Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Purge

48 jeans.
4 pairs of shorts {i don't like my legs haha}
too many shirts.

3 boxes packed up
35 pairs of shoes sent off { the back of my closet...i'm working on it. It's a healing PROCESS, not immediate} 
and 6 hours later. 

I went from a pigsty closet where everything was JAM PACKED and only I could maneuver in and out of it. Don't even try sending Ordy Boy to "just grab me a top to wear"... It was like playing JENGA with my shoes...enough was enough and I finally sat down with the entire 4th and 5th episodes of Three's Company to keep my company *insert Chrissy snort here* jk. 

I don't even want to post the before pictures. it was that bad. I know I should, for the sake of a good before and after, the whole effect thing, but whatevvs just picture a bomb went off in my closet. boom. and debris scattered all over. like, clothing-on-the-lamp-on-the-other-side-of-the-room-messy. 

I debated doing it all morning. I knew I wanted to, I just knew the process was going to be U-G-L-Y and time consuming and refused to spend my Friday night doing that. But then I remembered, "you aren't cool. you don't have any Friday night plans." easy enough. out came the goods. (because you know, you have to disassemble to reassemble...)

**ok, ok, i'll post SOME before pictures. and during.** but I know you remember from here...


where's the Red Cross when you need them??
That last pic is the explosion. I mean even the lamp shade is crooked. sheesh. 

Can you believe that mess above is hiding this beauty???

annnnnddd... **Drumroll**

the stool helps me grab the items on the tall upper shelf

thank God half my shoes are still at Ordy's house... I'd have NO room

aww, even the sweats have a home now

So, are you proud of me? Yes, I color coordinate everything. It goes from White to Beige to Brown to Black then all the ROYGBIV only backwards. Weird. I know. But if you're staring straight at it, TECHNICALLY red IS the first color I see :)

...and the shoes are semi-categorized. (tennis shoes, flats, moccasin/loafer shelf, wedges, etc...) but after 45 minutes of cramming shoes in and deciding what fits where, I gave up and just started putting them in...

Again... i can see the floor. 
I'm still debating if I like the bottom area where the hamper is. It seems like dead space- like inefficient. I can't believe I got rid of SO much. I had about 75 shirts from undergrad (freebies from organizations and other stuff) that I finally had to put in a pile to get rid of. Yes, they have fond memories attached, but mostly the memories are, "oh my gosh, you used to be an XS, what is WRONG with you?!?! why are you hanging on to this??" haha so off they go to someone who is more deserving of my xs/s comfy t-shirts...

I have a few of the items that I love but HAVEN'T worn in a year, so I'm putting them up for sale. If they don't sell, I won't cry over it- because I love them! It was the items doing the limbo with "i haven't worn this, but i could never just give it away" selfish? no. just can't part with something I know I can find an outfit for someday :)

Wanna see some of the stuff? Check out my "Yard Sale" tab!
You can find this adorable 7 for all mankind mini skirt there... take advantage of my impulse buys :)

In case you're wondering where all the jeans are in the online yard sale, I still haven't gotten enough courage to let them go. Something in me thinks I'll one day be a size 26 again. (NOT).

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  1. oh my GOSH! Your room is so beautiful. Can you puh-LEASE come over and decorate my house?!

    And I totally feel ya on the t-shirts. The biggest drawer I have in the house holds mine, and only the 5 i fit into sit on top. They are all XS from high school with great memories and that "i will so fit into this again" stink. yuck. letting them go means letting go the dream of weighing 30 pounds less.

    *tear* can't do it.

  2. 1.) go to bed, woman!
    2.) remember that time you came over and i didn't want you seeing the house bc it was a mess? haha!
    3.) i'd love to help you- just tell me your style and send me inspiration pics so i can keep my eye out for you!!!
    4.) as sad as I am to "let go" it feels good having the space...
    5.) Ordy's mom did the CUTEST thing EVER... she cut up all his little league, elementary-highschool, youth group shirts and made it into ONE big "jersey" quilt! It is the cutest, most sentimental thing! I thought about doing it with my shirts but they'd all just say "Res Life" haha

  3. holy shoes! I wish I had all those coach shoes! I just bought a pair of converse coach shoes and they are all I wear now:]

    anyways I checked out your yard sale and already have my eye on some things, just waiting for hubby to give me the go ahead lol probably after I babysit Tuesday to make up for my damage, so you will probably be getting an email from me soon:]

  4. Ok, just let me know! I have a few things in the "pending sale" process, so hopefully you have your eye on the things still available!!! But until they pay, I can't put sold :) We shall see!

    Yeah, I went through a Coach shoe phase and mentioned it once and from then on it's all my parents got for christmas/birthdays, I have since moved on to "Tory Burch" lol