Thursday, December 23, 2010

Delayed Girl's Night In Post!

This is a long overdue post... considering Girls Night was over a week ago... about 9 days to be exact... {who's counting, right?} and I just wanted to share some highlights and fun times!

It was the first {of many} Pjs & Potluck GNI! It was soooo much fun. The girls loved the elastic waist requirement to be able to enjoy all the amazing food! There was so much good stuff. Good ol' comfort food, pretty appetizers, and amazing drinks!

There are some talented chefs in the group! A table full of sweets too! {Typing this starving is seriously torture!}

The drink of the night is my signature drink. it's really, really complicated. I don't think it can ever be duplicated. It's pretty difficult to recreate... but i'll give you the recipe just in case you dare to try!

Ok. Truth be told, i'm ashamed at how simple it is. I absolutely love this drink during the holidays- i'm not much of a drinker {as in, i NEVER drink...} so it's nice to sit around and actually enjoy the drink in my hand at a party!  Yum. the sugar on the rim is most def my favorite!

It was a lot of fun to have my favorite girls over and enjoy eating and catching up since the weeks have been crazy with finals and all. It was our last GNI of the year! WEIRD! haha, I'm looking forward to 2011 GNI!

I wanted to stick with my "homemade" gift giving kick i've been on, and decided what better gift than a thoughtful one i took the time to create?! that and with so many girls I would have gone broke... haha these were adorable alternatives and they were so simple to make! I have heard feedback {since i gave them 9 days ago haha} and they have alllll been positive!

I had Cookies for Santa for the girls along with homemade sugar scrub- LOVED this! I was shocked out how amazingly easy it was to make these! {I'm a scrub-addict... with all my sunless tanning and need for exfoliating, i have spent a pretty penny buying the best scrubs- i will definitely be making my own from now on!}

It's so organic you COULD technically eat it- but who would want to? Another easy peasy freebie instruction:

I had to be a little more personal than just a pretty ribbon... so i wrapped the santa cookies in green tissue paper and hot pink tulle. The scrubs got a personalized label/tag that described each girl. I hope they like it- coming up with different words other than "awesome" was pretty difficult! It was a great night- I hope all the girls had as much fun as I did! There's never a dull or quiet moment and I love them all! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve Eve! I personally can't wait until Christmas! I'm enjoying all this time with my family and it's been incredible! I'll leave you with a funny classic pup shot...

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  1. Great ideas, as always. I am going to try the scrub!

  2. looks like a lot of fun, and sugar scrubs are great, I mmade a bunch for Christmas presents. love the cute drink idea too!