Thursday, July 29, 2010

"All the Blocks in Paris Look Like Pizza Slices..."

Ordy is making fun of me because that's all I say... and I say it a lot haha. But really, they do!

Pizza Slice Blocks
We took the Metro down to the Champs Elysees tonight and decided to go to the top of the Arc de Triomph. We planned on going the first night we were here, but it was overcast and I figured it wouldn't be worth the $20 if I couldn't even get a good quality picture... Best decision ever because tonight was incredible! We got there around 8 and decided since it didn't get dark until 10:30'ish we should have dinner and then make our way to the top. So we went to an Italian restaurant called Ziti, and it was delish (mine was at least)! Ordy ordered some kind of linguine with calamari and looked interesting. And when I say interesting, I mean so gross I couldn't look at it while eating... hahaha

Ordy's Meal... Yikes
We have (Ordy has) come across the most incredible ice cream flavor EVER here, banoffee! It's Haagen Daas and hopefully America has some. Wait, no... hopefully we DON'T have the flavor, because I plan on detoxing and following a strict diet + P90x the minute I get back!! Anyhow it's incredible. Banana + Coffee and Caramel Swirls. Mmmm.

We rushed as fast as we could to the Arc because we were worried it was getting dark and we wanted to catch the sunrise. We got to the Arc and noticed a long line and were so bummed that we would have to wait in it and possibly miss the pretty view. Then randomly, two girls walked up to us and said they had just purchased tickets but had to go, and wanted to know if we wanted theirs for 5 euros instead of 9 each. They seemed honest, and we went ahead and gave them 10 euros for 2 tickets... I was kind of nervous there was a catch, but Ordy felt confident it was 'legit'... and it was :) We got in for basically half the price AND we didn't have to stand in the long line!!! We took our tickets and walked straight into the Arc to make our way to the top.

The Arc de Triomph at sunset
We quickly had to pay for the calories we consumed... we climbed the 284 stairs to the top of the Arc and oh.em.gee. I have never in my life felt so out of shape! Shame on me for being 24 and praying for a resting area nearby! I was out of breath when we got to the top and my thighs were burning! I thought the end was never in sight. When we got to the top the view was SO beautiful it was worth every step. The sun was setting right then and the sky was the most beautiful shade of orange (and purple, and pink, and blue)!!

Unreal! Our View after the stairmaster workout
Ordy Boy at the top

Me and my crazy hair. yuck.

The Eiffel Tower all Sparkly!

Champs Elysees (Pizza Slices...)
I had an amazing night tonight and am so excited to be able to enjoy Paris in the summertime. The nights have been a little chilly here, but a light jacket is really all you need. Tonight was 68 degrees and so nice. Well, I'm headed off to bed, we have a long travel day tomorrow! We're taking the train to London to visit my family in Brighton for the weekend. I'm so excited!! I will update the blog if I have internet service, if not I'll just update on Sunday night when we're back in Paris :) 

The Adventures of Moody and Joon

Ordy Boy got back from work around 8, with Wednesday's flowers, and I loved them, peach and yellow gladiolas. Ordy planned on having dinner by the Eiffel Tower so we could see it at night and I absolutely loved the idea. He wasn't really himself, but I just assumed he was hungry (since that's when I get grumpy...), so we rushed out the door before it got any later. We made our way to the metro and he was still acting really weird. That's two days in a row! I finally got it out of him that he was pretty miserable. He is not a fan of France! It doesn't help that work has been stressful. He's ready to be home, at his house, in his routine, in his comfort zone, and able to just jump in his car when he wants to go places. He was honestly homesick it seemed. I guess two weeks was just too long, he said he wished it was just 2-3 days. I just think he didn't like the way his shirts were dry cleaned. He says he hates France because: the showers make no sense (no doors, get water everywhere), he has to ride the stinky metro and bus just to get to work (which is hot with no ac), everything is filthy, the nearest grocery store emits the most rank rotten produce smell which he has to pass every morning to work, **this next one is funny** he gets trapped in elevators (this morning at work), no Jimmy Dean for breakfast- only cold cuts he doesn't recognize, and nowhere takes American Express. He also freaked out that they don't starch shirts (the way he likes them)... He made it very clear he would NEVER return to this country... Sad. I was hoping to have a villa here one day haha.
Moody Boy getting on the metro

