Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

Snow Day #3...Wednesday Night...

Ordy Boy and I decided to have breakfast for dinner...only not the way my sister does it, but the way two people attempting to diet would... So... no french toast, no pancakes or waffles, and unfortunately no nutella **gasp** what kind of breakfast was it?!?! jk. It was hard to stay good. Ok, not so hard when my stomach would get in the way of performing minor duties such as opening drawers, or emptying the dishwasher... Ok, not really, but I'm persian- I {am expected to} exaggerate. 

Since I want nothing to do with touching sausage or bacon {or any red meat for that matter...} Ordy Boy had to make his own sausages. And I meant it when I said the two of us don't fit in my kitchen. We had to take turns doing stuff. I ended up making my strawberry shortcake and banana bread in the dining room {wait, what diet?}

And Bandit, alwaaaayyyys wanting to be a part of the action... was right in the middle. Yep, I tripped over him 30 times but that didn't bother him. He didn't dare take his sorry behind to the living room- crumbs don't fall there

It was fun to have Ordy Boy in the kitchen and sharing a part of the meal preparation. Not that he never does, but I just always note that it's nice :) Grateful. 

Anyway, back to my strawberry shortcake. I have had a hankering for some since before I vowed to lose weight. I went to many different restaurants before 12/31/10 to cheat- but would you believe strawberry shortcake is not in season when it's snowing outside??? i know, crazy. So it's been 2 weeks now and the craving has only gotten stronger since I've been locked inside with the bad weather...

So-I compromised. I made a fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, taste-free, in fact, it's doesn't even really exist... the following pictures are just a figment of your imagination. Let's use that imagination and pretend this tastes really really really good and incredible like one found on the cover of a Paula Deen 4th of July edition cookbook...

The red roses mirrors aren't always on my table...while being snowed in, I managed to get out all my VALENTINE'S DAY decorations! I'm SOOOO Excited. I can do that, right? Start decorating for 2/14/11 on 1/12/11... wait, I can't? Oh, that's too bad because everything is already out and it looks so dang cute. I'll post pic of the rest once I actually decide where everything is going to stay!

Honestly, I made the entire "strawberry shortcake" recipe up. I used the fat-free Angel Food cake and crumbled it up, with sliced frozen strawberries poured on top and fat-free cool whip... haha that's my version. I really was just in the mood to do something other than tv/internet/clean so I did that. Oh, and these:

The most incredible, moist nanner muffins ever. They are so good. I decided to make muffins just because I'm too lazy to bother using a knife, and when I bake a loaf- I spare the knife and eat the whole thing. In one sitting. It's true. Emily saw me do it in our Family Law class once. She brought a huge piece for both ORDY and I, and I ate the whole thing in class. Oops. {that explains why I am attempting to diet...}

Anyhow, here are some final pics to leave you with!

Wed Dozen...Beautiful YELLOW tulips to brighten the icy day

proof I have no room for the pretty soap dispensers...sick, i tell you!

a little valentine's day photo holder. we're allowed to be cheesy. until Feb 15. 

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Vote away, it doesn't bother me, in fact- it makes me smile :)


  1. OF COURSE it's ok to decorate for Valentine's Day - I did Monday!! At the request of my lil guy :) Your strawberry shortcake looks DELISH and sounds healthy!

  2. i think that's great that you decorated for Vday. I wish i had enough decorations to decorate! your place looks beautiful!