Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ordy and his "mini-me"...

Just in case you forgot... I love Ordy Boy... haha. in the event you thought that was just a random blog, i'll remind everyone why the name is "ordy and joon" hahaha

I love how thoughtful Ordy is...

My nephew Kian is OBSESSED with Ordy. He follows him around, tries to be his "mini-d'' and tries so hard to fit in with the guys when Ordy is around. I got him a pair of cowboy boots that look EXACTLY like Ordy's, he was SO excited he didn't want to take them off and wait for his birthday!

in the boat with the boots

going on a ride on grandpa's harley

boots and skinny jeans. so stylish

The minute Ordy gets to my sister's house it goes like this:

Kian comes runs out to meet us. Hugs throws himself at Ordy for a hug, and asks him for his truck keys. Soon after, he asks Ordy for his croakies, then his hat (cuz he's always wearing both, and kiki wants to be just like him!)

only wants to sit next to ordy at dinner

The rest of our Sunday consists of Kian following around his daddy and Ordy and being 'one of the guys'. The other day Sher had this convo with Kian, 

Sher: What kind of car do you want when you grow up?
Kian: the 'Cout! (He can't say Scout, Scouter, Skate, etc... it's Cout, couter, and kate...haha)
Sher: but it's not yours...
Kian: no, it's ok! bc dannel is going to give it to me, he said it's ok

So that's that, when Kian turns 16, the 'cout is his!

But of course, Ordy being the adorable guy he is, hated for kian to have to wait that long... so what did he do??? GET HIM A 'COUT NOW!!! 

He got him this jeep off craigslist, and tweaked it a little :)

washing the jeep

It took a little bit of time {because Ordy is SUCH a perfectionist...}... he washed it spotless, taped everything off, primed, spray painted it white etc. he was so excited to give it to kian and see his reaction of his own 'cout.

Well, here it is:

can you just sense the excitement? he was shocked.
i don't think he fully comprehended that it was HIS. and it looked just like a mini 'cout :) his!

sharing the cout with his sister

this is his happy face

 a very grateful kiki
I'll let you know how the rest of the day went: Kian outside on his 'cout...allllll day. even just sitting in it while the battery charged...talking to his imaginary friends about it on "his" cell phone. it was so cute. i love my boys.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moonshine Festival

I love Fall. I love Festivals. I love how there is ALWAYS something to do in October, and not enough time to do it. (even though this is the first October in 400 or so years that has 4 weekends in it- so YAY for an extra weekend!) This weekend I had a big cake pop order so I couldn't really plan much because of the amount of time that went in to getting the order done, but once it was finished I made it a point to try and enjoy some of Saturday while I could. Ordy and I headed out to the Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville with his parents. It was a gorgeous day and most of the festival was surrounded around cars- i mean, it's Dawsonville- what did you expect, real moonshine? haha. I had an amazing "Cowboy Chicken Crepe", boiled peanuts, lemonade, and fried green tomatoes. mmmm. i can't wait to make some at the cabin this week!

I had fun daydreaming about the cars that WILL one day be in Ordy and my garage... i have no doubt Ordy will design the most amazing (temperature controlled haha) garage, full of amazing rides we both have dreamt about. One of the things we had in common while we first started dating was sharing the same taste in cars (the only car I HATE that he likes is the mustang 5.0- i don't care how fast it is, it is the ugliest body style Ford EVER had!) we even shared the love for the same Scout that he has today, so dreaming about it and getting it so soon has been amazing. 1 down, 22 to go. jk. i can't wait to have more cars than days of the week haha. 

Great Dane
things that WEREN'T so cute

ignore the weird hair flip

omg the guy looked like a SHORT John Ritter

my booboo with my awesome wooden sign


trying to win a rabbit for kiki

i love this sign!

picnic time

Cowboy Chicken Crepe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Retail Therapy

Buying stuff makes me feel good, other people buying me stuff makes me feel a lot better!!! that sounds so materialistic... haha or greedy... ok ok i mean when people THINK of me- i love it.

let me rewind before you think i'm a gold digger haha -- my love languages are GIFTS and physical touch. <-- ironic, huh? coming from the girl who rarely hugs... but think about it. it makes sense for physical touch to be my love language, since i "value" it and attach a hug with "love"....so hugging randos = weird and fake to me...almost intrusive... i have to have a relationship with someone to hug comfortably. hahaha sher thinks i'm a freak, most people do but it's ok... especially since i come from a mom who hugs the bagger at Publix... she gives hugs out like it's her job! ANYWAY, all that to say- it means a lot to me when i'm thought of to be given a gift, and at the same time, i LOVE giving gifts! it's not just gimme, gimme, gimme... i imagine the person receiving a gift from me will be just as happy to receive it as i would!