We went down towards the Eiffel Tower area and got pizza to go enjoy at the park. It was so beautiful at night and every hour on the hour the tower would light up with a ton of sparkles, making it look like glitter all over the Eiffel Tower.
Our pizza was delish! I guess the scenery helped a little too. It was 11:00 p.m. and there were so many people out and about having picnics, kicking a soccer ball around, and just hanging out it made it seem earlier.
Trying to Make Moody Laugh
More Goofing Off for Moody Boy
Enjoying his pizza

Enjoying MY pizza
Honestly, as convenient as the metro is, I am spoiled at home. I hop in my air conditioned car and go where I want... It's hot on the metro, everyone is crammed like a pack of sardines and it seems as though deodorant is optional here... For someone as clean and put together as Ordy, I can see how the chaos of the sloppy, gross, hot Metro bothers him! This is the guy that showers 2-3x a day...and he comes back from work sweaty and wrinkled- and obviously grumpy because of it!

After dinner and our evening at the Eiffel Tower, Ordy was himself again and ready to finish off the week. Honestly, I don't blame him. It makes so much sense, I totally understand where he's coming from and how he feels- I miss my family so much! I can't wait to squeeze my little nephew! I'm ready to be in my own house again with my puppy even though it's been an amazing vacation. It adds up when we were away the week before too! Tonight was very memorable and I had a blast with Ordy even though he had a 45 minute pity party haha. He was his cute, quirky self at the Eiffel Tower and the ride back, so that's all that matters!

p.s. this is a repost from last night because of the mess ups. the posts were running into each other so i had to delete the old and just repost it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rachel McAdams in Paris!

Ok, if you know me- you know I have the worst luck. Just plain bad luck! This story further proves my unfortunate streak of bad timing...

I woke up this morning and decided to go to Doreen's Cafe and read outside since the weather was incredible. I sat outside and read for about an hour when I randomly looked up and noticed a blonde girl approaching. She was dressed "boho-hobo" (think, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), with black jeans, black riding boots, a navy and white striped shirt, and huge red vintage glasses. She had an eery resemblance to Rachel McAdams and I couldn't help but stare. I think she knew I was staring because she saw me and started smiling as she walked passed listening to her headphones. I second guessed myself from thinking it was her because where was her entourage? Why would a celebrity be alone? Something about seeing her smiling, and in her own world with headphones made me realize she probably enjoyed being in a foreign city not constantly recognized. The French were in there own little worlds as she walked by, she was just some average blonde walking by, nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary. I was still questioning whether it was her or not and e-mailed some friends about my 'encounter' if you call it that... since I saw her, and she had no clue who I even was. I came back to the hotel after I was finished reading my book and googled her name to see if she even had blonde hair -because I could've sworn she was a brunette (I never watch movies or keep up with that stuff), and sure enough, all these sites came up how she is blonde, and is in Paris filming a move with Owen Wilson called, Midnight in Paris. I was soooo upset I didn't have my camera and more upset that it really was her after seeing pics of her in the exact sunglasses and boots I just saw her wearing a few hours earlier.
Red Sunglasses
Black Boots

I was shocked and so bummed out. I sat in the room for a few minutes when the cleaning ladies came in to finally tidy up the room. I even thought to myself, 'I should go look for Rachel McAdams since I know what she's wearing and can spot her in a crowd...' then dismissed the silly idea because of how crowded Paris is and what are the odds with MY luck I'd even see her again... So, I rushed and got out of the room service's way SANS CAMERA. (Worst idea ever, who would it have hurt for me to taken two seconds to grab it?!??!) 

Anyhow, I started walking down the street just browsing long enough until the room got cleaned, and all of a sudden, I couldn't believe my eyes- Rachel McAdams leaning on a building looking at a map!!! I was so shocked! I had to approach her, the whole time thinking, what am I gonna say??!?!

Me: Umm.. excuse me, I'm SO sorry to bother you, but I just have to know, are you Rachel McAdams?
Her: (Smiling, and nodding) Yeah...
Me: Oh my gosh! No one is going to believe me!! I KNEW it! I saw you earlier, and thought it, but had to ask when I saw you again! I can't believe I don't have my camera... even though if I had it I probably wouldn't be obnoxious enough to ask you to take a picture, I'm sure you hate that...
Her: (laughing) What's your name?
Me: (so confused/flattered she cared/asked even if she didn't care, and thankful she wasn't just standing there awkwardly with a blank stare asking me to leave) Sheila, and I noticed you have a map, do you need help finding anything? I've been here a little over a week and might be able to help (this is the biggest lie ever, I still get lost finding my way from the hotel to a shop across the street). 
Her: Aww, thanks! You're sweet. No, I'm ok really, just waiting for my ride to get me back to the hotel :)
Me: Ok, well, it was really nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris! (I wanted to say, please send Channing Tatum my love in the upcoming movie you're doing)
Her: (extending her hand for me to shake) Thank you! It was nice meeting you, Sheila! You too :)
Me: (walking off, cursing the moment I decided to leave my camera in the room).

