Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My {not so} Grown Up Christmas List

*card made on the computer without Ordy's permission...

This year, while compiling my Christmas list, {I neglected it for so long... this is unheard of LATE for me!} I realized that it is pretty sad at my age I still put things together like this.. I'm blessed. But I was super duper careful, because, I have to be "careful what I wish for"... Last year Ordy bought me every.single.thing.
on my Christmas list. I'm talking... EVERYTHING. Lists to me are "ok, heres 30 ideas of what you can get...1, not 30".... I got all. I was thankful, but definitely embarrassed and felt terrible! Ok, no, I was ecstatic...  Just to give you an idea of how speechless I was... when the gifts should have stopped here:

They kept coming... and this limited edition Michael Kors {bling bling} watch came...
And then... the Burberry galoshes. {that I wore today...}

It was DEFINITELY a good Christmas, but it was a bit much. And I didn't want Ordy Boy to do anything like that again... {ok, every girl would love it, but i have to be more careful now so it doesn't look like i'm a greedy greedy want more! HA!} 

So, this year, I've put together practical things and other things that I would probably buy myself later on in the year... 

And there you have it! A look inside my Christmas List... I'll let you know December 26th how that goes :)

**the list is for ideas, i obviously don't want JUST what's on the list or deny anything that isn't on it! trust me, with my family, lists help! I have all my Etsy Homemade shops as stocking stuffers for gifts too- soooo excited for those!

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  1. i LOVE that Michael Kors watch!! I have been wanting a white watch, but i'm sure it's worth more than my life :)

  2. I like sooo many of the things on your list. My Burberry perfume (that I found for a STEAL at TJMAxx) just ran out and I've been hinting that I'd like something to replace it! Longchamps=my fav. And I've been drooling over Tory Burch flats lately. I told the fiance that my #9 from October was my Christmas gift but I have a feeling he's not going to listen!

  3. P.S. How do you do the picture list thing? So cute!

  4. I am wondering that too - how did you make the list?

  5. Your list is sooooo much more practical than mine. Hahaha! :)

  6. Number 9 is on my list too ;) It was last year as well...

  7. wow, your man must really love you :) that was very sweet of him...my husband is the same way, if I mention I want something he's immediately like "okay I'll get it for you." so I have to be very careful what I say sometimes, hehe. It helps that we're on a very tight budget this year. hope you get the elecvtric sander, I have a cordless drill on my wish list.

    oh, having a giveaway too if you're interested.

  8. Hey!
    You WON a set of my pantry jar labels, and I need to get them off to you before Christmas.
    I leave out of town soon, and need your address.
    Will you please send it to me?
    ~Shelley Smith

  9. Sorry ladies for the late response, i've been UBER BUSY trying to get some christmas shopping done!!!

    Alaina, i see white watches everywhere for CHEAP! and CUTE too! Last year D got me EIGHT and put them all on a rolled up towel for Christmas 2 years ago. haha he couldn't decide which i'd like so he bought them all... (Atlanta's Apparel Mart = cheap!)

    lori: you're so lucky. lol

    and ladies: i just copied and pasted the pics into a powerpoint slide, ghetto, yes. but it gets the job done!!!

    Kelley, i hope santa is good to *both* of us this year! HAHAHA!

    AND WHOOOOHOOOO to winning!!