Moving on, yesterday my amazing, awesome, sweet, thoughtful sister RANDOMLY bought me these:

i could stare at them alllllll day hahaha. i have wanted these Burberry sliders since my last birthday when they first came out but at $275 it was out of my student friendly budget... and then when i did corral my dad to the mall for a birthday splurge- they didn't have my size. i thought it was a sign {i'm weird like that haha} and moved on with my life... then we were reunited again. and i wanted them BAD. i sent a pic to my friends to see if i should splurge and the answer was unanimous, "NO". ugh. bummer. another sign. not even my friends were helping me justify it. they knew it was extreme.

fast forward 4 or so weeks... yesterday while shopping with my sister she surprised me with them while i was in another store!!! AHHHH so cute I LOVE HER/THEM! (by the way, you all know i love her with or without the sweet shoes)

ok, enough about the shoes- we had a full shopping day and i loved every minute of it. funny story: i told my nephew he could pick ANY TOY in the world, and wanna know what he chose????

he hangs out with his momma too much!!! of all the toys, trucks, cars, legos, he wanted a "mini" broom and dustpan set!!! whatttttt.

he loved it so much he wouldn't let it go- not even for nap time!

After our full day of shopping we headed to my house to get ready for GNI- Cookie Decorating Night!

i made the EXACT SAME TOMATO BASIL SOUP as la madeliene... it tasted JUST like it- trust me! and only way cheaper :)

SO EASY you'll die! <--not really. but you'll love how simple it is. i'm posting the recipe bc the girls asked me to:

La Mad's Tomato Basil Soup
4 Cups Crushed Peeled Tomatos
4 Cups Tomato Juice
1 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Stick Butter (1/4 lb)

mmm. i want some now.

Here are some of our amateur cookie designs hahaha (i actually am impressed with the designs!)

i won't say who did which ones but you can pick your favorites hahaha. half survived, half of the cookies were eaten... mmmm

Chair & Entry Table Re-Do

OK, here is a rando (not random, haha RANDO!) project that i had NO INTENTIONS of doing... I literally walked into a local thrift store to donate the junk in my trunk (haaa) leftover from the yard sale... I browsed around (always for lamps and mirrors) and saw this chair. I immediately loved the frame thinking i could do something with it. I ran it to the front like there was honestly some chance someone would want it while i finished looking around... hahaha

I bought it for $12 and took it home.

the entry table- Ordy bought it from an antique store on his lunch break (SO CUTE how he thinks of me!! ughhh i love him) haha and he scored it after some negotiation for $15 i think, i loved it! i needed something by my door because if you have ever been to my house you know the first 6 steps are covered in mail and magazines.... so i needed something to toss my mail on (and keys) and the drawer is so convenient! I knew i wanted to paint it, i just didn't know if i wanted to go DARK chocolate brown or white hahaha- if you know me, you also know i am obsessed with white furniture. i just feel like it makes it bigger and less noticeable.


ignore the mess!

ugh the process begins!
With a little {ok, a lot} of help with my little friends:

of all the things my dad has left at my house the staple gun has been my fav
Just staple the fabric over the existing OR take off. I like the extra cushion

checking to see if centered
After i did my first coat on the entry table, I pulled out the drawer and saw a signature on the bottom- it was kind of a sick feeling in my stomach for 3 seconds like, "oh. no. what great treasure/antique have you ruined with $8 paint sheila" and i had flashbacks of the Antique Road Show and imagined me being on it, "well, this UNTAINTED would have been worth millions, there were only 3 made and your before pictures show it was in great condition... now it's worth nothing..." but let's just hope the previous owner just liked signing his stuff??

done for now until other changes

The entry table is NOT finished!! this is just the MIDWAY point, check later to see how i'm going to "charm" it up a bit... haha

i lovvvve it!

i think it belongs here :)
Unfortunately, I think if i leave it there- it will be under a mountain of clothes being so close to the closet (like the laundry hamper IN my closet is NEVER used... just clothes mound on TOP- i can't remember the last time i opened the hamper in the closet... the lid serves as a stool for clothes!)

So to sum it up, all you have to do for a cute chair (and entry table)

  1. Find an affordable chair with potential
  2. Get out your trusted painting tools {my fav Purdy paintbrushes! the XL cub is the best for corners like this chair had! Their 6 in 1 prep and paint is awesome too}, and choose your paint
  3. Paint the chair
  4. Staple the new fabric over the old on the cushion part
  5. Put together
  6. ENJOY! Either stare at it or sit on it... either way, the chair is pretty darn cute!

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