Saturday, December 31, 2011


I know I haven't been blogging enough for y'all to notice a change in my waistline- but if you know me in real life (or follow me on twitter)... you'll know that I have lost a little weight. I was motivated to shed 30-50 for the wedding (trust me, I desperately needed it- I wasn't trying to be unhealthy- I put on 60 lbs in 4 years and it wasn't my body!)

I have been fighting a cold for what seems like forever- as soon as I think it's gone, I get slammed with a fever and chills again a few days later. It's kept me in and out of the gym, (more out than in) and I sit at home and sulk. Nights like these I need some "thinspiration"... Things that make me go, "keep doing what you're doing... One sick day in bed is nothing... just stick with your program- you've come a longggg way!"

I struggle the most when I get on a scale and I FEEL skinny and see the number says otherwise. Then I remind myself...muscle weighs more than fat etc... so I guess as long as I LOOK good in my dress... no one is bring a scale to the wedding... (right?!?! I mean, I can see my sister doing that.. jk)

I'm not trying to compete, be a model, or look anorexic. I'm just trying to get back to the healthy me. I am almost there. I'm not a bridezilla freak trying to look like a stick in my dress, but I wouldn't mind a nice pair of toned arms holding that bouquet when all eyes are on me :)

Every one keeps commenting on how great I look or how skinny I am and whether I'll keep it up after the wedding... Um, YEAH!!! I seriously have gone through a major lifestyle change. The thought of an egg and cheese biscuit from Martin's and a large sweet tea are repulsive to me now. I wouldn't even cheat if no one was watching and I had a freebie! I can't even imagine putting on the weight again... It's just not worth it. Trust me, I intend on getting rid of all my "bigger" clothes, expensive/designer or not- because I have NO intentions of EVER wearing them again. 

The other thing that people forget is: I am motivated. I have a white dress in my closet that just screams,  "sausage arms". It was hard to motivate myself to lose the weight when I didn't have a goal like my wedding. Without a ring on my finger I kept postponing it, but now I see a deadline that just keeps ticking closer and closer and gone are those days where I'd see my tennis shoes and ignore them by the door- I actually lace them up and get out there. 

The moral of the story: buy a wedding dress and hang it in your closet. It'll make you work out like whoa. Just kidding. The moral of the story is, if I can do it... anyone can!!!!

Ready for 2012!!!!

I've been a sporadic blogger lately- and for that I am so so sorry! BUT, I assure you it's not because I'm twiddling my thumbs over here! It's been a busy Christmas break and I almost can't wait until school starts so I can resume regular blogging (jk...kinda).

I am SO READY for 2012!!!! It's going to be the biggest year for me.... I think! I have the following to look forward to:

1.) Becoming a MRS. in March!!!!!! That's 77 days away... oh em geeee!

2.) Graduating from law school in May...

3.) Taking the bar (and hopefully passing) in July...

4.) Getting a job... (God willing)...

Those are all pretty HUGE things. I can't even believe that they're around the corner!! I feel like it was just yesterday I got a "congrats on surviving your first day of law school" card... and now it's almost over? and now he's almost my husband? whaaaaa? somebody pinch me!

As with all resolutions... I like to see what I did or didn't accomplish last year and what I'm hoping to achieve this year. Here's last year's list for a refresher...

My goals:

Did I achieve these goals? 

1.) I lost 35 lbs in 2011! From June- December I focused on my weight, right about the time I got that pretty little ring on my finger :) 
2.) I did start running with Bandit... then I lost my baby in June :( 
3.) Yep... but I need to do better. 
4.) NOPE. 
5.)Yep... Nothing that some B12 couldn't fix!
6.) KIND of... does getting the clarisonic MIA for Christmas 2011 count?! 
7.) Hmmm... Yeah... I think I did this....
8.) NO
9.) YES! I chopped all my hair off!!!! 
10.) Nope. Sad. Another year....
11.) Nope... no tutorials on the blog lately! 
12.) Nope...
13.) No...
14.) Yes!!! But not 12... about 3
15.) Um... Kind of? 

This year's goals are short and sweet! I obviously would love to cook more, but seeing as I will HAVE TO come March 17, 2012 when the hubby moves in... I think that's more mandatory than a "want"...

