Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Out

I have a fascination with white rooms now. like all white- white floors, white furniture, white lamps... you get the picture. I've had this issue before- Ordy has tried to get me to QUIT spray painting everything i get my hands on WHITE, but I can't help it...  see what i mean:

Imagine in a corner, as a side table stacked up...
Peta Approved :) 

 OMG be still my heart. i can't tell you how much i love this mirror...

This reminds me of a chess piece :)

It reminds me of my milk glass obsession! I love collecting these:

Ordy hates the white kick. haha. I could definitely do the burlap/linen look- you know- nice and neutral!

Don't worry- I'm not redecorating anything anytime soon! In fact, I'm looking for a place to get rid of this guy that doesn't fit in my house

:( SAD DAY because I love it! I'm off to bed to get some rest before my morning of yard sales! It'll be my first friday morning one! haha wish me luck :)

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  1. i could "babysit" that piece of furniture in our new house. You can have it back wheneeeeever you want:) ps. speaking of new house~ i'm gonna need you to help me decorate it. k thanks.

  2. why babysit when you can have it forever and ever for only 80 bucks!! How exciting about the houssseee!! i wish i could help! let me know! tell me your taste and i'll keep an eye out! so exciting :) congrats!