Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to a New Year...
Another year is coming to an end... I feel like it's only appropriate to list some of my favorite memories and things that have been a huge part of this year...

  • Ordy and I had a busy travel itinerary in 2010! We traveled together to Denver, Dallas, St. Simons, the Caymans, France, and England together... our travels together served as the main purpose for me starting the blog {to keep our families informed}... when the traveling died down and summer came to an end- I decided to keep the blog to journal our lives together and day-to-day occurrences.
  • The most read post on my blog was this one, and it makes me sad I might be the "girl who cried wolf" but happy that so many care!
  • I received 52 "Wednesday Dozens" {Daniel didn't miss a single one... that's two years now...}
  • I actually went through with the Girls Night In idea I had in France, and am SO happy because it has been such a fun time with the ladies {can't wait for 2011}
  • I had the best Christmas ever thanks to my dad and sister- and Atlanta seeing a White Christmas for the first time since 1882... {I love my family}
  • I saw three ghosts
  • I found a new love for estate sales, garage sale, antiquing, thrifting, and repurposing
  • I am 1/2 way finished with law school
  • I still found time to redecorate and rearrange places in my house and my bedroom
  • I fell more in love with Ordy Boy... something I didn't think was possible!
**An example of how I fall more in love with him... tonight at Home Depot an older woman asked Daniel a question and instead of responding, "I'm sorry, I don't work here", he walked aisle to aisle all over the store to help her find what she needed... and got on the floor to help look some more... He was genuinely trying to help her and I loved him for it.

That right there is my list SO FAR- I'm sure I'll come up with more as the days go by, but I wanted something down before January 1-I was trying to be realistic {that's why there's a 20 lb allowance between minimum and maximum weight loss- I'm hoping with the blog I'll have some one to be more accountable to...}

What are some of your resolutions/goals? I hope we can accomplish them together! I really hope next year I can have a check list to mark them off with great satisfaction!

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