I'm never washing my hand again. jk. I walked off thinking, 'that was so unreal. Why did some stranger just make my day? Why am I still dwelling on not having my camera?

She was so nice and natural looking, the most fair, porcelain skin I've ever seen, no make up and just a natural beauty/girl next door look. So weird to see someone so simple, be a huge American movie star in the crowd. French people passing her by like she was a nobody, and yet gorgeous french girls walking by getting all the movie star attention, but were actually nobodies... I bet she enjoyed it though, and might even resent the fact that I recognized her... but she was nice enough to not mind. I'm actually ok with not having my camera, because I'm sure when she woke up today and threw clothes on to walk around the city, she might have passed on putting make up on knowing she was a tourist and might not be recognized, so who am I to snap her picture to post all over the internet of her makeupless face? She might not have been as nice as she was if I just shoved a camera in her face... or been hesitant even if I asked. I'm kind of ok with not having my camera because deep down I'd probably be too much of a sissy to ask for a picture because I'd hate for her to say no or be uncomfortable knowing she wasn't all done up and just wanted to be a tourist. 

I walked off knowing it was a neat day, regardless of being documented or not and was excited to have met one of my favorite actresses.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Fuzzy Caterpillars On My Face...

"You may have caterpillars on your face, but at least you smell good!"      -Ordy Boy.

At least? Thanks Ordy, love you too.

 I have managed to go almost 3 weeks without threading and I am seriously suffering. I had to leave my tweezers in the car because I couldn't check them and I assumed I'd just buy a pair here- I haven't found a single pair of tweezers under 20 Euros... I have been facing a huge dilemma... Asking a stranger for her grooming supplies, or face the facts- I have two fuzzy caterpillars on my face. Ordy Boy can't even look at me without laughing. I don't even know what to think of it at this point! I had to wear a hat after that comment today before dinner haha... and trust me, I kept the bill extremely low, especially when he would look at me. At least I don't grow them in a unibrow style... there's just a lot of random hair under the actual brow- that's driving me insane, especially since it's obvious to the usually oblivious male eye!

I sucked it up and wore a hat and we headed out towards the Ralph Lauren store and Massimo Dutti (Ordy has been wanting to go but he's been getting off work late and they close at 8'ish). Afterwards, I wanted him to see Lafayette in all of it's architectural glory and the minute we crossed the street and entered I had a changed boyfriend. It wasn't even gradual. It was an instant change. Suddenly, I had a brat on my hands! No, really... he was so cranky/grumpy I thought I did/said something to upset him!!! I would ask him what was wrong and he would grunt like a caveman! I was so confused and instantly thought- oh he's hungry, duh! So, I immediately thought to offer food suggestions. I barely got 3 words out of him... "Whatever. You pick." Suddenly, after about 10 minutes in LaFayette and now, without even noticing, we were on the 4th floor he snapped. He had enough of the crowds, enough of the store, enough of being pushed around and HAD TO GET OUT! Ooooohhhh, I get it. Sounds familiar.  Hahaha

The start of grumpy ordy boy
We turned right back around, took 4 escalators to the bottom, and shot out a side street to walk to dinner. We ended up having McDonalds (our first American meal, and so much better here!) and the minute we sat down he was normal again, I even got a smile. He apologized for his behavior and said, "I have no idea why, but it got to me. I'm sick of the crowds!! The store was so hectic/chaotic! I had to get out and I didn't know how to communicate it, every little thing was upsetting me!" Luckily, I knew exactly what Ordy Boy was feeling. I couldn't agree more and I actually felt bad for dragging the poor guy there after a long day of work- I mean, I'm a girl and I panicked, of course he was miserable! HA!

Few pictures I took today in our short trip for the evening ha

Can we say, "baller"

Too pretty, too unreal, too much!
Only in France... Pistachio McFrappe. I got one for Ordy Boy to cheer him up. Haha
Check out the size of the Frappe next to a Regular Soda... No wonder everyone's skinny. 1.) They smoke, and 2.) the desserts aren't Yogli Mogli sized haha
I will be going soon. I need to go soon!
I'm in love with a window display...
Ordy Boy passed out at 8p.m. (still daylight) and I have been ordering text books in the dark on my laptop haha. I don't blame him because he worked a 15 hour day yesterday and I am pretty tired from having a blog mishap last night haha (I tried to make it better, only to make it worse and freak out at 4 a.m.) I'm off to bed!

