About Ordy Boy

Loves Country Westerns (Think John Wayne)
Loves Classic Country Music (Think George Jones and Conway Twitty)
Loves Cars, Especially His 1976 IH Scout II, High Cotton
Loves The Beach
Loves the South
Loves the "Good Old Days", and Wishes Life Could Be More Like the Old Days Before His Time 
Loves Jesus
Loves His Family
Loves Fishing 
Loves Isla Morada
Loves Sittin' on a Front Porch Rocking Chair with a Cold Glass of Sweet Tea
Loves The Bulldogs
Loves Driving With The Windows Down
Loves His Girlfriend Joon (Nickname)
On The Other Hand, 
"Won't Tolerate Rude Behavior in a Man..." 
Hates to See Joon Bug Cry
Hates Being Late
Hates Wrinkled Clothes
Hates Messy Cars

      How He Got The Nickname: While watching old videos of the very cute, very blonde, Daniel, his adorable older sister Rachel would lovingly call him, "Ordy Boy" -for reasons unknown to anyone. Joon loved the nickname and decided to bring the name back into Ordy Boy's life :)

      How Ordy and Joon Came to Be...