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Hi! Welcome to our my blog! If you’re a new visitor, feel free to stop and browse new and old posts!

This particular blog originally started as a way to keep in touch with Ordy and my family while we were traveling over the summer. We took a few trips that required separate emails to different people and I decided to just create our own blog for our families to check up on us and to keep everyone posted! I always loved the idea of saving my memories online to refer back to at a later date. When we got back from our travels, I had to make a decision: keep the blog, or let it disappear and die a sad blog life! Thankfully, I didnt choose the latter. I had NO idea how many people were “hooked” on my blog (I was/am flattered). I found out the most random people (friends, acquaintances, friends of friends I’ve never met…) were keeping up with Ordy and Joon. I heard over and over again that it was a breath of fresh air from all the “typical” parenting blogs… {side note: not your typical ‘mom blog’ = kaydenlane}, and that the crafts and DIY projects sprinkled throughout the blog were fun to do at home. I love hearing that. I love comments. I love followers. (Lurkers are loved too).

The blog basically covers:

Ordy and I went to school together for undergrad and had almost identical schedules for the second part of our college education, due to the fact that we had the same major. We both graduated in 2008, and after a summer of no word from either one, our paths crossed again in the fall of '08. After some hesitation (we'll say nerves had a role in the hesitation...), Ordy Boy asked me to dinner. From that night on, (despite the extremely awkward first date!) I knew I had myself a perfect match and was hooked.
Graduation 2008- No Clue What the Future Held for Us
  • Words can't even describe how thankful I am to Ordy's family for raising such an amazing guy (they raised an equally amazing girl as well- for any of those good single guys out there). They've instilled in him the qualities you wish everyone had. Qualities like honor, integrity, loyalty, humility, and honesty- which are extremely hard to come by now-a-days. I'm so blessed to be blessed by dating someone like him.  (Thank you, Ordy's parents!) I know it gets cheesy/old to talk about your bf like this- but honestly, after dating people and watching friends date other people, I think what we have is very rare. My goal is to make the few people I come into contact with to know that it does exist, and to hold out for it! There's no sense in settling! I want people to know the purpose of the blog isn't to brag about what a perfect relationship we have, because we definitely don't have that! I blog to write about the best years of my life, and to be able to look back and cherish them. I firmly believe in appreciating what you have, and I want it to be known-- I appreciate what I have! I love our old fashioned love and I am proud of our simplicity. The moment I sat on his truck bed playing a childhood game of, "your car, my car", while eating ice cream- I knew that I was meant to be with this boy. We were just too right to be wrong. My Texas roots were just what he needed, and his Southern Gentleman ways were just what I needed- and despite our outwardly differences, we are so similar it's scary. I don't think I could be more of a match with any one else! We always say we belong in a different generation, so it's nice to have found each other. I live for cheesy country songs to be my life one day (think, Randy Travis) and I know with Ordy it is a definite possibility. And this makes me smile :)

Some Pictures of Us...
First Night in High Cotton
Being Sweet 

He's the Cutest
Braves Game

Beach '09
My 23rd Birthday, 2009
My Surprise Party He Threw Me! 24th, 2010

At the Bluegrass Festival for my Birthday, 2009
NYE, 2010
Headed to the Fair, 2009
Our First Picnic- Perfect! Complete with Cheetos, Sweet Tea, Turkey Sandwiches, and Lemon Ice's

More reasons why I love this boy...