Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Dozen

Wednesday is by far my favorite day of the week. Hands down. Not because it means the weekend is close since it's "hump day"... but because over a year ago Ordy Boy started a tradition- every single Wednesday (rain or shine, in town or not) I would receive flowers from him. No special occasion other than being Wednesday, and he loves me. I am obsessed with this tradition. I used to joke that he would forget, or get tired- but I will say it has been over 70 weeks and he is still continuing to carry on with the tradition. I am so blessed. I remember when he first started the Denver project I was at work and suddenly saw his best friend hand over the most beautiful bunch of Hydrangeas. I was so shocked to see him there- 30 minutes away from home! I couldn't believe Ordy asked his friend to do a favor like that-I figured guys were too tough to show their friends their sentimental side! I asked him why he got 3 separate bunches and he said he was told to get the very best one, but couldn't tell which one was 'the best' so Ordy made him get all the ones at the store... Yep, that's my boy. I don't deserve him. (I still have those same hydrangeas dried in my living room because something about that day meant a lot to me... the combination of being away and still getting them, sending his best friend so far out of his way to deliver them, even telling his best friend period about the tradition, and then to make sure I had the best... definitely worthy of keeping forever- well, as long as they will last at least!) After this continued throughout the summer last year, I started to feel guilty with the shipped flowers, and the random ways he would find people to get them to me- so I BEGGED him to compromise... I asked him to continue with Wednesday Dozens, only different- for "away" weeks when he's traveling to Denver, instead of finding a way to get me fresh flowers, to text a list of 12 things he loved about me. I have been getting those every travel week and I can tell you that they are just as good as fresh flowers if not better. I find myself smiling like a giddy school girl reading the long text thread. I bet he'd be so embarrassed how I'm going on about him! Oops... he'll get over it. :)

Wednesday Dozens are sweet things that make me feel- well, loved! Little things. Sweet things. Things that I never expected him to notice or say, but when he mentions it in a list of reasons why he loves me- I melt. Sometimes they're quirks I have and I get embarrassed and find myself talking to my phone, "No you do NOT love that about me!" and then I have to realize, yep... he does. Accept it! I'm so lucky to have found Ordy. Or did Ordy find me...? Who knows.

I wait for my Wednesday Dozen the moment I wake up- and I never go to bed without my list, even with the time change- he always manages to get it to me, even if he has to stop working. I mean, what girl WOULDN'T like a sweet reminder of things their bf's love about them? I'm so blessed that it's not JUST Wednesdays... Ordy compliments me all the time. I love that about him. I absolutely adore it. If he thinks it, he says it. When he says it, I swoon. Of course he doesn't know that-because usually my response is, "Oh be quiet, yeah right!!" as I roll my eyes... but deep down my heart does cartwheels and I smile like a fool.

I think every girl deserves an Ordy, and more importantly, should hold out for one... They do exist!

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