Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Not a GREAT WIWW but at least I got the ball rolling and got BACK into the swing of things! Linking up to the pleated poppy! I do admit- knowing I'm about to take a pic holds me to a higher standard... It really is accountability. Except for the day I didn't care and wore sweats anyway. HA!

So... I didn't give enough time to pass before I wore this sweater... so sue me! ha!
Sweater: Target
Black Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoes: UGGS

Friday was Sara's wedding... and believe it or not this is the only picture that was taken ALL night.
Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack HA
Headband: Forever 21 (I think)
India looked ADORABLE in an H&M dress

Saturday, shopping and crafting all day in gorgeous weather with sister...
Shirt: Gap (it has the cutest gold button down the sleeves)
Pants: H&M chinos
Shoes: Sister bought me and I've worn the brand off. No idea.

I ended up spending the night with my sister and she let me borrow some clothes. (aka: her maternity clothes in the back of her closet- because that's all that fits me!!!) I distinctly remember the last time she wore this... time to hit the gym!

Anndddd seester's baby wanted in on some WIWW action:

Kayden is wearing an adorable spring tiered ruffle dress with pink sparkly Toms. 

Yesterday it was POURING all day... back to the galoshes (but i never complain!)

Terry hoodie: Gap
Boyfriend T: Target
Jeans: 7
Shoes: Burberry galoshes

That's that! I didn't share the sweat picture :) You'll thank me later. haha


  1. I've thought about doing WIWW, but I'm afraid people would look at my boring work clothes and never come back. Ha!

  2. The striped dress is ADORABLE!! SSHHHH....Don't tell anyone it's a maternity dress....

  3. You're making me jealous by always looking so cute! I am starting to not like only wearing sweats everyday. haha! BUt that's what I wear for my job. I miss playing in my closet though. :( I looooove Sunday's so I can really play with getting dressed up for church.

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate your nice comment about my woman cave - that was such a huge project, I couldn't be happier!

  5. Love the colorful dress!

  6. OMG I didn't realize they made little kid toms -- love it! =)

    love the gap top and your galoshes girl! did I spell that right? I really don't think I did... oops!

    hopefully next wed we can trick you into doing what I wore ANNNND what I ate! =) though totally photograph any day you can for WIAW b/c life is too crazy to photograph food every wednesday and then write a post! hehe =)

    love ya! mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons