Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Alive!

Since everyone was wondering... (haha all 5 loyal readers/non-immediate family members)... just kidding. We all know everyone forgot about this dusty blog! Except maybe Kimbo. But I think I lost her long ago. Anyhow.

I came to write a post and ended up deleting three entries. I have no clue where to start updating this ol' thing... or if I even should!

I came to post an annual Christmas list- but after 3 hours of google searches, I realized I really don't want much this year. (I know, check my temperature!) I blame it on my sister mostly. She's on a minimalist kick and I feel obligated to curb my spending around her. I haven't been to a Nordstrom Rack in 3 months. Somebody check my pulse now.

After a few months of purging, I had no desire to replace the things I got rid of. I hope it lasts. This whole "contentment" thing is not so bad :)

THEN, I came to write a post on the one thing a million people on instagram kept asking, how I lost weight for the wedding... only I feel like a fraud since (in typical wedding weight loss fashion...) after a few months of wedded bliss, packed half the weight back on. Kind of. I'm 12 lb away from the wedding... but it seems like so much more! I lost 40lb total, but I feel like I didn't stick to what I thought was going to be a lifestyle change. I'm ashamed to admit I used the change as a quick fix/diet and I burned out. Anyhow, once I get back on my feet again, I promise I will share the secret. (Ok, I'll spill the beans now. Diet, exercise, proper sleep, water! OMG whodda thunk it... no short cuts!)

I do miss blogging, I honestly forgot how to log in to blogger and the set up has changed sooooo much I felt like a newbie! But I hope to post regular posts throughout the holidays and while I have spare time on my hands. Be glad to post on whatever y'all deem post-worthy :)

For now, I shall enjoy my cozy house... and keep resetting the breakers... I have so many Christmas lights on inside my house the fuse keeps jumping! It's that time of year!