Monday, September 26, 2011

Pink is my fav-o-rite colahhh

Ok, if you know me in real life- you know this is the biggest, fattest, juiciest, omg-blasphemous lie. Pink is my least favorite color. I hate it. Everything about it makes me cringe. The only time I like it is in nail polish.

I always said if I have a baby girl- she will have a yellow, lavender, or turquoise room- no pink in sight. I think it's mostly the way people {obnoxious girls} freak out and do pink overload, but in general I have always loved cooler colors, with the exception of my absolute favorite color, yellow.

I always thought I'd have a yellow and grey wedding. My obsession for yellow and grey is seen in my decorating throughout the house, but I didn't LOVE the idea once I started to envision my actual wedding details.

I have to get something off my chest. I'm obsessed with something lately and I'm almost ashamed to admit, I owe my nemesis, the color pink, a huge apology. So here it is.

WHEW! Now that that's taken care of... I can continue wedding theme searching with a clear conscience!

I am in love with blush tones for the wedding and have always loved antique gold- the two pair SO WELL together! White, as the third color is obviously wedding appropriate. Natural brown wood tone is another great complimentary hue, along with linen and burlap.

Here are some inspiration palettes thanks to the perfect palette!


love the grey and white stripes!

Gold hues
color inspiration- boys wearing gray suits

I am so excited about choosing blush as our main color... can I show you my stellar wedding shoes??!?

I'm pretty obsessed. And I've never had so much fun trying to break them in, prancing around in my house with them (ignoring that I'm in an oversized sweatshirt and old boxers with a messy afro)...

Of course, since I've never worn heels over 3 inches for longer than 3 minutes, I will be "dancing" (omg just the thought makes me want to cry/puke), and socializing during the reception in my lace toms that Ordy boy got me. LOVE my wedding shoes!!! 

So... to sum it up- I think I more than made up for my lifetime disdain of pink by including the ol' girl in my big day!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What I Wore...

Ha.. the title is a combo of So What Wednesday and What I Wore Wednesday. If I did Wedding Wednesday it would be, "So What I Wore Wedding Wednesday", but that's a bit much...

I'm basically combining a weekly post that both Laina and Natalie do that I enjoy- it's so real :) combined with WIWW on Pleated Poppy!

  • If I bought 5 pairs of heels last week and I live in flats. I am losing weight and have been SO GOOD not buying clothes because of the size transition and only look in shoes... 
  • If I can't find any of my designer sunglasses and wear dollar store ones as punishment until I deserve to buy another
  • If my wedding is in 6 months and I don't have any thing planned? 
  • If I only clean my house on Thursdays/Fridays depending on when Ordy might come over... I'm busy during the week!
  • If my car seats 5 but can hardly fit me. I transport a lot :) 
  • If I can't even boil eggs... I'm sure Pinterest will teach me enough come March 2012... *wishful thinking*
  • If I have over 3,000 pins on Pinterest but haven't recreated a single thing...
  • If all my make up can be bought at Target
  • If I have big feet. It keeps me balanced. And I'm ok with my 9.5 feet, sorry you aren't. 
  • If the thought of walking down the aisle in front of people makes me nauseous 
  • If I had to spell check nauseous
There's my SO WHAT WEDNESDAY list! It's kind of cathartic... 

On to WIWW! 

Shirt: American Eagle
Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoes: GAP City Flats

Friend's Wedding Night!
Cardigan: Nord Rack
Dress: Old Navy
Purse: Tory Burch

Nordstrom: Puffy Sleeve Shirt
Sunglasses: Dollar Store

Cardigan: Gadzooks (HA)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shirt: Target

Nice school bathroom pic... not
Shirt: ZARA
Cardigan: TJMaxx
Pants: Loehmanns
Shoes: GAP City Flats

Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: Target
Boots: Burberry

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Venue Update

Ok, so... Bad news.

For a few reasons we are not able to get married at the property like we thought... I know- crazy. But, I've come to terms with this and have found a peace about it.

The stressful part is that I have 6 months until we get married and with no venue it means no plans. I can't pick a caterer until I know where- same with invitations, flowers, band, and other details.

