Friday, December 31, 2010

Cozy at Home

It's almost NYE and what am I doing? Sitting on Ordy Boy's couch in my pajamas- and wouldn't have it any other way! You couldn't pay me to leave the house, let alone be surrounded by millions of {probably drunk and sloppy} people... only because I'd hate to be on the roads with drunk drivers! This is going to be a random post but stick with me :) I'm getting BACK into the groove of updating! haha

If you were a fly on the wall at Ordy Boy's house... this is what you would see:
Yep, that's Ordy's way of decorating. It's pretty darn cute how he decorates his house {how he actually cares and makes it him". So manly/cabin/rustic. It's gonna be interesting to see "our" house one day... hahaha. I figured I show so many pics of my house that you readers might like to see HIS!

We couldn't have had better weather on Dec 31! Ordy Boy and I planned on spending the last day of 2010 enjoying the day outside "tinkering" as he calls it. He cleaned out his garage while I broke in my new Christmas present - a new sander for my projects! I am such a nerd... but I had so much fun out there with him- doing all the manual labor MYSELF, thank you very much :)

I'll give you a sneak peek of the projects {I am 1/2 way done sanding- after doing it ALL day! tomorrow is more sanding and finally painting!):

On another note, I wanted to show you the comforter I'm obsessed with. I know I showed you in a previous post, but I'll refresh your memory:

I couldn't decide on white or grey but I think my room has too much grey to compete with this grey so I will probably get white... While explaining to my BFF how much I love this comforter she responded, "Oh my gosh! I love it! I'll ask for it for Christmas!"... and that she did! This is her rubbing in her new comforter...

She probably thinks I deleted these pictures when she was being a brat and making me jealous- but this is payback :) hahahaha seriously though- HOW cute is it?! This is my 2011 sewing project... I might be biting off more than I can chew- but we'll see!

Have you seen these soap dispensers from Target?? I AM OBSESSED! I couldn't even contain myself when I saw them...  I tried to find them online for y'all to click a link but I couldn't so you're gonna have to see them on Ordy's shelf :)

I also picked up some J.R. Watkins WIPES! um, hello. I love everything by them. him. whatever.

and zoomed out so you can see Ordy's decor while we're at it... Ha Ha

Here are pics from earlier this evening- before we put on our jammies!

Obviously, he thinks this is a joke...

And THAT is the last picture Ordy and I took for 2010!!! Can't wait to see the first in 2011 :) Happy New Year to everyone!! If you missed it here are my resolutions!

Here's to a New Year...
Another year is coming to an end... I feel like it's only appropriate to list some of my favorite memories and things that have been a huge part of this year...

  • Ordy and I had a busy travel itinerary in 2010! We traveled together to Denver, Dallas, St. Simons, the Caymans, France, and England together... our travels together served as the main purpose for me starting the blog {to keep our families informed}... when the traveling died down and summer came to an end- I decided to keep the blog to journal our lives together and day-to-day occurrences.
  • The most read post on my blog was this one, and it makes me sad I might be the "girl who cried wolf" but happy that so many care!
  • I received 52 "Wednesday Dozens" {Daniel didn't miss a single one... that's two years now...}
  • I actually went through with the Girls Night In idea I had in France, and am SO happy because it has been such a fun time with the ladies {can't wait for 2011}
  • I had the best Christmas ever thanks to my dad and sister- and Atlanta seeing a White Christmas for the first time since 1882... {I love my family}
  • I saw three ghosts
  • I found a new love for estate sales, garage sale, antiquing, thrifting, and repurposing
  • I am 1/2 way finished with law school
  • I still found time to redecorate and rearrange places in my house and my bedroom
  • I fell more in love with Ordy Boy... something I didn't think was possible!
**An example of how I fall more in love with him... tonight at Home Depot an older woman asked Daniel a question and instead of responding, "I'm sorry, I don't work here", he walked aisle to aisle all over the store to help her find what she needed... and got on the floor to help look some more... He was genuinely trying to help her and I loved him for it.

That right there is my list SO FAR- I'm sure I'll come up with more as the days go by, but I wanted something down before January 1-I was trying to be realistic {that's why there's a 20 lb allowance between minimum and maximum weight loss- I'm hoping with the blog I'll have some one to be more accountable to...}

What are some of your resolutions/goals? I hope we can accomplish them together! I really hope next year I can have a check list to mark them off with great satisfaction!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Delayed Girl's Night In Post!

This is a long overdue post... considering Girls Night was over a week ago... about 9 days to be exact... {who's counting, right?} and I just wanted to share some highlights and fun times!

It was the first {of many} Pjs & Potluck GNI! It was soooo much fun. The girls loved the elastic waist requirement to be able to enjoy all the amazing food! There was so much good stuff. Good ol' comfort food, pretty appetizers, and amazing drinks!

There are some talented chefs in the group! A table full of sweets too! {Typing this starving is seriously torture!}

The drink of the night is my signature drink. it's really, really complicated. I don't think it can ever be duplicated. It's pretty difficult to recreate... but i'll give you the recipe just in case you dare to try!

Ok. Truth be told, i'm ashamed at how simple it is. I absolutely love this drink during the holidays- i'm not much of a drinker {as in, i NEVER drink...} so it's nice to sit around and actually enjoy the drink in my hand at a party!  Yum. the sugar on the rim is most def my favorite!

