Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rustic Beach Destination Wedding

This weekend, Ordy and I went to St. Simon's Island for a very close friend's wedding. Close friend of mine, ex-crush of his... haha it was a tough weekend for him (and every other male in America).  This southern belle is officially OFF the market!!! Just kidding, I only tease about it, but it's no surprise that every one has a crush on Kat. I was talking with someone at the wedding who said, "my husband is kind of sad she's getting married- HE has a crush on her!" hahaha

Let me give a short background on the lovely bride. You may remember me talking about her before- she's my baking pal. I mean, she is my baking sensei. She is the owner of Lush Cakery. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is talented!

I met Kat as a freshman in college, she was one of the first people I met when I moved on campus and we had a slumber party within the first week of meeting! haha, it's silly now, but looking back it was so fun to have met someone and get along so well. I remember we didn't get any sleep (i don't even know if Kat will remember this!) haha years later we have kept in touch and I was so excited to attend her wedding! She made a GORGEOUS bride and the whole event was flawless. 

Here are a few pics from the wedding (side note: Ordy Boy said I would look "goofy" with a huge camera in tow with my outfit so I took my dinky cheap digi-cam and hate the pictures! but it'll do... it fit in my clutch. haha)

HOW CUTE is he

Love this boy
 Look at this cake!!!! Kat did each and every flower on the cake- how insane!

miami vice over here

so glad i wore booties

Please look at how gorgeous the lights were!!

kat and i

i asked Ordy to take a pic of my back. this is what i get. serves me right
haha that's better

So happy to have been able to witness this amazing occasion! It truly was the most amazing rustic beach wedding I have ever seen!
Thank you ALL for the votes!! i am steadily climbing the top haha and I don't know why it matters but I like it! :)

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