle recovery/inflammation reduction/immune system. 
Informative link.  I have a spoonful of this in the morning and my fishy burps are at a minimum. At least there's an orange after taste :)

EXTRA GOODIES when needed:

Rescue Remedy and GABA plus (can't find online for some reason) to help calm me the heck down... Amazing for anxiety.

Researching the following to add to my collection...

  • Cod Liver Oil (green pastures in particular)
  • Probiotics (I only get mine from my homebrew booch, not yogurt/kefir, I'd like to look into a pill)
  • and essential oils... (I know, what's next- crystals?! jk. Just need to do some research!) 
I have heard a lot about oil pulling, have you?!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


If I told you there was a season in my life (a very very long one)... that my daily begging prayer to God was, "PLEASE LORD JESUS, LET ME LIKE RUNNING! Let me learn to love it, need it, be addicted to it, and most importantly- BE THE PERSON WHO RUNS EVEN WHEN ON VACATION!!!!", would you judge me?

Because it's true. I would fervently plead pray to become a "runner". I wanted to know the magic code and the nitty gritty. What made people run? It was made very clear to me early on in life, if I wasn't being chased with a bloody knife- not much could make me run (ok, that's a lie- I run at every semi-annual sale I go to...) but other than to snag a pair of discount goodies... not much else makes me RUN. A friend joked a while back that he would gladly volunteer to tape a bag of Cheetos on his back and run in front of me to lure me as bait... that is not far from the truth. I really don't like running.

All that to say... It's funny as much as I hated the concept of running, I wanted to be good at it. It's like praying to be a mathematician when you can hardly count (without using your fingers)- kind of an overzealous/lofty goal. One I dreamt of, but very rarely attempted to master or work at it. I heard every runner say, "you don't become a runner over night." Basically, they hated it too but worked at it every day and before they knew it, they couldn't not run (double negative, but work with me here).

Let's move on to something I love. Shoes. I love shoes. More specifically, I love workout shoes. There is no such filter or "reasoning" that exists when I see a pair of sneakers that I like. It's just that simple- like them? Buy them. Because one day, there will be a top to match and you will be incomplete without fuchsia tennis shoes. (Listen, I didn't say I was normal, I'm just stating the truth). My dad would ask, "how many pair of tennis shoes does ONE PERSON NEED?" I'd look at him and laugh. Need? No, I'm not sick enough to think I need them... I know I don't need them. I just want them. They make me feel "fit". They make me feel toned. Accomplished (even if all I did was wear them to Trader Joe's and back). A good pair of neon shoes even make me feel tan. An expensive pair might even fool someone at Trader Joe's to think I'm a seasoned runner... until they see the rest of my body HA just kidding, no self deprecation on today's post... running along (pun intended).

just a few of my sneakers. 2 were in my car and I've actually added a couple more to the collection since. yikes. 

Where the hatred of one thing and the love of another coincided...

I realized my love for a new pair of running shoes without liking to run, trying to run, or even pretending to run anymore- was kind of ridiculous. I tried so many challenges to get me to run a certain amount of miles a month (that are AWESOME challenges, hosted by amazing women), but I felt so discouraged when it was the 29th of the month and I had 6 miles logged. I kept telling myself, "next month"... waiting on a fresh start. Every month was the same. I'd try my hardest and get down to 2 logged runs all month.

Here's where my problem lies. You know the dyslexic kid who just shuts down when it's his turn to read aloud (or to read at all)...that was me. Because I hated it and because I felt like a failure I quit bothering. I didn't have a teacher making me read like a dyslexic child who needed the practice would... I needed the discipline. Someone told me that you'll avoid things that are challenging for you. I thought about it. I haven't been to my crossfit gym since May 24... I feel like since I'll never compete, do a muscle up, or deadlift 345#- why bother?? I haven't done yoga since around then either. If I'll never be able to do a freestanding headstand or be able to "ohm" without wanting to laugh/peek- why bother??? I haven't ran since this summer since I'll never run a marathon or be the vacation jogger- WHY BOTHER?!

a little humor that was SUPPOSED to be encouraging... :) 

I'll tell you why bother. Because I'm not a quitter. Because sometimes, quite simply, I have nothing better to do than lace up and try. More importantly, because I have cute shoes.

