Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Hairy Situation

For the past (almost) 25 years of my life, I've been a blackette. (My version of brunette...) But really, there's not a fancy way to put it. Ever since my first grey hair at 15, I've been dying my hair Revlon 2A, the jet black- almost blue black, but not quite (because they do make a blue/purple raven black that I've made the mistake of purchasing once...)

This got boring to me as of late. I mean, look at all the colors out there (excluding Manic Panic's "eccentric" line of "color")...

Truth is... it all started one Halloween a couple of years ago, when someone walked in (a guy) with a blonde wig (sorority girl costume)... and through the randomness of the night I replaced my Indian headdress with his blonde wig... well... It sparked a light in me when my BFF and sis were saying it "actually" looks good on me! <-- lies... haha! I'm so embarrassed to post the pictures... DON'T JUDGE ME! 

don't worry- biker chic has all magnetic jewelry in her  face! :)
 Well, my curiosity finally got the best of my when Ordy had to work really late in France. Me + lots of time online = trouble. Wanna see the ridiculousness I got into that night?? Be prepared to laugh!

So here I BEGIN with black hair...
My natural "signature" curls...

and the random straightened hair look... 

and the "wave" look:

and here we go on this embarrassing journey down "make over Joon" lane... :)


Black but BOB cut: 

Unruly mane: 


Sandy Brown:

Platinum Blonde (with protruding clavicles):

One of my personal favorites...

Short blonde- NOT my cup of tea:

Another "orange" to me... love the curls...

Another blonde look: 

A shade lighter than my black... and really short! 

A shade lighter than mine but straight

I had fun going through the different potential looks- I clearly remember Ordy stressing he liked black and would NOT like my hair any lighter... well, last weekend I went about 3 shades lighter (a nutmeg brown) and he hasn't broken up with my- WHEW! haha, good news! 

I don't have any proper pictures of my hair now, but once I do I will post them! They're all grainy cell phone pics (taken in a public bathroom- how random- good lighting maybe?!) but here's one! (It's not much but it's a WORLD of difference to me and my previous PITCH BLACK hair! I'm excited I have a better chance to hide all the grey hair! 

I know you can't tell- but I cut 6 inches off of it too! It's all ONE length now! It still has split ends of course, but it's not as obvious :)


  1. oh em gee. I LOVE IT! it looks soooo good and fresh and natural! you are lucky to be able to pull of so many different looks!
    did you dye it yourself?

  2. AHHH! I couldn't comment fast enough and am on the jankiest internet connection ever so I've had to type my comment 3 times!!

    Your hair looks amazing! I really, really like it. I feel like you could do any of the looks you posted, though, which makes me super jealous. :)

    My least favorite, I do believe, is the platinum with protruding clavicles, haha!

  3. HAHA, I HATE when that happens!!! That happened to me on your blog TWICE! I couldn't comment fast enough! so I def LOLed in class reading that! AND I HATE the clavicle pic too (hair and bones lol) but I had to post just for kicks!

    Thanks so much, even tho i don't think i can pull off half of these!

  4. I really like the lighter shades too!!! :D And honestly, I love the bob cuts for you!

  5. It looks great. Ummm love the clavicle picture.

  6. i Love it!! perfect for Summer!

  7. Joon, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I loved your idea of pouring paint into the glass revolver, I could even pour paint water into it and put a cork on, so that I could change the color if I wanted. Great ideas!!

    And I have to say, there are very few people that are able to pull of all these different hair colors and styles, you lucky girl! My favorites are the black, the first blonde and the two you describe as orange. Also, your current color is gorgeous, perfect for summer!! I'm so jealous of your beautiful hair!

    Thank you for the great ideas, hope you have a great day =)

    xo Linda