Monday, April 4, 2011

Multi Purpose Cushioned Frame

It took me ten (legit) minutes to type the title. I was clueless what the heck I really just made. I intended for it to be strictly for my jewelry (just like the one I saw on Toasted Coconuts-- looking for link now, will edit accordingly!) because all the jewelry boards I've seen were too small and had my necklaces hanging off the bottom. I'm torn now because I wouldn't mind using it as my vision/inspiration board! 

I wanted a bold statement in the room, which this definitely is. My BFF India and I traded items and I got this frame that I've been drooling over, while she took one of the extra side tables in my house... I do not regret the trade ONE minute (even tho she might after she sees what I turned this bad boy into! Love you, Indie, and I'll make you one-just not with this frame!) HA. 

Before I begin, please note that I used ALL items from around my house. I'm limiting myself from new projects/crafts until I can make use of what I have. This pressure to use things I own has made me more creative. I was just gonna hang this frame alone on my wall and put a moss letter in there, instead I got sick of staring at the left over foam from my chair redo- (since I paid full price, I didn't throw away a single scrap of the foam...) and thus, this project was born...!! 

Please check out the details of this guy! As much as I wanted to bust out my Krylon White, I fought the urge and decided to keep him gold- I heard gold is making a mad comeback! Let's hope I'm right... ha! 

I had no shortage of cute fabric... ever since I redid my craft room/office the fabric has tied into the room like artwork! the pop of color makes me smile- even if all they do is sit on a shelf until I learn how to sew! 

I didn't know what color I could commit to, so I played it safe for it to go in any room in my house- which meant it basically had to be monochromatic. boo hoo because I know that the colorful route would definitely be cuter!!! I couldn't choose between the grey and white or black and white, but after a mini anxiety attack after staring at the b/w squiggly fabric, I went with the grey! I felt like my stuff would get lost in the busy swirl pattern. 

Place your fabric decorative side down and put the frame on top. This is to outline how much fabric to cut. I cut around the actual frame (not the inside) so I could have enough fabric to staple. 

Outline the inside too. You'll see why later. 

Iron your fabric now (preferably not on your favorite rug leaving an iron burn mark on it- another boo hoo moment) Live and learn. Live and learn. 

Cut out the shape of your outline

I had some of this interface in my fabric pile (NO idea why, I couldn't even tell you what it's for...) but something in me told me to put it on the back to make it 'stronger', especially since I knew earrings/pins were going to poke the fabric... something tells me this could be completely skipped, or I'm a genius for guessing to do this! (It was ONLY because I had some laying around...) 

True story: I went to iron out the wrinkles of the interface only to find it was sticking to the fabric! Go figure, me and my mad seamstress skills had no clue interfacing was iron fusible. whoops. haha This was AMAZING for me. My happy self ironed that baby on with such zeal. I felt like a pro or something (like I knew what I was actually doing!) 

Here's where I start to wing it- I started to place the leftover foam together. piecing it in the smaller frame outline I made with my highlighter. 

When I said "piecing" together, I meant it. I hot glue gunned these babies together to forge one big piece of foam. 

Now that the foam was "one piece", I flipped the frame over and lifted the fabric and foam into the frame. 

Place in the frame- doesn't look pretty, doesn't have to.

Start stapling the fabric to the frame

Since I knew I didn't have anything "firm" at home- I was stapling the fabric as a frame to keep the foam in.  

And that's it! The wall background provides a firm support so I'm not worried about the frame not having a back- it was FREE-I'm not complaining! If you have a frame with a back, I'd stick it on the back for extra support. It's so cushiony! 

And that's that! Once I put some jewelry on I'll show off a picture... for now I'm in the midst of a massive "estate sale" at my house (attempting to get rid of a ton of stuff in my house after my dad visited and called me a hoarder. His exact words, "7 lamps?!?!?! WHO in their RIGHT MIND needs 7 lamps in their bedroom?!?!" and then it hit me, I'm not in my "right mind"... I can decorate a 6 bedroom house with all the stuff in my itty bitty 2 bedroom! So, I've opened up my home to my local friends to pick and choose to help downsize my house! Wish me luck! 

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  2. So THAT is what I shall do with my gold frame! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. it looks so cute can't wait to see all your jewelry on it!

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