I Have Noticed the Following Here...

The French:

1.) really do say, "Ooh La La" and "Voila!"

2.) actually wear Pepe Jeans

3.) wear Carhartt!! It's the cool thing to do here, along with Levi's. (Carhartt, while better known for labor wear and usually seen at your fine Rodeo or Bull Riding event, is actually "streetwear" here! Think I'm kidding?? Go to for proof. So many farmers would be disappointed...)
American Carhartt:

European Carhartt:

It's like the equivalent of wearing a Vans or DC shirt around here... so weird to see, especially when there aren't any tractors or fairs around!

4.) love Calvin Klein... in fact I think he only made it big in Europe... I don't know where else to buy him in America other than a Tj Maxx or Marshall's... I bet they'd be ecstatic at how affordable his stuff is at home. People wear CK leggings. Like, out in public. With CK printed all over them. I want to walk up to someone and say, "Do you wear that because it's American? Or because they say American's wear that? 'Cause we don't..." haha but I won't crush it for them, she's probably hot stuff here with those CK print leggings... Ew.

5.) love to smoke. Almost everyone does. Young, old, rich, poor... it's either the cool thing to do, or at 13 they're genuinely addicted... let's hope not.

6.) make out freely on the streets. You see at least 3 lovey dovey couples A DAY, if not full on make out sessions. That's 3 more than you see in America...which probably either relates to modesty, or the divorce rate in the states- either way, you see a lot more PDA here. So, the rumors are true.

(just a sidenote: they aren't young couples all the time. I've seen people 30+ showin' some love on the streets)

7.) REALLY walk around the city with baguettes sticking out in their purse/backpack while walking/riding on their bike/Vespa! I always get annoyed in movies when a baguette would be poking out of someone's bicycle basket... but it's real.

8.) mostly get around in a Vespa, motorcycle, scooter, or bike. The taxi's are usually really nice Mercedes. The drivers are certifiably insane. The parallel parkers can hardly be called 'good', but they can cram a 5ft car into a 5ft space in no time flat (I personally witnessed it happen- it only took him 2 taps to the car behind and 1 in the front to feel his way around in the space...poor cars)

I'll keep editing this until my trip is complete :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Panic Attack

I realize why I wouldn't do well living in a big city like New York City... Other than the obvious reason of not having a Chick-fil-a, or knowing what sweet tea is- I couldn't handle the crowds. Everyone is in my way. And i'm sure i'm in their way, but more importantly, they're in my way. I get shoved, pushed, and groped inadvertently and it is out of control!

I woke up today not feeling too great and to top it off our tub was leaking into the room creating a wet spot and making the room damp and smell like mold. We told the front desk and so while they looked at it I had to leave the hotel room, instead of laying down to try and feel better. Sooo I walked to Doreen's to see if Sara was there and just read my book outside/talk to her- she wasn't. I kept walking to the store area and found myself buying a ton of stuff for the kiddo's (mostly Kayden)...and while in the toddler department of this store a guy starts RUNNING my way. I heard it from far away because I heard stuff falling, sneakers screeching, and yelling- and horrified I look up and see some guy coming straight at me, I don't even know what to think of it and I just freeze! He darts off weaving through racks and knocking them over behind him and DARTS up the escalator. It was the strangest thing. I guess he was a shoplifter- who knows. I'm in a foreign country, obviously, so I have no idea what the people around me are saying about it- but there's a universal "what in the world??" on everyones face + a little panic.

I was telling Ordy earlier how crowded the entire place was and how easily someone could get away with doing something dangerous- so encountering this without him was scary enough. I know this is crazy, but since I didn't see anyone chasing the guy I couldn't help but think he might've left something behind in a bag or something to set off after he got outta there... sooo... I listened to my gut, left the sale items, and decided better safe then sorry. Sissy, I know. But i'm weird about listening to your gut feelings and something told me to leave, especially since it wasn't a "chase". I left the store and have no idea what it was, what happened, etc. All I know is i'm safe and glad it wasn't a big ordeal.

When I left the store, I noticed "La Fayette" across the street. If you come to Paris, you will see 95% of the buses and advertisements have La Fayette allllll over them. It's imprinted in your brain- the woman with the Eiffel Tower tied to her head... weird.

Anyhow, I walked in and Oh. Em. Gee. It was HUGE and more ornate than any museum I have EVER seen.
Check out this place, seriously?!

