Friday, January 7, 2011

The Past 24 Hours...

Let me sum up my recent Wed/Thurs for you guys...

  • Had to drop off my laptop at Apple to get the logic board replaced {and it's brand new psshh c'mon Steve Jobs, step your game up...}
  • Knocked off one of my resolutions off the list {went to my first sewing class!}
  • Natalie forced to take a pic with the much too eager me
  • Got stuck in the elevator with the whole sewing class {see some of the story here}
  • Had to wait on the fire dept before proceeding to our ridiculously pointless class
Natalie thinking about her family haha
  • came home to "refresh" what little sewing I learned and spent two.and.a.half hours attempting to "wind the bobbin" or whatever {i didn't even know what the heck a bobbin was before class}
  • Ordy boy surprised me with my Wed dozen -after my busy day I completely forgot what day of the week it was...
  • Continued to attempt to wind said bobbin
  • Threw my hands up and whined until I could barely even stand it. Left the area because I was legit sweating I was so hot and bothered {it's pretty cold here too}
  • Ordy Boy sat down for 3 seconds and wound the bobbin. sheesh. real cool. After my 3 hour attempt.
  • Woke up not feeling good on Thursday and took some medicine...
  • ...I had a mayjah allergic reaction to the medicine {violently throwing up, cold sweat/chills, blacking out, throat the size of a pin, and itchy all over}
  • Genuinely had a panic attack/feared for my life/called my sister 73 times and her husband 72 times- in vain because both of them are useless when it comes to picking up their cell phones...contemplated calling 911 but didn't know what I'd do with Bandit if I went to the hospital. HA. looking back, stupid...
  • By the time I had texted Ordy Boy that I couldn't reach my sister or her hubby, he had responded that he was already at my house. I felt awful for him always saving me

  • I started crying at how sweet he is to me. He left work the minute I texted how I wasn't feeling too great and came to see that I got better... I really didn't want him to be bothered so my texts were all about needing my sister, but he knew I was just being nice/stubborn... 
  • After a cold shower and a good flush and the pill out of my system I was feeling much better...
I have been scared once with the same meds but I thought that it was the calamari that was near my sushi that I had for dinner... I dunno, don't ask. Either way, I don't ever want to experience that again, I've never been so frightened before in my life. Stick me in a broken elevator all day and I'll be fine and laugh it off {those things don't scare me... planes/elevators/heights/roller coaster nothing... now spiders/death... now we're talking} I guess I just panicked because it truly felt out of body... yikes. Do not want to relive that a bit. 

Cute True Story: Bandit can TOTALLY sense when I'm not feeling good. He changes from peppy, energetic pup to "care taker/i'm here for you/i'll nap and be chill with you and low maintenance" dog. When I was in the bathroom hugging the porcelain throne, he was outside continuously nudging with his nose to try and get in- when I locked it {because it's much too small for BOTH of us}, he felt defeated and let out a whimper/sigh and plopped right up against the door until I came out. Like, he wanted to make sure I was ok and he was being so attentive! 

When I continued being mopey and groggy, he came up to me and just laid with me. all day. all evening. just laid around looking at me like, 'i love you, stinks you're sick- feel better soon, mom!' haha

And then he'd nap with me. Errr- on me... same diff. 

On a lighter note, here is the new "sewing nook" I created last night to KEEP my sewing machine out and easily accessible!

And the same nook looks SO much better with Ordy Boy's Wed Dozen!

Sorry for the boring post- I'll be back to my ol' self in no time! Excited about the giveaway! Make sure you have left comment if you have blogged about the giveaway so I can add you! 

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  1. Yuck that sounds like an awful time! Glad you're feeling better :)
    Your sewing nook is super cute!