It was a lot of fun to have my favorite girls over and enjoy eating and catching up since the weeks have been crazy with finals and all. It was our last GNI of the year! WEIRD! haha, I'm looking forward to 2011 GNI!

I wanted to stick with my "homemade" gift giving kick i've been on, and decided what better gift than a thoughtful one i took the time to create?! that and with so many girls I would have gone broke... haha these were adorable alternatives and they were so simple to make! I have heard feedback {since i gave them 9 days ago haha} and they have alllll been positive!

I had Cookies for Santa for the girls along with homemade sugar scrub- LOVED this! I was shocked out how amazingly easy it was to make these! {I'm a scrub-addict... with all my sunless tanning and need for exfoliating, i have spent a pretty penny buying the best scrubs- i will definitely be making my own from now on!}

It's so organic you COULD technically eat it- but who would want to? Another easy peasy freebie instruction:

I had to be a little more personal than just a pretty ribbon... so i wrapped the santa cookies in green tissue paper and hot pink tulle. The scrubs got a personalized label/tag that described each girl. I hope they like it- coming up with different words other than "awesome" was pretty difficult! It was a great night- I hope all the girls had as much fun as I did! There's never a dull or quiet moment and I love them all! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve Eve! I personally can't wait until Christmas! I'm enjoying all this time with my family and it's been incredible! I'll leave you with a funny classic pup shot...

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My {not so} Grown Up Christmas List

*card made on the computer without Ordy's permission...

This year, while compiling my Christmas list, {I neglected it for so long... this is unheard of LATE for me!} I realized that it is pretty sad at my age I still put things together like this.. I'm blessed. But I was super duper careful, because, I have to be "careful what I wish for"... Last year Ordy bought me every.single.thing.
on my Christmas list. I'm talking... EVERYTHING. Lists to me are "ok, heres 30 ideas of what you can get...1, not 30".... I got all. I was thankful, but definitely embarrassed and felt terrible! Ok, no, I was ecstatic...  Just to give you an idea of how speechless I was... when the gifts should have stopped here:

They kept coming... and this limited edition Michael Kors {bling bling} watch came...
And then... the Burberry galoshes. {that I wore today...}

It was DEFINITELY a good Christmas, but it was a bit much. And I didn't want Ordy Boy to do anything like that again... {ok, every girl would love it, but i have to be more careful now so it doesn't look like i'm a greedy greedy want more! HA!} 

So, this year, I've put together practical things and other things that I would probably buy myself later on in the year... 

And there you have it! A look inside my Christmas List... I'll let you know December 26th how that goes :)

**the list is for ideas, i obviously don't want JUST what's on the list or deny anything that isn't on it! trust me, with my family, lists help! I have all my Etsy Homemade shops as stocking stuffers for gifts too- soooo excited for those!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

48 Hours of Christmas

Since my last final Thursday night, I have been soaking in all of the joy of the holiday season that studying had robbed from me! It has been INCREDIBLE!

Thursday night, after a straight 12 hour exam day, with blurred vision and a pounding head- I came home to:

a spotless house
Christmas music playing
candles lit
wine poured
crab cakes prepared
    Who is this guy? {Mine!} haha I was so touched by his thoughtfulness I couldn't help but give up fighting the tears back... I am so lucky. I love Ordy Boy more than you could ever even imagine! It was such a quiet evening as I let it sink in that I didn't have anything to study that night, or any thing to wake up for the next morning... it was surreal! 

    I spent Friday taking care of myself... the much neglected eyebrows, pale skin, and everything else that makes me feel better about myself! 

    Saturday was the day I was waiting for. A full day of yard sale and estate sales. That's how incredible Ordy Boy is. He called me last week and said, "booboo, in honor to celebrate finals being over, I think we should celebrate doing nothing but stuff you love on sales and yard sales." Well, after we found out that this weekend was Scott's, and a freezing day- we decided to not risk a wasted day of running around town and just hit up Scott's. LOVED it. We went with Ordy's parents and had a fun Saturday afternoon browsing and taking notes :)

    I bought something. Yep, you probably already know what it is. You know, my weakness... another mirror. It's beautiful and tacky and french and gaudy and i love him. This one is a he. An older, refined,  gentleman of a mirror. I would show you pics but I hate before pics without afters... that's when people wrinkle up their noses and go, 'hmm...not my style but okkkk...' I like when after becomes EVERYONES style! haha unlikely, but I like to pretend...

    And to wrap Saturday night up... I prepared these fun holiday gift ideas! I love stuff in jars. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, buttons, pretty much anything in a mason jar = my favorite. 

    I started the cookies with a plain sugar cookie with colorful m&m's... but, I decided I didn't like the way it looked- i'm a perfectionist. So, I changed it last minute- but the pictures are all from when I was doing the sugar cookie- but you can use your imagination and pretend my sugar is brown sugar, etc.. haha

    I made these "Cookies for Santa" jars for my friends/mailman/nail technician/etc.. I'm pretty excited about them! I'll show you how! (I know there are tons of variations of cookies in a jar, but these are especially delicious! They're Triple Chocolate Chip

    As you can see, it's not the cleanest process... but it's too cute not to do! There are so many different versions of cookies in a jar, this was my favorite AESTHETICALLY. I feel like such a scrooge for ditching the red and green festive, but it looked too cheap to me haha. Too childish, something about the ones without them seemed so "organic" and "pure" haha. Well, simple. 

    Here are some labels I whipped up- I can figure out how to post on flicker later... it's 2 am and too late to figure it out now!

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