Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Late Highs & Lows for the Week

I've been a busy bee lately, but I DO want to get back into the swing of highs and lows! So here goes!  (Before you judge- H/L's are done with a camera phone- no high quality pics...)

My week being JAM PACKED with family!!! My bobo (grandpa) flew in on Wednesday, my dad on Thursday, and Ordy on Friday! I was so excited to spend the week with three of my favorite guys... it was uh-maze-ing!

my dad and my niece! 
Ordy's backkkkkk! 
The incredible weather... means a lot of outdoor dining, outdoor activities, and outdoor anything!!! 

cheesing it!-my adorable nephew
Ordy and his mini me

Finding $20 vintage (aka thrift/worn in) GREY (2nd favorite color) cowboy boots!!

The time change! Means that Bandit and I CAN squeeze a jog in after class and not worry about it being dark!!! WHOOHOO!!!

A weekend full of good food. This should be a low because of the weight gain.. ugh. but i love food too much! 

nutella burnt marshmallow shakes from Flip Burger

french toast from the Flying Biscuit

getting messy with crawfish ha
Ordy and my bro in law getting even messier
 And finally, a weekend FULL of these cute kids!!! ALWAYS a high!

Having my dad on the phone the night before he flew in "coaching" me to put oil in my car. I was sure I would pour oil in my radiator without him... low would be a car inconvenience... but it wasn't too bad- i'll turn it into a high and say it was a success! (Socks-used-as-paper-towel-and-all!) 

Getting pricked for yet another anemic test at the doctor... going to the doctor on Friday period! BUT I will say a "high" would be that it was fairly easy and pain-free :) and I'm ok for now!

Driving SO MUCH this weekend! I put in $80 worth of gas on Tuesday only to need to fill up on Friday for $87!!! I felt like I was a taxi all weekend going to visit all my favorite people :) No complaints, just saying- I'm ok with taking a break from behind my steering wheel!!

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  1. You blog seems to be working just fine!

  2. Your tutorial was ah-mazing!

    Also- those boots are awesome! And I am drooling over the yummy food... I have still never been to Flip Burger and really want to!

  3. Love your boots! I feel you on the gas prices...it's awful.

  4. family visiting is the best! & those nutella burnt marshmallow shakes? yes, they look devine. Saw your CE button! I will be there too. Are you on instagram? I am: CalleLillyCafe

    Hace a good nite!

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