Monday, November 22, 2010

Have Yourself a Very Etsy Christmas!

In honor of this post and the holidays coming up- I am changing the font-just because I can :)

I am SO excited to be able to bring you guys the 12 Days of Christmas Etsy Edition! You have no idea how thrilled I am to share some of my favorite things that I KNOW you all will LOVE! It's kind of like my version of "Oprah's Favorite Things", only instead of actually giving you the gifts {sorry, i know... sucks!} i'm giving you the GIFT of KNOWING 1) how cute they are 2) where to get them and 3) how affordable they are! You might get all your shopping list covered from the 12 Days of Christmas Posts! {Please let me know which ones you love!} 

The posts are top secret until the 12 days come {oh the suspense!} but I'm just letting you guys know to look forward to these fun upcoming posts! 

Why Etsy Edition?

Here's the deal- as a "small shop owner" myself, I know how exciting it is to have an item you just can't wait to share with the world. A cute idea, an amazing talent, or just fun products that you love to make- the only problem is: LETTING PEOPLE KNOW YOU EXIST!  Word of mouth does wonders, y'all! I haven't done a lick of advertising and SPC gets so much business! {Thank God} and I know that one happy customer quickly makes 2,3,4... and so on. 

Ever since I've been on Etsy, I've spent hours and hours in awe of the adorable things people have to offer. The holiday edition came to me while thinking about places to get gifts. Malls, stores, etc. = so generic. I find myself just wanting to get gift cards but how impersonal!? I love how personal and thoughtful every item is on Etsy. All the etsy-preneurs have so much care and detail going into each gift because they are doing what they love! I am such a firm believer of supporting your local artist, buying handmade, and doing crafts- I just know you all will love the list of items I will be posting! I'm hoping as you read you will be thinking about what to get others as gifts and what to ask for on your Christmas wish list! I was extremely budget-conscious and knew if i wouldn't buy it, neither would you! {I mean, there were some CUTE $$$$ stuff on Etsy, but I was practical!} 

So join me on this "support your etsy artist" holiday adventure! I promise you won't be disappointed! These Etsy artists are just like you and I-wouldn't it feel good giving back by helping them AND getting a cute gift? 


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