Monday morning, I woke up and decided I wasn't going to wait for another "1st of the month"... Today was good enough. I was going to lace up my pretty shoes and just head out. I was going to listen to my body, not try to overdo/overexert myself and just ENJOY the bottom of my shoes actually touching pavement that wasn't the grocery store parking lot. Because guess what? The measly 2.7 miles I jogged/walked with Dolly on Monday was the most activity I had done since May 24. So, it was a success. If I were trying to make a distance/time goal- I would feel like a failure. Because it wasn't "hard" or "grueling", it normally wouldn't have been categorized as a successful activity, but the truth is IT WAS! I went outside, I got something done- LACING UP WAS ENOUGH! 

Ok, I'm done with caps. I'm done yelling at you and feeling like a motivational speaker. I just wanted to let folks know what I meant on instagram yesterday when I started the hashtag #myshoesmademedoit
The concept isn't to buy a new pair of shoes. That's not the point. If you can't afford a new pair- clean yours up with a magic eraser and throw some fun laces on. The premise of the hashtag was that the mere tying of the laces (shoe cuteness irrelevant) is a great thing. It's "enough". It's a great start to whatever you're working on in your active life. It's the first foot out the door that's the hardest, and we're doing it. It doesn't matter if you PR'ed or if you ran 37 miles. I used to be embarrassed about any lifting pictures my friend took of me because I didn't think the weight on my bar was enough. Guess what? A single bar alone was enough. Driving to the gym and showing up was enough. I should be proud. I made an effort to work on my health, and that is noteworthy. 

The irony is, I PR'ed that day. I did double my normal deadlift (with back issues, this was a huge deal for me). I felt like I could take on ANYTHING that day. Yet, I didn't share with anyone- fearing 1) I'd get the "oh gah, crossfit cult" remarks. and 2) judgmental people seeing the weight and thinking why I would be proud at a "low amount". It's sick. The weights on my bar are irrelevant! The fact that I went in, got my workout in, and finished is what matters!

I may be the only one in the world who does this... but... I send my nasty, disgusting, sweaty shots to my closest posse. If you have gotten one of these texts, consider yourself one of my nearest and dearest. I don't post these. Obv. BUT, the weird thing is: I take them. Why do I take them? Because deep down, I am proud of my dripping sweat. I am proud I left the house and got in a workout. I am proud of the nastiness. Am I the only one?... I can't be! 

 All that to say... If you laced up. if you sweat. if got out there. if you pushed play on that yoga video. if you lifted a bar. if you whatever else grammatically incorrect sentence fragment I can think of- throw a hashtag on there. It's not just about cute shoes. It's about realizing whatever you're doing- whether it's walking to the grocery store instead of driving, or pushing the stroller up the hill to check the mail- IT'S ENOUGH! You should be proud of the little things, they add up! Cute shoes just make it easier in my opinion :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paleo Porridge

Keeping this post SHORT & SWEET! 

I tell everyone about my favorite breakfast treat (when you're doing paleo sometimes the last thing you want to see is an egg!) 

3-4 Ingredients (Cinnamon is optional, I personally love it)

- Applesauce (I use unsweetened to keep sugar low- Trader Joe's $1.99)
-Almond Butter (I LOVE the crunchy texture, but if you hate it get smoothy)
-Coconut Milk (I use the vanilla kind from Trader Joe's)

I'm kind of embarrassed that I took pictures of every step. But why not.... 

1 & 1/2 Cups of Apple Sauce in a pan on medium heat 

Add 2 Tablespoons of the almond butter and mix

Mix in the 2 tablespoons of coconut milk

add as little or as much (or none) of the cinnamon

It takes no time to warm up since nothing actually needs "cooking" 

and that's it! in 5 minutes you can have a breakfast that isn't eggs :)

****Play around with the ratio, sometimes it is more watery or thick than you'd like so just tweak it appropriately!****

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Anti-Scale Movement

I have a feeling since I am so passionate about this, this post might actually turn into a series... So, hang in there! I have so many followers/friends/strangers/etc ask me about health & fitness related questions I usually write a blog post after the 15th request/question. It's obviously something more than one person deals with- so why not.

I am obviously not an expert/pro at anything so, whatever I say is just based on my OWN experiences and my own research. Feel free to do your own after reading this!

I know I briefly addressed the muscle compared to fat concept here, but I have to focus on this for a minute.

While I was in the hustle and bustle of losing weight for my wedding, I was consumed with numbers. The wrong kind of number obsession... I was obsessed with seeing the numbers on the scale to go down. I ate great and worked out more in one month than I had in my entire life, at the rate I was going, I was risking being invisible by my wedding... if only it worked that way.