What are some of your goals? Did you achieve any from last year? I can't believe this year I met my weight loss goal, something that has been carried over for the past 5 years... So glad 2012 is my big year!  (and I don't mean pant size :) hahaha so cheesy...) 

Happy New Year!!!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Engagement Pics!

They're finally up! I can't believe all that stressing and not only is it over with, but it was fun! I was so nervous I would look awkward and stiff, but Heather made sure there was never an awkward moment!

The minute we got there she was directing us to pose and at times I questioned the pose...but I came home a few hours later to see them up and couldn't believe how natural they looked! <-- yep, can you believe our session was finished around 5 and I had them by 9pm?! Chris kept sending me teasers and I.Was.Dying.

For the best quality of pictures: click here.

I'll go ahead and post my favorites!!! So pleased with our outfit choices even though I wasn't positive on the drive there I still had doubts! (I was hands off with Ordy's outfits- I told him what I was wearing and he picked his own outfits accordingly!) If you have questions about anything, let me know!

I cannot thank this amazing husband and wife team enough. They have given me pictures I can be proud of and look back on for the rest of my life. I'm so happy with how they came out!!! I love you, Graceology!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cabin Fever (I'm SO Unoriginal!)

I'm pretty sure every Cabin trip is titled that. So sue me. At least I'm updating the blog :) No sense in getting hung up on all my cheesy post titles lately!

Every year, Ordy's family heads up to Blue Ridge to the cabins. I look forward to it every fall! We take our time driving out on Thursday so we can hit up the antique stores and all the great finds. 

Things we spotted and loved!

I'm dying to do a mantle headboard for our master bedroom when Ordy moves in! I'm convinced this would have been the PERFECT one...

See this picture? The cute fiance in the reflection is actually VERY upset and almost left me there... it was the millionth ornate mirror I bought and he was SO MAD after our yard sale last month I was still buying "junk". Um, this baby is awesome, not junk!

My sister is obsessed with all things vintage kitchen- this cute apron would have completed the collection :)

After milk glass- this is my obsession. My dad gave me two plates that were his grand mothers and I'm determined to own more pieces... I forget the name EVERY time. Someone help a sister out. China? Fire? King? ugh. who knows.

Loveeeed this mirror for my niece's room. It was only like $18 but I wasn't sure if my sister would want it. She has a tendency to not text back whenever I ask her- and if I don't buy it when she doesn't respond, yell at me. If I buy it, she'll say, "why'd you get that...??" and just throw it away... You'll see what I mean soon!

I love this song so much and it was a cute little canvas print that I might recreate for an area for the wedding. 

So here is what I'm referring to... with the ungrateful sister :) 

I saw this INCREDIBLE tufted bed in the corner- JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for a little nugget like Kayden and freaked out! I texted 90 texts and no response. I knew my sis was looking for a toddler bed and thought it was sooooo perfect and lush/glam! well, I was scared we'd leave and drive too far to come back so I bought it. Even when she got to her phone she wasn't digging the bed :( And I got in a fight with Ordy because he was SO ANNOYED I was hauling this stuff around... More annoyed when she didn't even want the bed. boohoo. I think it's so cute. If I had room I'd keep it for my futre girl, EJG or ARG. :) I can just see it now with milk glass lamps and a gold ornate mirror above her dresser! 

Anyhow! On to the cabin! After a stressful antiquing day, we finally got to the cabin in time for dinner... We had the best weekend just enjoying each other's company and relaxing- so I'll just post pictures that don't really need captions!

love seeing the gorgeous colors!


One day... 

I tweeted this pic last night... but this is why I'm worried about our engagement session this Sunday!!!! HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS FOR TOO LONG!!!! I mean, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my funny face!!!!! 

my hands were freezing stuck in my pocket and he decided to do that on "3"... 
take 1: he whipped my hair in front of me on the count of "3"... take 2: He completely ignored the camera... Take 3: MUCH better... we can take SOME serious pictures every now and then :) 
That's all for now! I can't believe I've been on top of updating!!! Crazy what you do to avoid having to study :)