Monday, November 29, 2010

Bulimic Shopper

I want this purse. and i want it now. i want him in my collection. so why, oh why, am i scared to "add to cart" because of the "non returnable" staring back at me... I shouldn't let that stupid disclaimer scare me, but i do. why?

 I'm a bulimic shopper. (first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction, right?) 

30% of everything i buy goes back within the 30 days. yep, it does. I have Ordy Boy shopping with me in line and I go between justifying my purchase to talking myself out of it before my turn comes up at the register. If he hears me talking myself out of it more than I justify it he tells me to save gas money and just leave it in the store because he knows I'll return it. It's bad. I've been blacklisted from returning from my favorite stores. I can't help being indecisive. You really expect me to keep a pair of boots I tried on hastily in victoria secret sweatpants after sweating from the tanning bed? Well, news flash- I need time. I need to buy them, go home, shower, fix my hair, try the boots on with an actual outfit I would wear them with, walk around, sit down, etc... If the jeans don't tuck in the boot right, or don't go over the boots well, THEY'RE GOING BACK! I don't want a new pair of boots that don't look good with the jeans I already own! If all my jeans are high-water with the new shoes- they are not staying in my closet to gather dust! I don't get why the mean old cashiers don't understand this concept. They just look at me like a leper, thinking, 'back again?'

Thanks google for this image to help demonstrate. Exhibit A: Weird Knee Syndrome. If my jeans do this in my boot- I'm not keeping them!

Ok, sorry for the venting. you think I'm officially cookoo for cocoa puffs now, don't you? Just trying to explain how my little brain works...

I have never been a fan of Forever 21. The only thing that I justify is that I will probably keep the item for being "so cheap"... but when I see those $28 numbers I start to panic thinking, ok, this $30 is OFFICIALLY out of my bank account FOR GOOD. and that freaks me out. 

So now this purse. I want it, I think I'll love it, but I can't hold it/feel it/try it on to know for sure. I think it's amazingly versatile. Sophisticated and yet casual at the same time. I can totally see me toting it around once I have a job {haha}... *some day* 

I won't say how much, because it's a pretty penny BUT justifiable considering it's 60% off!!!  but that DARN NO-RETURN POLICY!! Can I do this?

Bulimic Shoppers Anonymous: Click to Vote for a Cure... jk


  1. I can totally relate. We all have our shopping quirks. I'm super indecisive too. I hate it. I find unless I'm completely sold on the item, I wont buy it. Saves me money and brain power. Haha!

  2. i wish i could decide fast enough to spare the returns! I've had shoes that have needed to go back since February :( no lie. I mean I don't know why I don't bring them in... so i just threw away the money!