The ceiling!
Debating this as my souvenir :)


It was insanely crowded and from the moment I walked inside the building I felt like a tiny fish caught in the fastest current, pushing me from one floor to another. I couldn't break free from the crowds and I was constantly stuck in the middle of a crowd. When I would veer off to the side to cut through an area it was like a huge joke being played on me by having an old woman blocking the way and walking so slow it was almost backwards. I would have loved to have stayed and looked through stuff (especially since they were having a huge 50% off sale) but it was ridiculously pointless to fight the crowds to do anything. I tried my hardest to catch the wave of people leaving and managed to ride that current out the exit. 

I got back to the hotel, and they gave us a new room- yay for no more dampness and rank smells! And realized HOW MUCH stuff I have in my suitcase. I should have listened to my friends/dad and packed light so I can take stuff back. I brought an empty duffle on the bottom of my suitcase but even that won't be enough. I bought 5 new sweaters today... Nothing fancy but knew it was good quality and I liked them a lot... looking at the suitcase now I realize I probably should have passed on them because I forgot about my 3 new jackets! I'm still not even done souvenir shopping, (which is an entirely different subject! so hard!!!)

Ordy Boy is working late again, but we will be having Indian food with two of his coworkers tonight. I'm interested to see if they have the only Indian dish I can have/like (Chicken Korma= Not spicy!) and I'm also interested to see Ordy Boy enjoy it... Doesn't strike me as the type to try new things, especially in a foreign city haha who knows? Since it's already 8p.m. here I doubt anything other than dinner will happen- but if so, I'll edit this entry :)

Revised Post: It's 11:15 p.m. and Ordy Boy JUST walked into the hotel room from work. No Indian, no dinner plans... I finished an entire 280 page book tonight waiting for him. Kuh-razy. Poor guy.

Strange People in the World

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls Girls Girls...

NOTE: This has NOTHING to do with Paris... I'm just in the hotel room while Ordy Boy works (and won't be out sight-seeing today) thinking about back home and what I need to do when I get back...the school routine etc... and it made me dread that word- "routine".

My sister inspired me to write about this one... She made a great point in her blog about quality time with girlfriends.

It made me realize that these are the days we should enjoy, being young and having semi-free schedules. Most of my friends are married, some have kids, but even then- they deserve a night out! The problem is, I hate night outs... I hate clubbing, bars, and anything that resembles that kind of 'night out'... so it's always been hard for me to 'hang out' the way some people want to. Instead, I would so much rather have a routine one night a week to bake, do crafts, or watch old classics like Pippi Longstocking's, or the Little Princess. I'm fortunate to have friends that agree with me and can find these things as entertaining :)

I mean, I can't promise ours will look this cute- but we can try!

I also realized that we're not getting any younger, and our schedules aren't slowing down. So, I want to propose to my girlfriends to have one night a week once the Fall comes around, where we aren't worrying about school, assignments, or other demands- to just enjoy each other's company and do stuff we enjoy at either my place or any one else who wants to host. I realize that life will have its random occurrences when we can't make it- but it would be nice to know there's always next week...

I was thinking how fun a night would be to just bake and decorate cupcakes. Some people could bring small appetizers and wine and we could just enjoy a couple of hours being us. We could even have themed nights, like a Bollywood inspired night and watch a cheesy movie and have hot pink cupcakes in bright Indian inspired colored frosting... I don't know it will all come together once we decide haha.

I love crafts and so does my sister, but when we partake in them our friends ask later how we did everything, which makes me realize how many of my friends actually like what we come up with- so I think craft projects once a month would be fun. Like the tv frame Ordy and I made, only smaller scale projects maybe... anything that catches our eye in the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine, only on our Hobby Lobby budgets! I love seasonal crafts too and stuff like that is fun to do as a group. My sister and I always have craft/baking nights regularly, but would love to extend the invite to others :)

My TV frame project above, and a potential new project below, "cork board"

I know that once school starts, life is extremely stressful and it seems like I cut out my friends altogether. The weird thing though is that I CAN find time to hang out (I know this because sometimes after class I just get home and veg out on the couch for 4 hours), it's just the coordinating schedules that make it exhausting and make me give up altogether. I'd love to know a night when everyone's free with their upcoming schedules and just enjoy a night of nothing but simple fun. Who needs to spend $40 to go to Sips n strokes and paint something you'll never hang in your house- why not just hang out and do things we WANT to do!?

I can do any night but Thursday :)

For my out of town friends, I am sad this is physically impossible for y'all to be a part of- and this makes my wittle heart sad :(