Friday, January 28, 2011

Conversation Centerpiece

And all you need is:
Conversation Hearts
A Vase
A SMALLER vase that fits in the larger one with enough space (half an inch) to create a wall of hearts- Preferably the same height as the outer vase
    THAT'S IT! Oh, and amazing flowers your love picks you up :)

    I originally used the vase you see above in the picture because I broke my OTHER vase I usually use and really had a bee in my bonnet to just GET THIS THING STARTED...but...I decided the shape of the bottom of the red vase rounded too much (meaning more hearts being used as filler...) So, I was resourceful, just like YOU can be!
    Yep, I used a candle that was on it's last limb. The straight down shape worked PERFECTLY. and it was the perfect height.

    The flowers in the candle jar :)

    (Filling the small vase with water first is pretty important, because if you did what I did before the tutorial pics, you will spill water all over your hearts while filling the smaller vase at the end. and you will get soggy hearts. Like this:
    upper right: soaking. sad. words 'melted' off haha

    Side Note: I tried to put all the sassy negative hearts facing the inside. I didn't want to see "YOU WISH!" on my hearts :) I like all the "CALL ME" ones showing!

    I'd love to see a picture if you try this! It is SO ridiculously easy! AND AWESOME!

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    Let Them Eat Cake

    I'm sorry, these are too cute to keep to myself. I have to share what I've been doing on the side with and I think you're going to like it :)

    I hate the way Blogger changes the quality of the pics :( it looks so much better on my computer {and real life...}! These are vanilla cake pops dipped in vanilla. mmm. A delicious two-bite treat for Valentine's Day!

    If you're an Ordy and Joon follower, you can get a dozen of these cake pops for $25 (+ shipping for your area) 

    Just in time for the sweetie in your life :) 

    Just e-mail

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    It's Ok to Be a Follower

    Just a friendly reminder for all the "lurkers" haha, I don't mind if you follow along!

    And for those of you who are ALREADY on the Ordy and Joon bandwagon, I just wanted to let you know: all lines of communication = OPEN!
    I love hearing from you, I love answering questions, and I love shout outs! E-mail me for whatever reason!
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    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    My Weekend Summary in Pictures

    I am exhausted... and basically have nothing significant to say because al I did was shop... {tough life, right?} Ha, but it wasn't big bucks shopping- just the typical day(s) out with Indie hitting up our Target/TjMaxx/Ross. I just want to show you SOME of my goodies {because some things like a bathroom scale and shaving creme aren't worth sharing!}

    Let me just share my Apple story before the pictures: 

    June 2010: Even though my MacBook was working just fine (I'm typing on it now), I decided I wanted bigger/better. I had the itch. I splurged and bought the 15" Macbook Pro
    July 2010: Hard drive on the BRAND NEW MBP crashed. Tried replacing. No luck
    August 2010: Apple sent me a replacement and I sent the "new" crashed one back
    December 2010: New MBP kept acting funny and screen would mess up. Went in to Apple and had the logic board replaced. 
    January 2010: Same screen messing up. Went in and had them "try and fix it"
    "               "   : Came home and the minute I had it turn on saw all this white writing on a black screen. AKA Kernal Panic mode. Thought my comp was about to take off it was wheezing and huffing and puffing like me at the gym. Took it BACK to Apple, they kept it for 2 days and gave it back wiped clean of everything. 
    "               "  : Yep. Again. 

    So, I made an Apple Appt this Saturday and may or may not have attached a demanding comment with it... something like "fix this or else..." haha ok not really. but really. 

    It took five minutes. My Apple Genius spoke the magic words, "I'm going to fix this for you." 

    and that was it. He left me standing there thinking, "yeah, i've heard that before...5x..." and then suddenly, he came out from the back with a brand new MBP. I was so happy I could've hugged him. He could tell. I was so so so thankful. Just the fact that a laptop less than 6 months old had a history of going in almost once a month to be fixed, made me feel like I had a fluke. Even with them fixing them I couldn't help being annoyed and irritated that I've never taken my MacBook in for anything internal (only had a new case and new keys), but with the MBP I felt like I was always holding my breath hoping nothing would go wrong when I would boot it up. The MB is still going strong and I got it sophomore year of undergrad, so maybe you win some you lose some? 