Now we're frantically searching for a barn/property/field/facility/house/rustic area for us to possibly get married at.

It's crazy. I'm about to pull my hair out. I just wish it were easy! I've contacted 15 different venues this week alone! Most have YET to contact me (Bad economy? Could've fooled me, looks like wedding venue is the business to be in, they seem to not need my money!) 4 of them are booked March 10. 2 are closed from December-March- "dead months" for farms, and 3 of the event facilitators had auto responses that they're on vacation! It's like I am hitting a brick wall every where I turn. Anyway, this is just a quick & boring pictureless post to fill y'all in. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Engagement Shoot Inspiration

If you follow me on twitter, you know I've been stressing about engagement shoot issues.

1.) Will I have lost enough weight to be photogenic/pleased with my shots??
2.) What outfit should I wear that will be classic and timeless for years to come? I want to be trendy but I'm sure the lady in her engagement shoot from the 80's thought the same in her acid wash Jordache...
3.) Will Ordy and I be awkward? Stiff? Weird?
4.) WHAT IF I HAVE THE WORST HAIR DAY?! Speaking of hair, will I have it up/down, straight, curly?? UGH!
5.) Will Ordy refuse to do cutesy things? Ha... this is one I always worry about. Because, he'll kiss me on the forehead all the time, but ask him to reenact it for the camera and he says, "no way!"

Anyhow, I was perusing the glorious world wide web and decided to share some inspiration shots with y'all. Now, I know Ordy will not do half of them, but a girl can dream...

I knew from the beginning since picnics are a huge part of our lives (and he proposed during one), that I wanted a picnic themed engagement shoot... at least for a FEW pictures. Then we could do classic pics.  We're also huge quilt people so we have plenty to use as blankets :) Maybe even have the Scout in the background...

All of these pictures (and a lot more) were found here

Another idea I was obsessed with since I saw it on pinterest, was the camping theme! I loved that it could be overcast and only add to the charm of the shoot. All you need is some plaid, plaid, and more plaid! I love this idea so much!

 Other ideas I love: anything outside in a huge field or on a lake. My sister has a lake with a deck that I always think would be perfect for a photographer to be able to take a shot from... but I'm not sure about the logistics of it all!

Love the tall corn around them

I just need a boat like this!
 Of course, I LOVE PROPS! I am scheming about what we could possibly use, but some of my favorites are:

kind of even looks like us from behind (minus how tiny the girl is ha) 
words can't even tell you how much i love this pic

overboard? perfect?
we're looking high and low for an ampersand to use either for pics or wedding

Can I tell you what we're NOT a fan of? The headless shots... Sure, they're artsy... but I think it's too much... So disregard any of the headless ones. 

And finally, the one picture I will recreate because I'm just so obsessed with how much it reminds me of Ordy and myself...

"can't help but touch her"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Callin' All Pickers...

 I keep getting sweet messages and texts from people wondering how they can help find things for the wedding. I need all the help I can get while I'm in school and working so I decided a post sharing the things I need most would be the most efficient and help people know what to keep their eyes peeled for! If the price is right for my Sweet Southern Blog Followers, Ordy and I might just make a weekend road trip!!!

So, for all my antiquing, thrifting, yard-saling, estate sale pros... I'd love for you to help me find:

Free or Affordable Wooden Pews
Lots of Stumps
Barrels, Barrels, and MORE Barrels!!!

Mason Jars- Both Clear and Blue
Calling all Starbuck's Drinkers! I NEED your jars to recycle!! PLEASE!

Dramatic/Vintage Queen Anne Furniture

Random Vintage Furniture to Create Lounge Areas
Vintage Chandeliers

Ornate Full Size Mirror

Outdoor Commercial Cafe Style Lights
Galvanized Tub
Rustic Doors
I know that's asking a lot- but I'd rather have more there than less. I know a bunch of y'all live in towns other than Atlanta (where we notoriously charge $500 for junk...) and might get lucky with a gem for $5... I'd rather you know what I might be looking for and shoot me a quick text or email {ordyandjoon at gmail dot com} about what it is, where it is and how much! I feel like I can plan this wedding with some help! So, I'm asking you to keep your eyes peeled!