Like I mentioned before, the first month before I started paleo, the only change I did in my entire diet for the month was substituting any liquid with water, making sure I drank my daily requirement, and quit dairy. So, in one month of no sweet tea, milk, cheese, or yogurt- I lost 12 lb. Talk about a "wow" factor. I was so excited. It was the best feeling to see the scale go down. It was habit: wake up, weigh myself, jog, shower, get dressed, go to work. repeat. I was constantly texting my family, "one lb down!!! whoohoo!!! five down! ten down!" etc... AND THEN.

I started working out. So, I went from just cardio to actual weight lifting in the mix. I was toning up and making the deadly mistake of weighing myself every morning. Three weeks in, feeling incredible and toned up, I almost had a nervous break down when I looked down to see the scale laugh at me and actually show an extra 2 lb. WHAT?! what is going on. 4x a week gym. paleo. some cardio. why am I getting "bigger?!"

Ok, here's where the revelation took place. I looked in the mirror, expecting to see this "fat" person I was convinced the extra 2lb turned me into... only to my surprise, I liked what I saw. In fact, I was content. I saw my legs in my shorts (that I only wore in my house! no self confidence YET), and said, "maybe in a few months I COULD wear these out!"

ANNNNNNNDDD that's when the Anti-Scale Movement (ASM) happened. In that moment. I tore my entire house apart looking for a tape measure. Determined to use a different set of numbers. I remember searching a solid two hours for one when I finally gave up and used a string of yarn I had. I took one strand, wrapped it around my belly and cut it. Put it aside. Then I did the same for my arms and thighs. Every month, I measured myself with the same pieces of yarn on the 17th, and would shriek with excitement seeing how much I would take it in! (I ended up getting a tape measure and would measure the excess string from the first month to wherever I was).

Along with the tape measure/yarn method, I did the following:

-I put on a pair of shorts that fit me perfectly and a t-shirt that was kind of snug on my love handles, but didn't look like I was wearing my nieces. I took a selfie of me in the outfit.

-I dusted off a pair of old college jeans that were too tight, but I held onto for over 5 years as a "one-day" goal. You bet I wiggled in. My first selfie of me in them had them at my thighs. It's ok, I took the picture anyway.

-I put on a bikini. This one was the hardest, but by far the most motivating. I saw all my imperfections magnified in front of me. You know I locked the door when taking these. God forbid anyone walk in and subject themselves to such horrific images.

On the 17th of every month after my yarn measurements, I slipped into the above 3 picture outfits. and took the same picture, in the same pose- and compared them month to month. The first two months, I had to do a side by side to see any difference. By month 3, the shorts were so loose, as was the t-shirt, and the college jeans were going up (not zipping yet... but up my hips). Month 6, I screamed with joy because I couldn't even get away with wearing my college "goal" dreams because they were too big!!!! I couldn't even believe it....

AND THEN, the devil said, c'mon- get on that scale! Let's see all your hard work!

3 months into diet and exercise, I lost 4 pant sizes, 8" all over, and still weighed the same as I did when I first started. Thank God I could see my body changing and realize the scale was the DUMBEST way to measure weight loss!!!

9 months into diet and exercise, I lost a total of 8 (!!!!) pant sizes and was faced with daily accusations of starving myself or bulimia. I loved knowing that I looked so much thinner and could PROVE to these people that it was definitely done the healthy way, because I could hop on a scale and easily weigh 30lb more than them (or what they THOUGHT I weighed!) I had muscle mass, I was lean because of my muscle. The irony? I weighed the exact same as day one of my journey.

From July 2011- October 2011 (3 months) : With a combination of paleo and cardio: I lost the majority of my weight. Around 35 lbs. While I weighed less, I was flabby and still had muffin top/extra weight/bloated face etc.

From October 2011- March of 2012 (5 months), I weighed the EXACT SAME, but managed to shrink from a 10/12 to a 4/6. Even wearing Old Navy size 2. I know they run big, but, I still had a pair of size 12 shorts from there. I was elated. This was due to that crazy amounts of weight lifting I had added, which made me burn more calories while resting. So even if I wasn't in the gym, I was getting fit. It's weird. I don't get it. But trainers do, ask one you know!

Everyone thinks I was "so tiny" for my wedding... but as embarrassing as it is to admit, if it helps you guys join the ASM I will tell you the numbers.... UGH I never thought I would do this. I was a size 4 on my wedding day, and weighed 147. That was a farrrrr goal from my original "goal" of weighing 130 for it!  Goals Schmoals.... I had my dress taken in 5 times. The seamstress was getting mad at me, but I couldn't help it. I wasn't TRYING to lose weight anymore, I was just maintaining my fitness, and the irony is she kept saying, "STOP LOSING WEIGHT" and i wanted to laugh and say I'M NOT!

