Sunday, December 12, 2010

48 Hours of Christmas

Since my last final Thursday night, I have been soaking in all of the joy of the holiday season that studying had robbed from me! It has been INCREDIBLE!

Thursday night, after a straight 12 hour exam day, with blurred vision and a pounding head- I came home to:

a spotless house
Christmas music playing
candles lit
wine poured
crab cakes prepared
    Who is this guy? {Mine!} haha I was so touched by his thoughtfulness I couldn't help but give up fighting the tears back... I am so lucky. I love Ordy Boy more than you could ever even imagine! It was such a quiet evening as I let it sink in that I didn't have anything to study that night, or any thing to wake up for the next morning... it was surreal! 

    I spent Friday taking care of myself... the much neglected eyebrows, pale skin, and everything else that makes me feel better about myself! 

    Saturday was the day I was waiting for. A full day of yard sale and estate sales. That's how incredible Ordy Boy is. He called me last week and said, "booboo, in honor to celebrate finals being over, I think we should celebrate doing nothing but stuff you love on sales and yard sales." Well, after we found out that this weekend was Scott's, and a freezing day- we decided to not risk a wasted day of running around town and just hit up Scott's. LOVED it. We went with Ordy's parents and had a fun Saturday afternoon browsing and taking notes :)

    I bought something. Yep, you probably already know what it is. You know, my weakness... another mirror. It's beautiful and tacky and french and gaudy and i love him. This one is a he. An older, refined,  gentleman of a mirror. I would show you pics but I hate before pics without afters... that's when people wrinkle up their noses and go, 'hmm...not my style but okkkk...' I like when after becomes EVERYONES style! haha unlikely, but I like to pretend...

    And to wrap Saturday night up... I prepared these fun holiday gift ideas! I love stuff in jars. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, buttons, pretty much anything in a mason jar = my favorite. 

    I started the cookies with a plain sugar cookie with colorful m&m's... but, I decided I didn't like the way it looked- i'm a perfectionist. So, I changed it last minute- but the pictures are all from when I was doing the sugar cookie- but you can use your imagination and pretend my sugar is brown sugar, etc.. haha

    I made these "Cookies for Santa" jars for my friends/mailman/nail technician/etc.. I'm pretty excited about them! I'll show you how! (I know there are tons of variations of cookies in a jar, but these are especially delicious! They're Triple Chocolate Chip

    As you can see, it's not the cleanest process... but it's too cute not to do! There are so many different versions of cookies in a jar, this was my favorite AESTHETICALLY. I feel like such a scrooge for ditching the red and green festive, but it looked too cheap to me haha. Too childish, something about the ones without them seemed so "organic" and "pure" haha. Well, simple. 

    Here are some labels I whipped up- I can figure out how to post on flicker later... it's 2 am and too late to figure it out now!

    Enjoy and don't forget to click!

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :)
      I do love me a good Craigslist find, it's kind of like a thrill when I find something I think is good and inexpensive, but I literally go through the ads multiple times, EVERY day. My husband thinks I'm a little crazy but he loves me anyway. At least I think he does. ;) Oh, and love your cookies in mason jars. I can remember growing up and drinking from mason jars at my grandma's house. They instantly make everything better.

    2. Glad you are done with finals! I've missed your blog. The mason jars are a great idea!