Wednesday, January 5, 2011


After spilling my guts to you guys and sharing what a nut job I truly am in my previous post, I realized that you might think I live in an awful, dungeon like home with junk blocking the windows and preventing natural light from entering my house- a scene from some A&E Hoarders episode... Well, as crazy as I am for the mini stock piles of my favorite things, I'm just as good of a burrower too. {think: squirrels} I'm pretty good at shoving things where you never thought things could be shoved... {Did you know that a full size dining tray fits just fine in the water reservoir in your toilet? Just make sure it's rust free...} HEY- don't judge me. I live in a tiny town home- I barely fit in a room with my dog. We take turns getting in and out of different rooms. No, really, when he's in the kitchen I just wait patiently until he's done because there's no room for me. It's that small.

I really was just going through some MAY-JAH cleaning and decided that I really needed to "deep clean". The good old get-messy-in-order-to-get-clean clean. Emptying pantries, swapping cabinets, reorganizing closets... that kind. It's been a slooooow 3 day process. I'd tackle a room, sit and look at pictures... go to another room, paint my nails, wait for them to dry... go to a different room and read my favorite blogs... go to a different room and decide to play with all my make up and skin products before scrubbing the tub... you get the point. It was a long process. But it's pretty much finished... Except for the office. So no pictures of the office but you can see how it looked in the very beginning before it got stuffed with junk that has no real home... and def no pictures of the spare bathroom... because that thing needs help... it's like a cave. I don't even know how to decorate it {and that's saying a lot...}

A few pictures I felt necessary to post just to redeem myself from your judging eyes... jk. 

The closet errr, kitchen. It's actually fine since it's just me. Just right. But get one more person in there and you are quickly in a different mood. haha. I promise there is actually a double-kitchen sink {that I love} right next to the fridge.

The bathroom... Ordy and I painted the stripes on together. Imagine, both of us, trying to paint straight lines, in this itty bitty bathroom! It's so small, I have to step OUTSIDE to take pics of it :) and turn the flash off because it just bounces off the door frame haha. The stripes go all the way down on the walls except for the one with the toilet and sink because it would have been crazy hard to even try, so Ordy had the brilliant idea to block off the lines before the sink with the chair rail. I love it.

**please note, there is NO room for me to even TRY hiding things... No shelves. No counters. No cabinets. It's the world's worst bathroom for a hoarder! haha

The bedroom PRETTY MUCH looks the same since the big makeover, and the bedding is NOT done/right (so IGNORE IT altogether because the black and white is on its way out the door)... I'm sewing my own comforter once I learn how to sew {remember my resolutions?}
But, I wanted to show y'all the new nightstand and lamp from Christmas...

Aren't they just presh?

Love the nightstand!

Close up- love the texture

can't wait for the ruffle comforter!

Can I tell you there is no belonging in my room that I cherish more than my huge window... The natural lighting that comes in is priceless! It makes my room feel so bright and airy...

Ok, so as you know, the room never stays the same long... so check back in like two weeks for more recent pics haha {the bedding really does kill me... but oh well!}

The cozy "quaint" dining room area

Someone wanted his picture taken... {with his booboo}

The living room is also always changing... there's always something "missing" haha

I fell in love again with my coffee table. And i've had it for over 3 months now... but I still catch myself staring at it. 

 She's just such a breath of fresh air in a room with masculine furniture...

If you haven't already, enter here for a chance to win a LOVELY package of a few of my favorite things!! The longer the days last and the more I clean, I keep adding to the pile. There are currently 13-18 {I'm still debating what I want to add/subtract - remember, I'm TRYING to let go!} things that are included in this sweet little package! I promise, as a girl, any girl would love this! It would be like Christmas all over again, for no reason! Just follow the blog and comment to let me know! I'm trying to keep the items a suspense, but once the winner is announced I will show what was included...

Could this not be more appropriate? From my absolute favorite blog out there... in a time of chaos and clutter in my home, she has this. {it's on groopdealz for only $6 now- you can put the vinyl anywhere}
House of Smith's Picture- not mine
Mrs. Smith helped ME simplify here with her adorable vinyl:

Seriously, how cute are they? I'm kind of obsessed with labeling everything. I already ordered her last Groopdealz and I am just a broke student getting broker <--is that possible? haha it's just too darn cute. Multiples. I bought multiples of her vinyl and they're just sitting in a drawer for "some day"...

But back to my psychotic inability to simplify:
Here's more OBSESSIVE pics for you guys!!!

If you had the pleasure of going to undergrad with me {i've since improved a little... i don't wear the bright colors to law school...} you would know that

No, really. I'd sleep in yellow, wake up and put on orange, and work out in green, before I got into purple for bed. It was sick.

This doesn't even include the ones my sister and friends are borrowing or the ones I've given away. after many years, i sucked it up and let go of my "XS" ones. There's no chance I'll ever get into them!

True Story: {since it's 1/2 his blog too <--HA! joke} an Ordy Story for y'all...

I asked Ordy if he could remember the first time he ever saw me. I remember I met him in our International Business class junior year, so naturally that means first week of school = dress semi decent so people knew you at least HAD potential and weren't a complete bum {fooled them...} so I remember Junior Year = First Day = White sun dress, Urban Outfitters flats, turquoise necklace, and killer summer tan. I was positive this was going to be his memory of me. A radiant, dark beauty in a white girly dress. {<--a girl can dream...}


His answer: "Well, I remember always being early for class and standing outside the door waiting to be let in and we'd all just hang around the hallway talking, and I'd always see this girl with dark black curly hair, always frazzled half sprinting down the halls like she just woke up just barely making it to class... and she always had on bright sweat pants."

Awesome. Not.

Then he finished, "I noticed in the summertime 'she' would wear flip flops with them and in the wintertime 'she' would wear them with Uggs..." omg nailed it. I'm half flattered he was so observant and noticed, but then again, we all know he's crazy observant. But DANG. He doesn't even know what white dress and turquoise necklace I'm talking about when I discuss the first time we ever met in the International Business class. haha I wish I could have fooled him better! just kidding. it is what it is and I will always be his disheveled Joon Bug running around frantically late somewhere... in sweats.


  1. 1. i'm glad that you're up this late too! 2. i am SO excited for tomorrow's class. 3. i am LOVING this giveaway 4. You need to come decorate my house! Stat! XOXO

  2. omgggg we need to sleep so we don't stab ourselves with needles!! haha I'm more excited! and I was up adding your blog to the side, sorry if it's ghetto your header turned MASSIVE over night lolllll

    go comment in the giveaway "add me" or something so i know to add your number when I put it in number generator on Sunday!

  3. i love you home! it's so beautiful!! everything is so pretty, the wall colors, the coffee table, the chandelier, the burlap ruffle table runner! i could go on and on, and i the story of how Ordy remembers when y'all met cracks me up! So excited about your giveaway i really need some girlie stuff :)

  4. Cure your cleaning bug now, girlfriend because once school starts back up next week you (aka we... aka me twisting your arm on a daily basis) are going to be SERIOUS students for the first time EVER! :) House looks great though, for real!

  5. You have a gorgeous home- wow! My husband and I don't fit in our kitchen at the same time either ha! We have a one at a time rule otherwise we have to constantly wait for the other to move out of the way to open the fridge, the cabinets, etc. So I totally understand that one!

  6. I'm laughing out loud about the sweatpants! I loved the part about wearing something decent the first day, it's so true. Too funny. Thanks for the Friday giggle. Love how your bedroom turned out.