So, for 5 months, I weighed the same but looked SO DIFFERENT. I should be living proof of why you should take the battery out of your scale (since I know you won't listen and will want to weigh yourself occasionally--- blog post on THAT to come soon).

I absolutely hate doing this, but in case my words mean nothing- maybe my pictures will help?

I started my weight loss goal with a WEIGHT in mind, because it was all I knew. I knew I weighed too much, and I wanted to LOOK the way I did when I was at this particular weight in my life.

Taken at my sisters wedding in 2005, I was a sophomore in college and weighed 135
I told myself, I wanted to weigh 135 because I liked how I looked in this picture....

I feel like I look similar... but whatttt I weighed over 12lb more in this pic 
See how numbers can be deceiving?.... Ok, let me REITERATE... 
I weighed the same in THIS picture

how emb, i cringe looking at how bloated I look... 


i will take a bigger number on the scale and have a toned body any day, over a smaller number and flabbier bod!

SO, I hope that makes it clear for anyone out there using the scale as the true sign of weight loss. 

IT ALL depends on how you feel, look, and perform. I swear, let's do this ASM and quit beating ourselves up over numbers that don't matter! I know plenty of people who were bigger than me (measurement wise) and weighed less, and I know plenty of people SMALLER than me who weighed more. Just think about how you feel in your clothes, how you feel when your picture is taken, etc. I have come to peace with the fact that I will probably never ever be in the 130's again. It's not in the cards for my body frame, and that's ok! Because, last time I checked no one put a scale in front of me and forced me to get on it for any reason. Not for a friendship, relationship, etc. So it's not even worth it. Do it for yourself, do it for the right reasons, and the end result will always please you! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Paleo Ice Cream!

Before I found out about my intolerance to dairy... (Before the Whole 30 and 9 months of paleo...)
 I was addicted to ice cream. No, really. I would eat it all the time. My fridge always had Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee on hand... Now... one tablespoon- and I don't even know if I should go on...

Anyhow. It upsets my stomach. There. I said it. I still get the cravings though! Of course there are dairy-free alternatives... but they aren't very wallet-friendly. So, I searched and searched until I found one out there and tweaked it a little. Here are the results!

all ingredients - add bananas of course haha
I didn't want to get my Ninja out and I really wanted a personal serving size- so I used my hamilton beach personal blender (can find at walmart/target $15)

i want some now! 

i couldn't wait. the top was perfect. but the bottom was still runny. I will freeze it better next time but it was still ridiculously tasty. 

Hope this satisfies that random sweet tooth you have! This will definitely be made again in this house. I wish it could stay frozen to keep on hand, but something about the inconvenience is a GOOD thing, cuz I would eat this all the time!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Zucchini Boats

After my last post, I have been more proactive in seeking healthy recipes to enjoy. Enjoy. Hm. That's funny. Before, when I was eating healthy for weight loss reasons, it was more of a daunting task that didn't matter whether I liked or not. Now, I am going out of my way to make my meals taste delicious. I am tired of the typical chicken and veggies dinner. I have been posting some pictures of these meals on my instagram and have been asked over and over for detailed instructions. I figured I should probably blog about them so I have them in my online "rolodex" to refer back to since I often forget a recipe that worked (since I just wing it most of the time).

Anyhow, they say never go grocery shopping starving. It's so true. Today, I was beyond starving. I was hangry AND sick. It is truly beyond me how I still am feeling under the weather 2 weeks in. Between the flu and D's ear infection- this house has def seen better days. I digress.

I was starving and sick and annoyed that I was even out of my bed. I was annoyed my fridge was empty and even more annoyed  that my sister won't be my personal chef. To add to the annoyance, I was at Publix and not even armed with a single recipe to work off of. So, I got desperate. I rushed hastily around the perimeter of the store getting what I thought might make a good meal. I was right. Here's what I came up with.

Please note: I am not a chef and this is not a cooking blog. I apologize for the lack of "oooh ahhh" amazing pictures.. you will have to do with my phone pics! The only reason I even HAVE the pictures was because I had to prove I was cooking and had sent these to my sister!

ignore my awesome manicure. or lack thereof. and the emergen C shot. It was a text pic to prove to my sister I was taking care of myself haha she can't help but mother me. 

Let me know if you try them and how it works! Also, feel free to tweak the recipe, as I am no chef and these only turned out edible by the grace of God.