Monday, November 1, 2010

Cabin Time!

Nothing says fall like a getaway to the mountains! I love going to the cabin with Ordy's family, and this year MY family came along too! I couldn't have been happier!!! I had so much fun waking up every morning to be surrounded by all the people I love... it was so refreshing! I won't be posting much about the trip other than a few photos. The trip consisted of:
Loved ones
Cute kids
Ordy Boy
Fireside nights
Amazing food
Amazing sweets
Cute towns
Amazing scenery
Cozy cabin
Fun times
    Here's Proof:

    i mean how CUTE is he?!

    It was gorgeous! Please look at Kian's face in the next two pictures (i actually have SIX pics, but only put two... i mean he is such a ham!)

    he's surrounded by love!

    please excuse my donald trump combover. thanks wind.

    starting young... shoe shopping

    ordy and mini me

    he's so cute even randos want his pic

    in his new hat ordy bought him

    I had such a fun 5 days and it's hard waking up without my KiKi running in the room at 9 a.m. I can't wait for another trip with everyone!

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