My House



A whole post dedicated to the bedroom makeover...

The evolution of the master bedroom:

Can you see my love for grey and yellow??? haha obsessed much...

Upstairs Bath:

The Living Room/Dining Room
-a whole post dedicated to the transformation...

and then THAT was updated with this redo...

A few of the dining room:

***to be continued with more stuff once i get pictures!!!***

If you see something you like, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you where I got it from! It's easier than producing a list of everything!

Edited 11/27/12:

The house looks COMPLETELY different now that Ordy Boy has moved in!! I will post updated pictures as soon as I get around to it (don't hold your breath) haha justttt kidding. But really, I will post pics of the new look- the master bedroom is completely different! So is the living room... and office... oh dear. I need to update this thing!