Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Card Reveal!

As though you didn't think I loved my dog enough...  I just wanted to take this moment to show my online friends who might not have received our actual Christmas cards what they looked like. It's safe to post this now since I have been extremely on top of the card sending game {ahem, emily} and sent mine out on Dec 1. Probably because i thought if i had enough time to think about it i would reconsider and throw them all away hahaha i was scared no one would laugh and was even more scared they would take me seriously and think i've really lost my mind- but then i realized everyone receiving the cards know me very well and know my sense of humor + how crazy about bandit i am :) so off they went!

Here are some fun shots from the shoot with Bandit, haha.

Despite Ordy insisting different pics to use {he said these were all too "fallish"} i used them because our "Christmas" shoot didn't go as well as i had envisioned... *cue the menacing mutt*

he was being SUCH a diva
when he wasn't a diva, he looked terrifying. MEANIE.

SOOOO, fall-ish theme it is.

And here were some potential cards {they were all too serious for a dog/owner card. maybe one day when i'm married i can have a cute one like that!}

It was a tie with the one i ordered and the last one... but i'm pretty sure the last one needed extra postage and that was the deal breaker haha i was already struggling justifying $30 in stamps to send christmas cards when i'm single haha

And here it is... our actual Christmas card! don't know why it got all blurry- but oh well!

***If you're wondering why Ordy Boy didn't make the card, well- I'm pretty traditional and think it's silly to have a BF on a Christmas card-- If we were engaged/married you better believe his cute face would be on that thing {i'm sure Ordy was thankful he didn't get put in a scarf and stuffed in a frame haha} but, I know my family would have a heart attack {good heart attack, like... excitement heart attack hahaha} thinking we were engaged if he joined us in the card :) Maybe next year? Who knows? As for now, I think Bandit makes a cute partner for holiday cards!

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  1. I LOVE this Christmas card idea of the frame!!!!!! SO SO SO CUTE! :)
    And yes! Of course! I would be THRILLED to have you give a shout out to Wonderfully Wordy, or whatever you'd like to do :) You're awesome, girl!
    ~Shelley Smith

  2. YAYAYAYAYAY haha still can't get used to you writing me back HA! LAME! i know... so you're a celebrity to me- this is not getting old to me haha! ok, i can't wait, thank you!

  3. LOVE the card! Sean looked at me really funny on Saturday because I was so excited to get Christmas cards in the mail! I'm with you on the traditional... Heck, we are engaged and I still debated whether it was "proper" before we were married.

  4. whatever, i'm so excited to see it! I think it is definitely ok for engaged- because it half serves as an announcement! you know for those family members who don't see on FB! it's def for a "serious" role, not BF! haha and paisley should be in it too! how exciting- your new family!

  5. ADORABLE card! I think the holidays are a perfect time to get engaged....*hint, hint* to Ordy boy!

  6. i like they way you're thinkin' :) haha shoot any time is a good time for me