    Any way. On to the pics. haha 


    Dr. Appt/Apple Appt
    Ordy Boy was so sweet and worked from home so he could take me... He waited 2 hours for me. I love him. 

    I tried to milk as much pity from Ordy with this bandaid. I had him almost turn the car to Toys r us haha

    Doesn't Bandit look like a baby horse after they're born haaaaa
     Apple Appt/Mall/Target
    I'm too intimidated to open it. HA!

    I have been looking for a utensil caddy forever and when I saw this, it screamed my name...

    How STINKING CUTE is this shower curtain? I think if I had a baby girl, she would have a shabby chic room with mirrored furniture, light green walls, and these as curtains... 

    I'm apologizing in advance for 1) the awful QUALITY of the pictures (iphone) and 2) the awful QUANTITY of the pictures. I' went snap happy. I took pics to share with my sister and friends :) And Ordy of course {he likes it}

    This AMAZING duvet cover set from Target (similar one here in khaki)  I LOVE the texture it brings to the bed! I love how it doesn't matter if it's wrinkled when it comes out of the wash- it adds to the charm! I love even more that I can put my comforter sewing dreams on the back burner until the summer :)

    I also bought 2 new pillows for my new King Size shams! LOVE!

    the unmade bed this morning- i just love how it looks!!! 
    Please look at the price... $41. That's $130 cheaper than Urban/Anthro and $75 cheaper than me buying  fabric...
    Ok, enough with the comforter. I just can't believe my luck. I bought the only one in the store, the COLOR (white) I wanted in the size (KING) I wanted for the price (CHEAP) that I NEEDED! Thank you Lord for that one... We went to another Target that night and looked for another one and they didn't have one. I mean, talk about lucky. I still can't get over it... 

    I found Say Yes to Tomatoes conditioner at Ross for $2.99!! AND IT WAS JUST in my cart at Target for $8.99 before I remembered I had seen it at Ross... I went back to the Ross and scooped it up. That is a steal. (I don't care how many bottles I currently have. It was a miracle I didn't buy all the ones they had. I'm learning. Slowly) 

    HOW DARLING are these Grey Fleece pillows? I have so many tutorials downloaded on my computer to one day cut out my own circles and create a pillow... but why when you can just find them at your Ross for way cheaper than the materials would have probably cost (plus time...) I got these for $8 each! AH! SO CUTE! 

    Other cute Ross finds (that I didn't buy but thought I'd share):

    Disguise an old, ugly, plastic toilet scrub- yes please! 

    White lacquer tray with silver detail? Love.

    Adorable storage with handles and bow for all those Country Living magazines taking over my living room? I'll take one. 

    GREY lacquer tray for the bedroom? I'll take them both. haha (I even like the boxes on the second shelf)

    SO cute. ahh. so me. haha but the price was not. I couldn't see me spending $25 on these lil guys when I knew I could DIY "someday" ha

    My last awesome purchase of the weekend (though small) is one of my favorites. I finally found my old face wash at Ulta today! BASIS face wash. And duh, I had to get the wipes just because they were too cute. This stuff smells so clean/fresh! 

    And that's that! Besides the small necessities that's pretty much all I scooped up this weekend. My top faves: New laptop (haha), duvet, and pillows! LOVE!

    Please bare with me and the blog construction! I accidentally deleted my old header and when the MBP went back, so did all my fonts/images I had saved on it! I learned a valuable lesson in backing up. Especially since I spent Thursday night awake until 4 a.m. downloading as much as I could to replace  the last time I took my comp to Apple and lost everything. Oh well, such is life!