About Joon

Is a Proud Aunt of Kian and Kayden (Any Kid Photo = Them)
Is a Law Student, 3L- woot woot! Almost done!
Loves the Color Yellow

Loves 1968 Mustangs
Loves cleaning the House While Listening to Billie Holiday
Loves Her 80+ lb Pit Bull/Great Dane, Bandit
Loves Burt Reynolds, but Loves John Ritter Way More
Loves Traveling
Loves Jesus

Loves Burlap Anything

Loves Big Red Soda, Nutella, Marshmallow Anything, Cookie Dough, and Creme Brulee
Loves Projects, Crafts, Baking, or Anything Else Martha Stewart and Paula Deen Would Do
Loves Her Family
Has a Serious Weakness For Jeans, Watches, and Sunglasses. Any Accessory, Actually.
Three's Company Cheers Her Up 110% of the Time
Loves Era Laundry Detergent
Loves Having Her Nails Done
Loves Driving With the Windows Down
Loves a Sweet Boy named Ordy (Nickname)
On the other hand:
  • Hates Rudeness, Dancing, the Color Pink on Anything But Nail Polish, Peanut Butter, Celery, Mushrooms, Red Meat, Scary Movies, Smoking, Liquor, Being Confronted/Humiliated, Flat Sheets, Long Denim Skirts, Math, Being Lost, Frizzy Hair, The Process of Losing Weight, Feet, Sleeping Without a Fan On, Procrastinating, and Teachers Who Shouldn't Be Teachin

How She Got the Nickname: Joon is 100% Persian, and as term of endearment heard, "Sheila Joon" growing up. Joon, in Farsi, means "Dear", so it stuck as Sheila Dear, or sometimes just Dear. Hence; Sheila Joon, or Joon. Curious About Ordy Boy? Click Here.