Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

I've lived in Georgia for 10 years now and STILL get lost leaving my house?

I live in work out clothes and never fix my hair? I'm getting fit, y'all.

I hosted a girl's night Monday night and it's Wednesday and I still haven't finished the dishes?

I keep going to start my Bar fitness application and end up on Pinterest? 

I cheated on my "diet" while watching the Biggest Loser? With 8 cookies?

I still haven't picked anything but a venue?

I gravitate towards glitter/sequins/rhinestones like a moth to a light zapper? 

I'm still looking for:

-Engagement Shoot Outfits

-Brown (tall) Riding Boots (under $300 ha) 

As I was looking I found the following things I love: 





How about you? What are your "SO WHAT, Wednesdays" ? I'd love to stop by and see :) Thanks, GuffeyLove for the idea! 

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