Sunday, March 6, 2011

Highs & Lows

Growing up we would go around the dining room table and discuss the "highs" of our day.

My old boss started every weekly meeting with "high & low" where everyone on staff went around the room and shared both high points and low points of the week.

I decided Sundays will be my Highs & Lows. I originally wanted to start with only highs- but that seems too fairy-tale-ish to me. I like keeping it real- but I want to balance "real" with "debbie downer" haha so we'll keep it short and sweet. I hope you can share yours with me since I LOVE getting to know y'all!
Finishing my office/craft room {and getting such AMAZING feedback from it!!}

Winning a FREE pass to Creative Estates {um. amazing.}
{and booking all the flight/hotel details this weekend!}

Fitting into old {not oldest/skinniest, just oldER, skinniER} jeans that were in the goodwill pile... I tried them on as a joke before a painting class because I didn't want to ruin my nice jeans. At this moment, these name brand-less jeans meant more to me than any of my expensive designer jeans! 

Getting an e-mail letting me know that THIS MONDAY I will be an extra in the new Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah movie that's being filmed here!!! It's an audience concert scene so 1) that means I won't be seen of course and 2) that I will get to HEAR MY DOLLY!!! haha I'm so so so happy I got this scene because I wanna hear her sing, not JUST watch her act! {I'm also happy that Ordy is taking off work that morning to join me! WHOOHOO!}

All the new {and loyal} Ordy & Joon followers make me smile and have seriously made this week AMAZING! I'm not even offended that most of y'all came for the giveaway! NOT AT ALL! Just happy you're here and hope you make yourself at home :)
Shopping ALL DAY Friday with my seester and scooping up awesome things...

Painting with some girlfriends at Cocktails n' canvas... My artwork was a catastrophe.

Having these kids in my life...

 Walking in my house to see Ordy straight from the airport...dressed as my twin {unintentionally}. we're just that perfect. hahaha jk

Spring Break!!!
I have a week off school! This is high AND low... {keep reading!} FINALLY having time for my projects! Like this one coming up soon...

(Do you have any idea how awkward doing a tutorial is? I give Martha some MAD PROPS}
I did NOT win any of the Silhouette giveaways I so desperately wanted!! {what happened, universe??!}

Ordy being out of town... and working really hard... and super late. I feel like a bad gf getting mad like he can help it... {never at him, I just sulk}... and then Ordy leaving for 2 weeks straight come Tuesday!

Bandit having a tick. this disgusts me. let's move on.

Worrying I'm not "good enough" to go to Creative Estates... letting my nerves get the best of me once I realize the company I will be in...

My nephew being sick. It broke my heart when I saw him so down. I wanted to take all his pain and put it in me. {he was so cold I had to give him my scarf and jacket}

My Spring Break consisting of playing CATCH UP with things that I haven't had a free second to do: finishing up taxes, car servicing, car cleaning, house cleaning, studying, case briefing/outlining, internship hunting... nothing in that list remotely reminds me of sun, sand, or fun. But I'm half relieved I am not going anywhere because I don't have my toned bikini bod yet {and at the rate of things it's not looking like I'll have it next year either!}

Do share yours! I feel like I have a bunch of newbies and I want to know as many as possible! Introduce yourself/share your week!


  1. I think your HIGHs totally outweighed the LOWs -- which is always a fabulous thing! Hope your little nephew feels better super soon and i'm totally also beyond bummed that I cant seem to win a silhouette!!! womp womp!

    Did you end up buying the supercute dwell dishtowel set? I still can't choose my color! hah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. What a great idea-- You should set it up so it's an every Sunday thing and people can link up! Not that I have ANY idea how you'd go about doing that, LOL, I've just seen it done.

  3. Jennifer- I totally agree with you! and I haven't gotten the towels yet because my kitchen is RED!! ew! i just want to change it soon! but that's another project for another day haha

    Lori- I wanted to do that! But they suggest you wait until you actual have a good amount of followers! but I TOTALLY think it'd be "linked up" if people comment -Here's my highs/lows etc and we can click to see- an unofficial linky party!! it makes for a good weekend wrap up post!

  4. I did high & low post just now! Love this idea

  5. GOOD for you GIRL, getting in your Skinnier jeans!!

  6. Let's see. My Lows- only seeing my hubby for two hours last week and being completely exhausted from work and chasing two kids! My highs- getting you for a room mate at Creative Estates (YAY!) and hubby finally being back in town!

    Can't wait to see the lemon wreath tutorial!

  7. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog, and I love it. Just sayin.