Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Sad Farewell

Ordy Boy left for Denver this morning- another 6 a.m. alarm going off. This sound isn’t annoying as it would be for some people, rather it is a sound that brings sadness- knowing I have to wake up only to have another week without him as he goes away for another week of work. Thankfully, this is going to be Ordy’s last week in Denver, after almost a year of traveling, the Denver project is wrapping up. Granted, there will be more cities and more projects, I’m just happy to know that I have a home week with him next week- those are rare.

I give Ordy a hard time when he’s here for the weekends. I poke fun that he never takes me anywhere like the movies or the mall like other couples, because when he gets to come home, his idea of a Saturday night is killing the weeds that have caught up while he was away… I can’t blame him- when he’s away from home the last thing he wants to do when he can be home is be away from home. I am so so proud of him. The sacrifices he makes: like the Saturdays he puts time in to work around the clock, the holidays he has his laptop near him, etc- it takes a lot of patience and responsibility. I am so proud to have someone like Ordy to show such amazing work ethic. I’ve never heard him complain or whine. He’s amazing. He wakes up happy and he goes to bed happy... I truly envy his contentment! I hope he knows I’m only teasing when I nag about little things like the movies- he takes good care of me and it’s because of the hard work he does. I’m so thankful for him!

As tough as work may be- the countless hours put in, the traveling from 6 am Monday until midnight Fri each week, the $50.00/week airport parking, the 4 nights a week in a hotel, 15 meals eating out… it pays off… In 2 short weeks, Ordy and Joon will be in the Grand Caymans enjoying life...

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