Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today was an extremely productive day! Forget that I had to skip my morning class to get things done... at least I didn't waste it sleeping in! I did miss my afternoon work out, and I totally hate it- but things had to get done! This might be a wordy post because I miss y'all and want to fill you in!

Let's just talk about how ridic the Bar Fitness App is... ummm, you really expect me to remember my Supervisor's name from American Eagle when I was 15?!?! I spent the entire day tracking down my traffic violations. I had a lead foot  1968 Mustang as my first car at 16- let's just say I definitely have more than the 4 tickets the records were pulling up... Hoping a trip to the DMV tomorrow will be more conclusive and I won't be penalized for a lapse in memory for forgetting a 2004 speeding ticket!

Anyhow, after a quick detour from the Fulton County Courthouse to my sister's house to play with the kids and take a nap, I finally finished our Save the Dates! I have to keep them a secret (I'm so bad at that) until I send them out and they get it... but let me just say- I'm obsessed!!! Can't wait to share! I know if you follow me on twitter you have seen sneak peeks!

Moving along- I have driven myself CRAZY trying to find outfits for the engagement session this Sunday!! I am SO NERVOUS. Ask my bff, I have spent a whole week looking for stuff and as if that wasn't enough, Ordy and I spent the ENTIRE weekend looking some more! (He needed new jeans and a wallet, I needed a new wardrobe!) In my defense, I have lost a lot of weight and want to lose more, so I couldn't wear some of the stuff that I would want to- but I still can't justify blowing money when I am just trying to get smaller! It's a tough predicament! The upside is after losing 30 lbs I actually fit in old clothes I haven't seen in 5 years, so it's KINDA like new clothes!

After a grand total of 13 different outfit options purchased (trust me, most are going back)... I realized I wasn't being myself. I am so nervous to look awkward or stiff, but most of all outdated. I'm such a classic person I realized I was going overboard with outfits that weren't "ME".

We finally had a successful weekend and I picked up a few classic staples:

I FINALLY got the navy and white gingham top (but can't find navy online) so here's the closest pic...
and I'm so in love with this classic plaid... I have searched high and low for one and finally caved with this classic look. I love it. You know me and blue, I love the blue base on it.  I couldn't decide between three shirts, I'm happy I went with the two that I did....

I was looking for a yellow cardigan everywhere and went with this mustardish yellow one... I figure it'll do great for fall weather when I usually wear cardigans... 


Ordy was feeling a little left out... haha so I scooped up this amazing comfy hoodie for him as a Christmas present. He hates that he has to wait :) 
AND YESSSSSSS, I finally did it. After years of only owning BLACK riding boots, I'm the proud owner of the amazing Frye boots I was debating purchasing! They didn't have dark brown, so I'm still figuring out if I should keep the cognac until I can find dark brown somewhere... great investment. So excited!

I want to ask you guys a question... RED PANTS, yes or no? Personally, I love them. But enough to have them in my pictures forevvveerrr? Hm. Not so sure...

Decisions, decisions... I wish I could have a wardrobe planner. To let me know what I will and won't regret! I have been looking high and low for a cute long sleeved navy lace dress, but no... only white, beige, or black. Madewell had a great blush one- but I decided to keep looking. Maybe within the next 5 days I'll have an outfit scream "WEAR ME!!!" and all my problems will be solved! Wishful thinking. Until then, pin away cute outfit ideas for me!


  1. Would you want to experiment with dying a white dress with navy dye?

  2. LOVE your boots!! and i do love red pants too but just not sure i can personally pull it off!!

  3. Love the boots!! I have hot pink pants and love them! Haha...I think you can do red pants during your session. Maybe just not for the majority of the pictures. I just can't wait to see all your pictures! I'm sure you are going to find some great outfits and show them off! And congrats on all your weight loss!

  4. Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but I love this dress from Anthropologie!


  5. I LOVE your boots! They are awesome!

  6. they have the dark brown boots on nordstrom.com, which offers free shipping now!

    they look so good on, i might have to go purchase them myself :)

    happy friday!