Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls Girls Girls...

NOTE: This has NOTHING to do with Paris... I'm just in the hotel room while Ordy Boy works (and won't be out sight-seeing today) thinking about back home and what I need to do when I get back...the school routine etc... and it made me dread that word- "routine".

My sister inspired me to write about this one... She made a great point in her blog about quality time with girlfriends.

It made me realize that these are the days we should enjoy, being young and having semi-free schedules. Most of my friends are married, some have kids, but even then- they deserve a night out! The problem is, I hate night outs... I hate clubbing, bars, and anything that resembles that kind of 'night out'... so it's always been hard for me to 'hang out' the way some people want to. Instead, I would so much rather have a routine one night a week to bake, do crafts, or watch old classics like Pippi Longstocking's, or the Little Princess. I'm fortunate to have friends that agree with me and can find these things as entertaining :)

I mean, I can't promise ours will look this cute- but we can try!

I also realized that we're not getting any younger, and our schedules aren't slowing down. So, I want to propose to my girlfriends to have one night a week once the Fall comes around, where we aren't worrying about school, assignments, or other demands- to just enjoy each other's company and do stuff we enjoy at either my place or any one else who wants to host. I realize that life will have its random occurrences when we can't make it- but it would be nice to know there's always next week...

I was thinking how fun a night would be to just bake and decorate cupcakes. Some people could bring small appetizers and wine and we could just enjoy a couple of hours being us. We could even have themed nights, like a Bollywood inspired night and watch a cheesy movie and have hot pink cupcakes in bright Indian inspired colored frosting... I don't know it will all come together once we decide haha.

I love crafts and so does my sister, but when we partake in them our friends ask later how we did everything, which makes me realize how many of my friends actually like what we come up with- so I think craft projects once a month would be fun. Like the tv frame Ordy and I made, only smaller scale projects maybe... anything that catches our eye in the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine, only on our Hobby Lobby budgets! I love seasonal crafts too and stuff like that is fun to do as a group. My sister and I always have craft/baking nights regularly, but would love to extend the invite to others :)

My TV frame project above, and a potential new project below, "cork board"

I know that once school starts, life is extremely stressful and it seems like I cut out my friends altogether. The weird thing though is that I CAN find time to hang out (I know this because sometimes after class I just get home and veg out on the couch for 4 hours), it's just the coordinating schedules that make it exhausting and make me give up altogether. I'd love to know a night when everyone's free with their upcoming schedules and just enjoy a night of nothing but simple fun. Who needs to spend $40 to go to Sips n strokes and paint something you'll never hang in your house- why not just hang out and do things we WANT to do!?

I can do any night but Thursday :)

For my out of town friends, I am sad this is physically impossible for y'all to be a part of- and this makes my wittle heart sad :(

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  1. I keep forgetting to comment on this, but you're definitely right. We need to keep in touch with our girl friends, I think it's important to spend time with other girls- we need it! [and we're especially bad about this, Sheila haha] I'm down any night except Thursday as well. I can't promise I'll make it every week, but it would be fun!